Al-Qabas newspaper steals pictures from local flickr users

Post by Mark


If you turn to page 48 of todays issue of Al-Qabas newspaper (March 27), you will see a lanscape picture of Kuwait taken by Cajie, an extremely talented amateur photographer. The problem is, Al-Qabas used his picture without his consent. They didn’t email him or try to contact him to seek permission to use his picture. Instead of trying to support a local amateur photographer by at least crediting him, they instead resorted to stealing his picture and not giving him proper credit. Here is the original picture [Link]

Also turns out this is not the first time Al-Qabas have stolen a picture from a flickr user, here is another example. [Link]

And thats not all! Here is even another example! [Link]

If any reader knows someone at Al-Qabas please bring it to their attention that what they are doing is wrong.

Picture above taken by Q8e.

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Choowy Goowy New Look

Post by Mark

Choowy Goowy have just launched a new look. They’ve redesigned the labels and have also added more flavors including one flavor called “Mark&Nat” which is the oreo cookies. Finally and probably the biggest addition is that they also have brownies. For more information call 2626559.

update: The jar in the picture above is the Solo flavor and not the Mark&Nat one, below is the Mark&Nat label, its 100% Magenta same as the blog.

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Post by Mark


I just want to introduce my new sponsor to replace Mercedes called Q8Flowers. You might remember them because I posted about them back in November. I had ordered flowers for Nataly from them since they were the only flower shop in Kuwait where I could place an order and pay for it online. If you haven’t checked them out you can do so by visiting their website located at

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Cab Service

Post by Mark

cab kuwait

I had such a terrible experience with cab drivers today. In the morning I dropped my car at a garage in Shuwaikh then from there I decided to take a cab back to work.

I stop one of those beige and white taxis, I get in, I look and notice the driver had started the counter and we drive off. Five minutes later we are under my office building, I look at the counter it says 500fils so I give the driver 500fils. He then tells me he wants KD1.5 not half a dinar. I was like what? why? The counter says 500fils. He was like ok KD1. I was like why should I give you KD1 when the counter says 500fils. I get out of the cab with the driver yelling at me angrily.

Later during lunch I decide to take a cab back to my house. I stop another cab driver, I get in and I tell him turn the counter on. He says its not working, I was like fine thank you and I open the door to exit when he stops me and tells me its working but I can’t get a receipt. I was like fine I don’t need a receipt. He drops me under my house, the counter said 850fils and I give him KD1 and tell him to keep the change.

An hour later I have to get back to work, so I stop another cab under my house and I tell him to start the counter. He was like why, I will charge you KD1 to get to Kuwait City, you want it to be less then that? I figured KD1 is the same price I paid to get to my house so whatever. He drives off and gets onto the Gulf Road, once we are near McDonalds he spots an American tourist on the side of the road and decides to pick him up. I was thinking “O…K… lets see where this is going” The tourist gets in and wants to go to Souk Sharq. We drive off and a few minutes later we reach Souk Sharq. The tourist asks how much, the driver says KD1.5 and the tourist pays. The ride should have cost the tourist MAX half a dinar and here the driver was charging him triple the price and the tourist was fine with that.

So he drops the tourist off and we start to drive off when I tell the cab driver he should give me a discount now. He was like why? I was like because you wanted KD1 from me to Kuwait City and you just made KD1.5 from this tourist. He was like so? I was like its illegal to pick up another passenger plus you wasted my time now by driving through Souk Sharq. He was like what is this some kind of new law? I told him its not a new law and its not my first time riding cabs so don’t try to fuck around with me. He stops the car and tells me I can get out here and he doesn’t want anything from me. I was like fine whatever.

So I am now waiting in the shade at Souk Sharq for another cab to pass by and one does. I get in and tell him to start the counter. He tells me its not working, I was like thank you and I open the door. He then tells me wait how much do you want to pay? I was like I want to pay whatever the counter tells me and I get out. I could have told the guy half a dinar or whatever but I wanted to be stubborn because I wanted to see how messed things can get.

I wait five minutes till the next cab shows up. I get in and I tell him to start the counter. He politely says ok. We get to my destination and the total was 400fils. I give the driver KD1 and tell him to keep the change. Finally a decent driver.

I can’t believe how bad the taxi service is in Kuwait, and all this in just one day!

Picture by Mink

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Limited Edition Bimota Delirio Azzurra

Post by Mark


I was at the Ducati dealer yesterday, TriStar and they had a limited edition Bimota bike on display. There are only 23 of them in the world and they were made as a tribute to the Italian soccer team for winning the World Cup.


