Hardware for Windows “Longhorn”

Post by Mark

At lunch, a friend was telling me and Tivo-Guy about how the majority of current Windows systems, new and old are not going to be compatible with Windows Longhorn. He gave me a link with the the Graphics Hardware requirements as an example to check out since Longhorn also needs certain types of VGA cards to run. Here is the link but I warn you its geek zone. [Link]

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Nokia 770 Internet Tablet

Post by Mark

Nokia Tablet

Finally a new gadget for me to crave and dream of. Its been such a dry period with gadgets lately with the same crap over and over. Nothing has been grabbing my attention, the Palm LifeDrive caught my attention for a full 5 minutes, but then I found out it ran on the ancient Palm OS 5 (where is 6?!?!) and that it would actually be less responsive then my current 3 year old Tungsten | T. Then suddenly out of the blue, the Nokia 770 tablet came along.

From all the companies on this planet, Nokia was the last one I would have imagined would come up with a device like this. This is what the Sony Clie was supposed to be and what Apple should have introduced, a pda like device that allows you to surf the web.

The current tablets in the market are too big, bulky and expensive, the OQO is tiny and cool but too expenisve, and PDAs generally have just been lagging behind in technology. The new Nokia tablet on the other hand is a mixture of a pda and a tablet pc, its the best of both worlds, a perfect combination.

The new Nokia has wifi, bluetooth, a large 800×400 resolution touch screen display (which is perfect for web browsing) and it runs on linux. The price? Only $350. The MAJOR downside is that its coming out next fucking year in fall! Why did they even bother to show it to us now, its teasing us. This is what I like about Apple, they don’t show you or tell you anything, and then when they do show us something, its available on their store 30 minutes later for purchase…

For more information on the Nokia Tablet click here.

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I Won a Microsoft Mouse!

Post by Mark

Microsoft wireless notebook optical mouse

Today at lunch time I collected my gift, a brand new Microsoft wireless notebook optical mouse. I won it from Fadibou, the Microsoft guru 2 days ago because I told him I loved the Xbox. This mouse turned out to be a lot smaller and practical then I thought. You don’t need drivers or anything to start using it and works with Macs and PCs. There is a small USB receiver which you plugin to an empty USB slot and you are ready to start using the mouse. When you want to put the mouse away, the small USB receiver snaps onto the underside of the mouse! Although the mouse is tiny it fits very snugly into my large hands because of the way the mouse is shaped. It also uses just 1 AA sized battery which provides it with enough juice for over 3 months of use.

To get more information or to purchase the mouse for $34 click here (Amazon.com).

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Where will we have lunch today?

Post by Mark

Me and Tivo-Guy both hate making decisions on where to have lunch. Our conversations always end up with “you choose” “no you choose”. So, we came up with a solution, create an online software that would decide for us where we would have lunch today.

Tivo-Guy went and created a custom online software in which he added in all our choices for lunch. Now, whenever we want to go have lunch, one of us would click the button on his website and the software decides for us where we will have lunch. The software then sends both of us an SMS with the answer (today its pizza hut).

I would share the website with you guys but then you would probably keep clicking the button and we would keep getting SMS messages non stop through out the day. But I took a picture of “the button” and I attached it to this post :)

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