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Game Station

Marzouq just emailed me this link to an article on the very popular video game website Kotaku. The article talks about how one of the most eagerly anticipated PlayStation3 games, Metal Gear Solid 4 was released in Kuwait ahead of the official release date in the US by a full 3 days. Kuwait always ends up in the news because of the strangest things. The picture above is of some guys posing outside Game Station with their copies of MGS4. So if you want a copy of the game head to Rihab Complex in Hawalli. [Link]

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  1. ISF-Man says:


  2. Pure says:

    oh how i miss playing video games : ( wish i can have free time as much as before : /

  3. Bader says:

    hahaha, this shop is so gonna be closed by the government due to mark’s post :p illegal pirated games :p

  4. Angelo says:

    I’m not a big of Kotaku; it’s one of those videogames blogs that generate traffic by posting misleading headlines and edited press scripts. Not to mention the fanboyism that most of its editors and commentors possess toward certain videogame consoles. However, I do visit it every day when I feel like reading articles that reek with sarcasm and hilarious commentaries.

  5. Bader says:

    nvrmnd my previous post :/ misread the copy part

  6. Marzouq says:

    Angelo, the reason I read Kotaku is because these guys are always making comments.. don’t really care about the games as much as their sarcasm as you said! hahaha

  7. IZzY says:

    im the one who took the pic
    good day today was

    mgs4 is out people go and buy it :P

  8. Frankom says:

    :: And whats wrong with the 2nd guy from the left side? he is not saluting !

  9. souliman says:

    loool the guy in the middle is in our uni ;Pp haha priceless ;Pp oh and i know the first guy on the left a loong time agoo….

  10. iNZoW says:

    @ Frankom, That would be me.

    I actually didnt sleep for over 24 hrs. I didnt realize we were saluting :P i just woke up, i should go play MGS4 :P

  11. classy says:

    lol they look sooooooo FUNNY :)

  12. Mo Hat says:

    I’m in the maiden shirt on the far right. :P

  13. Frankom says:

    :: I’m going to buy PS3, any idea about PS4 ?

  14. Yazeed says:

    :: frankom,,, imthayi3?
    ay ps4?!!
    ps3 hasnt been out for a full 2 years yet, go get the ps3 oo la tkhaf min el ps4

  15. Monotheist says:

    lool..Kuwait a minute!

    Sucks for me. For us stuck stateside, I guess we’re gonna have to pull out the sleeping bags and start camping out. This game is so worth it, I’m a hardcore MGS nut.

    BTW Mark, iPhone 3G is out in two days. Going for half the price as the original, so it comes out to about $60.

  16. Rollen says:

    so these five brave men, are ready to fight evil and vanquish it from the face of the earth?

  17. fix-you says:

    i remember this mo-hat guy fighting with me on the forums saying that the xbox is the best and ended up being the 1 of the people who were earliest to buy it

  18. ISF-Man says:

    hahahaha “Kuwait a minute!”

    iPhone 3G is $200 dude and you cant buy it without the AT&T contract, at least thats what the deal is here in the u.s. ;p

  19. Monotheist says:

    lol, sorry I meant KD, not $ :D. Yeah it’s true that you’re stuck with AT&T for now, but hopefully someone will figure out a way to unlock it sooner or later. I know it’s going be harder to do this time around since the phone can only be unlocked IN an AT&T store rather than online as was the case with the original iPhone, but we’ll see what happens.

    It’s an awesome phone. The only thing I find frustrating is that they kept the crappy 2 mp camera.

  20. Monotheist says:

    False alarm folks. iPhone’s out on July 11th.

  21. Corolla Man (AE86) says:

    WTF ISF-Man? you have an ISF cool dude send me som pic please

  22. Mo Hat says:

    fix-you you dumbass, xbox360 is still the best to me, ps3 can’t compare to it, but i’m not missin out on MGS4 no matter what. So yeah, I stick by my point, and I own both consoles to boot.

  23. moose says:

    i love you guys

  24. fix-you says:

    i guessed that ur were 13 years old guessing by the language u use without any reason, but now i can see that in the pic .
    u really need ur ass kicked and my guess is that 1 kick would be enough for u.(*grow up*)

    bought mine for 22 kd today and so far i am loving it

  25. holla says:

    Pictured: “The biggest loser nerds of q8”

    No offense Mo hat ;)

  26. Mo Hat says:

    fix-you, stop taking it up the ass by sony, PLEAASE.

    holla join the pic

  27. Stafa says:

    haha game geeks are fun to tease!

  28. Devil-Satan says:

    Now you guys done it…


    I wonder if you guys would be this excited if you were being pulled for military service :P.

  29. fix-you says:

    coz u have started it mot-hat.bitch

  30. Q80Warlock says:

    Ok, so Game Center got MGS4 what happened to Abdel Bacet did he go mental and claim those original were fake Euro versions with no Easy mode and no ending lol.

