Kuwait BMW Motorcycle Club

Post by Mark

BMW Club

The Kuwait BMW Motorcycle Club launched their website a few days ago. The club is run by TriStar and is open to Ducati riders also since at the moment there is no Ducati club in Kuwait. I think its actually open to all riders no matter what brand of bike you have. They usually have weekly rides and events so its a pretty active club. The site is blog like with a forum that currently has no activity but overall the site does have potential. Hopefully it gets updated often and riders start participating in their forum. [Link]

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Worlds Fattest Countries

Post by Mark

Kuwait is the 8th fattest country in the world, even ahead of the US! [Link]

1. Nauru
2. Micronesia
3. Cook Islands
4. Tonga
5. Niue
6. Samoa
7. Palau
8. Kuwait
9. United States
10. Kiribati

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Hungry Bunny Story

Post by Mark

hungry bunny logo

Hungry Bunny is a local creation that opened up in the early 80s in Kuwait. It was inspired by a Australian franchise called Hungry Jack which was what Burger King was called in Australia back then.

In 1997 Al Homaizi Foodstuff Co. who owned Hungry Bunny got the rights to Burger King. Since they couldn’t have two competing franchises they decided to close down all the Hungry Bunnys and open up Burger Kings in the same locations.

Since then there have been copycats the most popular being “Hungry Bunny World” and “Super Bunny” which was named after the famous Hungry Bunny burger. Hungry Bunny World actually opened up a branch on the 4th Ring Road back in 2005 and called it just “Hungry Bunny”. This led to a lot of speculation and rumors that Hungry Bunny was relaunching but they weren’t true. Al Homaizi sued (or threatened to sue) so they added the word “World” on their signage.

I heard awhile back from a friend that Al Homaizi was actually thinking of relaunching Hungry Bunny but I don’t know if thats true or not. For now the only way you can enjoy Hungry Bunny is to drive down to Saudi Arabia where the franchise still exists there. Here is the link to their website: www.hungry-bunny.com

note: the above information is based on my knowledge. If there are any mistakes in dates or events I will fix them but as far as I know the above is accurate.

update: A reader by the name of HaMooR wrote the following:

Dear Mark,

Al Homaizi has the BK franchize since the first hungry bunny openned in Kuwait. and I believe it was Kaifan branch, in order for Al Homaizi to sake BK prudects at that time in kuwait. they have to change the name of BK, because BK was consider in the taboo list (boycott Isreal).

There was a big sign in kaifan branch that says all the meat prudects are BK. So when BK was removed from the list back in 97 .. and there is no reason to for them to hide the name, they switched to BK.

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The Avenues

Post by Mark

Did it open or not yet? I read somewhere it was supposed to open yesterday.

update: I passed by awhile ago, it didn’t open.

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Flag on the loose

Post by Mark


Rado at RatLab posted an interesting post about a large flag on the side of one of the buildings in the city that went crazy. Seems the flag got loose somehow and because it was windy it started slamming into the glass building breaking and smashing windows. The firemen ended up coming and closing down the street until they could bring the flag down. Pictures of the incident are available on RatLab. [Link]

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Spray Time

Post by Mark

So its this time of year again when Kuwait turns into one large foam party. I don’t mind it if some of the kids weren’t like REALLY into it.

Tonight I was waiting in traffic and some kids passed by and asked if they could spray my car. My window was closed so I figured what the hell let them have some fun. The kids started foaming my car but then one faggot starts spraying my front windshield and then lifts up my wipers. Right then the traffic light turned green and I started to drive off blindly, I turned on my wipers and it was useless and the water was barely having an effect. Finally I had to stop my car in the middle of the Gulf Road and get out to put the wipers back down because I literally couldn’t see anything in front of me.

I mean come on what the fuck? I was nice enough to let you foam my car so why the hell are you trying to kill me? This is the problem with foaming, some people really abuse it.

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Colored iPod Shuffles

Post by Mark

color shuffle

Mac & More in Marina Mall have the iPod Shuffle Colors in stock. They are selling them for KD34. Apple should have released a black version of the shuffle, or maybe they will release a 2GB version in the future thats black.

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Short Film Screenings

Post by Mark

I got the following in my email today:

Cinemagic Kuwait Launches Weekly Short Film Screenings
“Short & Sweet”

(Kuwait 05/12/2006) Cinemagic Kuwait are organizing “Short & Sweet”, a schedule of weekly short film screenings. The screenings will commence on Wednesday, February 21st, and run throughout the year. The events will take place at the Cinemagic Courtyard in Bait Lothan, Salmiya, and will run between 7:30 – 9:00 p.m.

The screenings will bring together a collection of short films from all over the world including Australia, Canada, Germany, Italy, Poland, Brazil, Jordan, Lebanon and Kuwait. Each week we will screen a different selection of short films of varying genre, nationality, and style.

For its part, Cinemagic Kuwait, is organizing these events as part of its efforts to contribute to the development of an internationally competitive Kuwaiti audio-visual production industry, partly by bringing the filmmakers and audiences together and by Increasing the public’s interest in – and appreciation for – the art of filmmaking

Attendance for the event is free of charge, but seating is limited. Snacks and refreshments will be served throughout. For more information, please do not hesitate to contact me at the numbers below.

Yazan Al Ghazzawi
PR & Marketing Manager
Kuwait Cinemagic

Tel: (+965) 574 3253
Cell: (+965) 722 2416

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Levi’s Still Alive

Post by Mark


I thought Levi’s closed for good in Kuwait after their store in Al Fanar shut down but today I found another branch. I was in Dar Al Awadi complex in Kuwait City, its the really tall building with a wizards hat on top. The Levi’s store is located in the basement of the small mall there and it seemed pretty decent. I just took a quick peak and saw that the jeans were priced between KD21 and KD29 which is cool but most of the styles and colors they had even I would call old fashioned.

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First Ring Road Website

Post by Mark

first ring road

This has to be the coolest thing the local government has done so far. The First Ring Road has an actual website! For those of you who don’t visit the city much, construction is soon to start on the Sheraton round-about to help decrease the traffic. This First Ring Road website has information on this project including pictures of how the project will end up looking like AND pictures of the current progress. They are actually updating the site on a regular basis with pictures of the construction site.

Now the site design is ugly of course but thats to be expected. [Link]

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