I was kidding around with my friend who works there telling him how easy it would be to make this bike look like a tribute to the Kuwaiti soccer team by editing the Italian flag to make it look like a Kuwaiti one. When he heard that he took me to the rear of the bike where it turns out there was something that already looked like a Kuwaiti flag! I found that pretty funny.

Here is another better picture of the bike [Picture]

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Mercedes Trophy Golf Tournament

Post by Mark

golf club kuwait

I am not a big fan of Golf but the Kuwait National Finals 2007 of the Mercedes Trophy Golf Tournament is going to be held tomorrow 23rd March 2007 at the Sahara Golf Club. I might just go for an hour if I don’t have anything better to do. Tee-Off is at 7AM and will end at 3PM. The presentation and prize distribution ceremony will commence at 7PM followed by dinner.

Also if you need more details about Golf in Kuwait you can check an old post of mine [Here]

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Salmiya Club

Post by Mark

salmiya club

I had a meeting tonight at the Salmiya Club and when I got there the club soccer team were practicing so I spent some time watching them. It made me really miss playing soccer, the last time I played was during high school. Although I have been living in Salmiya all my life and passed the club from the outside like a million times, I never imagined the club was this huge from the inside. They have the largest soccer field in Kuwait, they also have 2 small ones, 4 outdoor and 1 indoor tennis court, squash courts, a large pool and bunch of other stuff. I was completely flabbergasted (this is officially the biggest word I have used this year), since I had no clue the place was this cool.

Monday I am going back to play some indoor soccer. I also might start going there to play some tennis and squash with Nat. I can’t believe I never bothered to go into the club before..

Here is the club on Google Maps [Link]

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Shawerma Review: Kabab Al Hajat

Post by Mark

Kabab Al Hajat are know in Kuwait for their Kababs but recently they started making shawerma and I was curious to know how well it faired up.

Anyone who has ever been to Kabab Al Hajat and tried ordering food will know that there usually its extremely crowded and wait is long. Thankfully the shawerma station there has its own cashier and so is never full. When I passed by they only had chicken shawerma but the guy told me they were going to add meat also soon. I ordered two chicken and a coke, each shawerma costs 250fils and the coke 100fils.

Firstly it is important to point out I had my shawerma at lunch time. Very very few places serve shawerma during the day for some reason, I can only think of maybe 2 or 3 places max that serve shawerma for lunch so Kabab Al Hajat don’t have much competition while the sun is still out.

How did the shawerma taste? Well the garlic wasn’t strong which I usually mark as a bad thing. This time though I actually appreciated it because I was having shawerma during my lunch break and I didn’t want to get back to the office stinking of garlic. The overall flavor of the shawerma though was average, nothing in it stuck out as being amazing and there was no flavor that tasted weird or out of place. They use small Arabic bread not the hot dog one (samoon).

For the final score I would give it a 3.5 out of 5. Since they serve shawerma for lunch I think thats a great thing and I would pass by again for sure. At night though I would rather drive a bit further and get a shawerma from Badar Al Badoor.

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Marina Waves Climbing

Post by Mark

marina climbing

Today on our lunch break me and my friend decided to pass by Marina Waves and try wall climbing and it turned out to be a lot of fun.

After some short instructions we decided to climb the beginners wall first. It looks easy when you see someone climbing but its really not. After some minor struggling we both raced to the top but then we didn’t know how to come back down. We both looked down and it was the scariest sight, we were like hanging from the top and the bottom looked really far. In the end we decided we would climb back down the wall and not try and see if the safety rope worked. Around half way down I decided to let go though and the safety rope did end up bringing me down. Turns out to come down you just rappel down with the rope.

We spent 40 minutes trying to climb different difficulties, I managed to climb two thirds up the medium side while my friend managed to hit the top. Thats as far as we got ranking wise. Other then that the whole thing was a struggle for both of us since we both aren’t very fit, me less fit then him of course. After 40 minutes I couldn’t even make it half way up the easy side yet alone attempt to climb the difficult one.

The whole thing was a lot of fun and I am definitely going back again. It costs KD4 for an hour of climbing, gear included. They open from 12PM to 12AM except for weekends its 10AM to 12PM. I now appreciate the extreme climber a lot more.

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Back from The Avenues

Post by Mark

Just got back from The Avenues and its pretty big. The place looks cooler then Marina Mall and I counted at least 5 Starbucks, 2 Boots, 2 H&M’s and 2 The Body Shops. A lot of stores are still closed but its still worth a visit.

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