    I just hope this wouldn’t change future Middle East release dates. This region barely cares about release dates.

  31. Not Dead Yet says:


  32. Fonzy says:

    got it two days ago. amazing game, lots of controls and weapons. being sold for 25 KD. iron man is out too.

  33. Mark says:

    A friend of mine got it yesterday from Rihab for KD20

  34. kwt23 says:

    For everyone out there who STILL think xbox is better than ps3, here is why it WAS and why its not NOW: The xbox came a while before ps3, and game developers were already using the machine’s capabilities to the fullest. The first game to ever use the ps3’s capabilities to the fullest has just come out (MGS4) and that was noted by Hideo Kojima himself. Plus, if u think, just think, that xbox is more powerful…then u don’t know anything about consoles, cuz the FASTEST supercomputer used NOW by IBM (yes, IBM) uses Ps3 processor called roadrunner. So unless u have evidence to back it up, xbox losers, shut up.

  35. Mark says:

    ummm dude, if you check games like GTA, Assassins Creed, Call of Duty etc.. you will see that the graphics are practically the same on both systems. So even though the PS3 is slightly more powerful, the games look the same on any system.

    Now if you put aside the graphics, the 360 has xbox live which is a much larger community than the PS3 has.

    Also because the 360 has been out for longer there are wayyy more games on the 360.

    Finally the PS3 lost most of their exclusive titles, what do they still have, GranTurismo and Metal Gear?

    So IBM could be using the same chip like the PS3 for their super computer but for us gamers all we care about are… the games.

  36. Mo Hat says:

    Fanboys, I swear.

  37. Monotheist says:

    Mark, multi-platform games tend to be as good as the weakest system allows, so they’re not a proper way to gauge a system’s performance. To do that, it’s more valuable to compare games that show each system at it’s best. The PS3 is not slightly more powerful; it’s a lot more powerful. It’s just that we’re yet to see games that truly push each system to the limit. Once we get to that point, we will truly begin to see the advantages of the PS3’s hardware. With the release of MGS4 (probably the first game to begin to push the PS3), we’re already starting to see an advantage with huge ammount of information packed into the double layer Blu-ray disc, which makes for much faster loading and allows us to have the entire game on one disc rather than multiple ones.

    Xbox Live does have a larger community than that of PSN, but that’s not really going to affect your gameplay because you already have enough people on both networks to satisfy your immediate multiplayer needs, so it’s not like you’ll be stranded with no one to play with. What it comes down to, really, is which network has more of your friends on it.

    The 360 does have more games, but really, how many of those are exclusives that are truly worth picking sides over? Besides Halo and Gears of War, not much imho. The PS3 is just getting started (after a long wait, I admit), but you can look forward to quite a few exclusive killer apps, such as Resistance 2, Final Fantasy 13, Killzone 2 (ridiculous graphics), SOCOM, and obviously the MGS franchise, to name a few.

    Guess I qualify as a fanboy, although I own both systems :P.

  38. orgthingy says:

    UMM, it isn’t the 1st time though :P ! but the store’s name is displayed in the pic! TAKE IT OFF :p ! or theyll get sued :P

  39. kwt23 says:

    Mark, I agree that there hasn’t been alot of games on the ps3, but it will hopefully pick up. About the xbox live, wait untill playstation HOME is up and running….i bet u it will be the number 1 social service available. Now if u really want to compare the experience, u have to agree that the xbox controllers are shit.

    True, games like GTA, assassin’s creed, CoD4…etc are the same, but as i’ve said previously MGS4 is the FIRST game to use the machine’s capabilities to the fullest.

  40. Mo Hat says:

    If you really wanna talk technical metal gear is NOT using ps3 to its fullest.

  41. Q80Warlock says:

    Not to the fullest yet kwt23, it’s always a console trend to have most of the power unleashed by the last run. SNES, PS1 and PS2 had great games in their final years because programming becomes easier once solid libraries are developed.

    I think PS3 will get a nice going now after MGS, cause with even all those bitchy reviews they can’t go and say Xbox 360 version is better cause there is no Xbox 360 version. Final Fantasy will be the mark of more PS3 sales…it kicked PSP up and it will do the same with PS3.

    I always said Sony should have had a Final Fantasy game as a launch title to kick PS3 into the top.

  42. Anonymous says:

    just enjoy the god damn games and stop whining and competing on shyt none of you invented!

  43. cajie says:

    Whining is what makes us human. Please don’t tell us to stop. :)

    If you want to talk about pushing a console to it’s limit, you should have a look at Ratchet & Clank. Sometimes I forget to play the game just to sit and feel amazed by the graphics. It’s like a pixar movie that you control.

    And Mo-Hat, if that’s really you, you look like a total nerd.

  44. 248Surfer says:

    They’re tryin to make me buy from Rehab
    I said no, no, no
    Their prices are whack, but will I come back?
    You wont know, know, know.

