Translation at the Mishref Coop

Posted by Mark


Taken by @nazmraz

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The Jazeera Airways terminal that never came to be

Posted by Mark


Jazeera Airways recently opened four new exclusive gates at the Kuwait Airport but at one point it looked like Jazeera Airways was going to get its own terminal. Back in 2012 I posted renderings of a terminal design I had found online but I now found another rendering of a completely different design (pictured above) that looks even better than the previous one I had posted. You can check out larger renderings of the terminal along with more information [Here]

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Where does motivation come from?

Posted by Amy Freeman


Post by Amy Freeman

Someone asked me the other day, how long have you been exercising? I said, ‘well since I can remember I have loved being active. When I was around 10 years old I started going to classes at the gym sporadically but then at around 13 I started going to the gym regularly (that was in the days when minimum age wasn’t enforced much).

In fact I used to pester my parents so much to go that my dad would get me a gym membership for my birthday or at Xmas. I would come home from school, deliver leaflets around the neighborhood (my after school job) and then beg my mum to drive me over the other side of town to the fitness center.

My client was shocked and asked ‘What made you love it so much at that age?’ This question really made me think… and think… and think.

Finally after much deliberation I found the answer was really simple. ‘Because I wanted to be like my dad’.

He was my idol. He never ever pressured me to exercise or workout but I wanted to be as fit as he was. He had run marathons, he was a really good swimmer and generally just really fit. I remember one day venturing out on my first run aged around 11 (not really knowing what a marathon meant or that it was a specific distance) and I called him straight after and said ‘Dad I just ran a marathon!’. In actual fact I had just run around the 5km block that he helped me map out.

I also recall the school triathlon, I entered when I was maybe 9 and he helped me train for it. I remember looking for him in the crowd as I crossed the finish line and I ran and literally fell into his arms totally exhausted. He made me love sport because there was never anything negative attached to it and never any pressure or expectation and that meant I always felt like I was achieving something great.

To this day there is only positive emotions and memories that come from my sporting and exercise experiences. It’s probably why when there have been challenges in my life it’s the thing I turn to for comfort. I guess that’s why I love my job so much and wju I want to help other people experience that.

I tell this story because all to often people come in and they will openly admit they hate working out, or they hate the gym and after I got asked those questions by my client, I can’t help but think, do they hate the gym because it has negative meaning to them beyond just working out?

For example, some people start gyming because they are depressed and hate how they look so the gym represents those feelings related to low self esteem.

Or for some people the gym represents all the failed attempts to get in shape.

Or the gym and working out represents pain and feeling weak.

Does lasting and true motivation come from something bigger and more profound than just doing it for yourself?

I think it does. The human mind is a complex thing and I think that to believe that we are capable of achieving greatness in fitness goals (or really any life goal for that matter), without the belief of doing it for something greater, without the help of something greater than yourself isn’t enough.

Athletes are refreshing to talk to at times because they think of their body as a machine and a tool for doing a chosen task. When I asked an athlete what gets them excited about their sport the answer was ‘when I visualize the crowd cheering me on and the people and kids I’m inspiring it motivates me to bring my best’.

Or on a smaller scale I know a lady that runs marathons and she said that when she is 10km out from the finish line and in agony she visualizes her children cheering her on and that gives her the push she needs.

What if the gym represented part of what you do to stay healthy, happy and fit for your family or for a sport and you took the vanity out of it? I know it sounds crazy because most people have a goal when they join the gym and it’s usually ‘I wanna lose weight’, ‘it’s my wedding in 3 months’ etc etc. These kind of goals cause you to exert pressure on yourself and rather than being present in each workout and enjoying it, all you want is to get your goal and maybe workout again when you have another goal. So your weight and fitness goes up and down and so does your self esteem.

To illustrate this I have a client that has been one of the most successful weightloss/fatloss candidates I’ve ever trained. When I asked her what makes her so dedicated and determined her answer was refreshingly simple and went something like this:

‘Because I want my kids to know that being heathy is important and they are so impressed when they see how strong I have gotten.’

