Levi’s Still Alive

Post by Mark


I thought Levi’s closed for good in Kuwait after their store in Al Fanar shut down but today I found another branch. I was in Dar Al Awadi complex in Kuwait City, its the really tall building with a wizards hat on top. The Levi’s store is located in the basement of the small mall there and it seemed pretty decent. I just took a quick peak and saw that the jeans were priced between KD21 and KD29 which is cool but most of the styles and colors they had even I would call old fashioned.

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First Ring Road Website

Post by Mark

first ring road

This has to be the coolest thing the local government has done so far. The First Ring Road has an actual website! For those of you who don’t visit the city much, construction is soon to start on the Sheraton round-about to help decrease the traffic. This First Ring Road website has information on this project including pictures of how the project will end up looking like AND pictures of the current progress. They are actually updating the site on a regular basis with pictures of the construction site.

Now the site design is ugly of course but thats to be expected. [Link]

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Bazaar Magazine Online

Post by Mark


Bazaar Magazine have a new website (finally no more hotmail emails) which you can access by going to bazaar-magazine.com. Sadly the WHOLE site is flash based which is a disaster. Who still does a fully flashed based website nowadays yet alone a magazine?

As K.thekuwaiti put it, Flash is dead. Bazaar should have done a proper online magazine which would archive all their articles so they could at least be search able. They need to start building a database of all their previous issues and their current ones because old fashioned print magazines are quickly becoming extinct. Digital is the future and a perfect example of an excellent magazines online presence is WIRED.

Finally, where is the Bazaar blog? Majority of companies and corporations are adding blogs to their website so its surprising to see that a popular, young and trendy publication like Bazaar still hasn’t jumped on board the blogging wagon knowing for a fact that the editor of the magazine and majority of their writers read blogs themselves.

Currently the website barely has anything to make it worthy of a second visit. Unless they revamp it I don’t think I would ever bother checking it again. [Link]

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Sky Billboard in Marina Mall?

Post by Mark

sky billboard

Recently Marina Mall has become extremely cluttered with ads and it seems things will just get worse. A few days ago “ads 2 blog” posted Marina Mall was going to install a fog screen where ads would run on it. Now today ads 2 blog posted that Marina Mall is also launching a Sky Billboard which will fly around inside the mall displaying ads!

On the bright side, Avenues is opening up on the 20th of this month which is just three days away.

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Al Azraq Song

Post by Mark

Here is another classic football song called Al Azraq. [MP3 4.5MB]
Thanks to Holla for sending me this song.

And if you previously missed it, Haydoo.

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Kuwait Dog Show 2007

Post by Mark

dog show

This years Dog Show will be held once again at the British Embassy Gardens on Friday 16th of March 2007. Last year it was a lot of fun for so we will for sure be going back this year. In last years show Geo won second place in the Best Puppy category and this year we are hoping to win in other categories including Best Tail Wagger, Most Adorable Dog and Most Obedient. These competitions aren’t anything serious its all just a lot of fun. If you have a dog you should try and make it this year. For more information click [Here]

Here is my post of last years event.

Thanks Stallion for reminding me

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Blazer on Fire

Post by Mark

blazer on fire

Was approaching Seef Palace today when I noticed smoke and some traffic. When I got closer I saw a Blazer smoking and a bunch of guys trying to put the fire out. I guess the fire extinguisher law can come handy once every blue moon.

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SLK – Day 2

Post by Mark

slk red 200

Today the weather started off perfect. In the morning I went riding with Marzouq on my bike and then in the afternoon drove around in the SLK with the roof down. Its a lot of fun driving around in a roadster convertible, so fun that I didn’t want to even park the car somewhere so I could take shots for the blog.

I was cruising on the Gulf Road with Nat by my side when I spotted k.thekuwaitis car on the other side of the road heading the opposite way. He then called me up and we decided to meet up on the side of the road. Thats when I took the camera out to take shots of the car or else I would have kept on driving.


The SLK although having the small 1.8 liter engine doesn’t feel too slow on the road. The acceleration feels fast and I thought the car was actually faster then my beemer but to my surprise when I checked the stats online turns out the SLK actually is 1.1 seconds slower from 0-100. I guess with the roof down and the sound of the engine blasting it exaggerates the impression of speed.

So far I am really enjoying the car. Its both compact and a convertible so its a lot of fun. Best thing of course is the hard top. Once the weather got really dusty it took a click of a button to put the top back up and just like that its not a convertible anymore, it was a coupe with a hard roof.

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Sharq the Movie

Post by Mark

I found this movie trailer on K.thekuwaiti’s blog. Its a movie made in Kuwait and from the looks of the trailer it looks pretty cool. Although the plot is really cliche, “six kids have the adventure of their lifetime” the fact that its about six Kuwaiti kids in Kuwait makes it special.

There is another movie I heard that was good called “Shabab Cool”. I was told it was about street racing in Kuwait and that it got banned from the movies here.

By the way, the movie Sharq is directed by Erik Sandoval. The only Sandoval I know is Hope Sandoval of Mazzy Star. I wonder if he is related to her?

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Red SLK – Day 1

Post by Mark

SLK 200

Today afternoon I went picked up a red Mercedes SLK from the dealer so I could review it over the weekend. Originally I was supposed to get the G55 but it was out with a potential buyer so I got the SLK instead. Which by the way isn’t a disappointment at all since the weather is perfect for a convertible.

I have had a crush on the SLK for a long time now but the original one, the first model that came out was a bit girlish while the new model looks more aggressive. They gave me the SLK200 which is the low end version of the car meaning no power seats, no navigation and the smallest engine but all that really doesn’t matter when flying down the Gulf Road with the roof down.

The first thing I did once I drove out of the dealers lot was to bring down the hard top with a click of a button. My Wrangler needs like 15 minutes and 2 people to be able to remove the roof and here I was sitting in my car and with a flick of a switch, 30 seconds later the roof was off. How I love technology. I am extremely disappointed that BMW still use soft tops which I really hate.

SLR dealer

The color of the SLK is red which matches my Ducati nicely. It was dark by the time I picked up the car so I couldn’t take any decent pictures so I will take better ones tomorrow. While at the dealer waiting to pick up the car I spotted an SLR on display. I was surprised they were displaying it since I thought you needed to order the car. The price is KD150,000 which the dealer assured me is a good deal since it was previously priced at KD165,000. Thats still a bit over my budget.

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