Event: Kuwait International Rally

Post by Mark

The Kuwait International Rally will start on March 4th at 3PM under the Kuwait Towers. It will be a ceremonial start for the event with the first race day held on March 5th and the last March 6th. It will be two days of gravel special stage action taking place in the Kuwaiti desert. For more information on this event visit the official site [Here]

Thanks Wyn!

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  1. Om Sheikha says:

    Seems it’s too late to register not that I’m planning to be a contestant. And does anyone know where Jaber Al Ahmad International Circuit is?
    Mark – On their website they say the following:
    Official start and start of the Super Special Location : Jaber Al Ahmad Int. Circuit
    Date: Thursday 4 March 2010
    Time: 15:30
    Which means they go straight from the ceremonial start to the official start?? Which would mean the first race is on 4 March not 5th??

  2. Mark says:

    Ah I guess racing actually starts from the 4th

    The ceremonial start will take place adjacent to the famous Kuwait Towers from 3pm on Thursday, March 4th and teams will then head straight into a purpose-built timed spectator stage at the Jaber Al-Ahmad International Circuit from 3.30pm.

    Will update post now

  3. Wyn says:

    Mark, thanks a lot for posting this up!

  4. Wyn says:

    @Om Sheikha,

    Follow the below link and go through the Rally Guide. You can get the exact Maps & details on Page 21 to 24 and 45 to 48.


    The Jaber Al-Ahmad International Circuit is near the Airport. Almost the opposite side of 360 Mall (other side of the 6th Ring towards airport). Hope the above guide helps.

  5. Othman says:

    Can someone tell me where exactly the actual rally will take place? I downloaded the pdf file posted above which showed several areas where the race(s) will be held. How many are there and what time and place will they all be? :S

  6. J says:


    Is it an offroad rally or are the races going to be on roads and not just offroad cars ?

    Thanks :)

  7. Om Sheikha says:

    Thanks Wyn. Hope it gets lots of support. Sounds like it’s going to be a great event. Who’s the favourite to win?

  8. Wyn says:

    @Othman / J
    The Rally is held in several places or areas (called special stages). Cars keep moving from one stage to another. Unlike in F1, in a Rally all cars dont start together.

    Its hard to see the full race in action, this is a bit of a drawback. Depending on the access to the track/stage, one has to find a spot to have a good view.

    Best options for spectators would be Sulaibikhat, Super Special Stage at Jaber Al Ahmad Int. Circuit and also the Shooting Club on 6th Ring.

    Almost all of Rally stages are off-road. With the right set-up, the Rally cars are capable of just about any surface :)

    Please do check forum post: http://forum.248am.com/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=13091

  9. Othman says:

    This is great. I’ll definitely be there.

  10. Wyn says:

    It is a big international event. After the Bahrain GP Formula 1 and now the Abu-Dhabi even, this is supposed to be the next big motorsports event (I think) in the middle-east. But Rallying sometimes can be hard for the spectators, hence the smaller fan following.

    The usual fav’s are some really good Saudi & Qatari teams :)

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