  45. kwt23 says:

    @ Mo Hat and Q80Warlock: u need to update ur info guys, the MGS4 DOES use the console to its fullest. Actually, Hideo Kojima had made the game but unfortunately the capabilities of PS3 can’t handle it. Then he thought of making two CD’s for the game (Yes, MGS4 could’ve been a two BLU RAY disc). Then Hideo Kojima cut out from the game some more up to the point where the ps3 can handle it. As for wut u said about the console will get better games later, that’s cuz it gets tweaked more and more. My original point is not to have an argument, but to tell everyone that PS3 is better than X360, but game developers aren’t helping the ps3 and that’s why u have more games on the X360.

  46. Mark says:

    If MGS4 is using the fullest of PS3’s capabilities thats pretty sad. All that hype about the graphics card and processor speed and this is the best it can do? sucks

  47. fix-you says:

    kwt23 thats exactly what i have been trying to say for a long time but this mo-hat nerd dosent understand instead he start kind of a fight with me as u can see in the upper posts but maybe he has realised the ps3 is way way better then piss-box 360 thats why he is not posting anymore.

  48. R. Halamer says:

    Does anyone know when the american release arrives in kuwait? Game station told me tuesday on the official release day, ie. today but no luck. Kuwait gate said after a week! But they said the same about gta4 but I got it the same night on april 30th. So if anyone knows . . . thanks.

  49. kwt23 says:

    fix-you, this is not a fight…it’s facts. Mark, i fail to see why u think it’s sad if MGS4 is using the fullest ps3’s capabilities. MGS4 is a very strong game, and the console’s capabilities are meant to be reached.

  50. fix-you says:

    iv’e been just pointing out the facts as well but some guys turned it into a fight.mark ur full it belive me

  51. Q80Warlock says:

    kwt23, excuse me but does the game being on 2 BD’s (not CD’s this is PS3) mean the console can’t handle it ! Kojima was just pulling strings about how the console can’t take it just to get more Dev Tools from Sony, he said the same thing about MGS2 and Snake Eater.

    I agree about the developers part, most of today’s developers relay on Dev-kits unlike the old timers who study the basic insides and out of programming a hardware device. MS was very generous at giving out cheap ass Dev-Kits with alot of ready out of the box routines…for our humble lazy developers of this age.

    Why Xbox 360 -> PS3, because PS3 never had good launch titles. 360 had about a year head start, MS gave out Dev-kits at cheaper prices than Sony…MS burns it’s money to market 360 and the titles (ala Kears of War, Halo 2…I mean 3 duh ) !

  52. Mo Hat says:

    Actually yeah MGS4 is using it to its fullest. Kojima himself said MGS4 would look better on 360. So yeah, some fire for you fanboys to use.

  53. kwt23 says:

    Q80Warlock: u said it urself, 360 had one full year ahead, so u can’t compare the 360 to PS3…that would be unfair. You should compare the PS3 NOW to the 360 a year ago. The PS3 has many big titles already, one exclusive title that nobody credited was Resistance: Fall Of Man, i believe that it’s one of the most powerful online games to debut on the PS3. But yeah, u do agree that the consoles hype depends on the developers which aren’t helping the PS3, but that doesn’t mean that the X360 is better.

  54. Mo Hat says:

    kwt23, please do not day resistance online is that good, you seem to be putting it on a pedestal comparing it to online games such as halo 3 or gears of war.

  55. kwt23 says:

    well that’s maybe ‘cuz u never played the game Mo Hat. Resistance has one of the best online multiplayer gaming…but u probably don’t realize that cuz it’s not a big title/franchise like halo 3 or gears of war.

  56. sfsa78 says:

    People… BATTLEFIELD: BAD COMPANY is gonna be released around the end of this month.. to hell with the spastic playstation 3 or 4 what ever its called.. xbox360 is proven to be the most powerfull during multiplayer gaming(as proven with the call of duty 4 multigame play).

  57. kwt23 says:

    sfsa78: forget CoD … MGS4 online is out now…check it out urself. That’s all i’m saying.

  58. q8dizer says:

    well. the ps3 is a puzzle because it has new technology, like the CELL pro. but now the developers are more use to develop on the ps3. Now, I think ps3 got a better line in games than the 360. all of u know that the 360 got nothing new to add to its console library except fore gears2 and may be too human which i hope it wont flop like ninja gaiden2. final fantasy 13 , white knight story, god of war 3, HOME , gran tourismo 5, MGS4 (the, by far, best game in this generation) KILLZONE,resistance 2(60 players online), LittleBigPlanet (my game of the year) I think 2008 and 2009 will be sonys year with the help of being a blu-ray player which almost everyone criticized sony(except me) for putting a new and expensive technology on their console but since Jan everyone just stood still after blu-ray won the hi-def war.

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