And you know what, this client always turns up with a smile and a positive attitude every day and has never missed a training session.

Happy Training Kuwait.

Post by Amy Freeman, a Strength and Conditioning Coach from New Zealand and currently a Personal Trainer at Inspire Pure Fitness in Kuwait.

Photo by Edie**

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Flashing Lights on the Highway

Posted by Mark


What are these flashing lights on the side of the highway supposed to mean? Originally I had heard when they’re flashing it means you could drive on the emergency lane and that they only flash during rush hour. But, they’re now flashing during the evenings even when there isn’t traffic.


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Edo Club Now Open

Posted by Mark


The new Edo location at the Sahara Kuwait Golf Club recently opened up and the view is spectacular. The new location overlooks the golf course so its lots of grass, trees and people playing Golf as far as the eyes can see. Probably the nicest view for a restaurant in Kuwait thats not overlooking the sea. The Shaab location for Edo is also currently closed for renovation and will be open again on July 26th. Edo is a popular local Japanese restaurant that has been open since 2002.

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Hooligans Chase Away Cops

Posted by Mark


A friend sent me the video below which according to the uploader was recorded just a few days ago. Not really sure what started this incident but in the video you can see the cops being chased away by some young men who start throwing bottles at their car. Later in the video the riot police show up but they get welcomed with green laser beams. Check out the full video below.


Update: Video has been removed by the uploader.

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Milsim Kuwait – Operation Eagle Eye

Posted by Mark


I’ve posted about Milsim a few times over the years but in case you missed my previous posts, Milsim is a military simulation game where players use airsoft weapons. Unlike paintball you don’t fire off a million shots and hope they hit your target. Milsim instead involves a lot more strategy and ammunition needs to be conserved similar to real life scenarios. It’s very realistic.


Anyway the video above popped on my Facebook feed and I hadn’t seen it before and thought it looked great. The situations look very realistic and the location just incredible (I think it’s somewhere on Failaka Island). That YouTube account also has other Milsim videos which you can check out [Here]

If you’re interested in Milsim you can check out their website [Here] or on instagram @milsimkuwait

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Petition to Change Working Hours of Street Cleaners

Posted by Mark


There is a petition currently circulating to shift the Ramadan working hours for street cleaners to the evening. The temperature outside is hitting 50 degrees and because its Ramadan they can’t drink any water so this petition makes complete sense. Over 10,000 signatures have been collected so far and according to the people who set up the petition, the signatures will be passed on to the municipality to help push for this change. So if you would like to support this petition, visit this [Link]

Update: Below is a video a friend shot. The working hours of the street cleaner she spoke to is 8:30AM to 10:30PM during Ramadan.


Photo on top by Yahsheik

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Could Bitcoin be Used to Sell Oil?

Posted by Mark


The Kuwait Financial Centre (Markaz), one of the leading asset management and investment banking institutions in the region has been making some waves online the past few days after publishing a research report in which they wrote about the potential for bitcoin in the GCC. In one section they also talk about how bitcoin could save the oil industry time, money and paperwork.

GCC region depends heavily on oil exports, (90% of exports and 75% of government revenue). As a result, they receive payments from all over the world. International payments might take close to 1-3 days or sometimes even more owing to different time zones. Revamping the payment system in line with bitcoin systems will yield in savings in terms of cost, time and paperwork involved. Alternatively the same payment method could be adopted for fund transfers among the GCC regions as well as the whole of Middle East.

The report is 25 pages long and I haven’t gone through it all yet but from what I saw the report covers a large variety of subjects and if you have any interest in bitcoin or want to understand it better than it should prove to be a good read. You can download the PDF from their website but registration is required. Here is the [Link]

Thanks Gary

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Kuwaiti Author Nominated for the First Book Award

Posted by Mark


Kuwaiti author Mai Al Nakib has been nominated for the First Book Award at this year’s Edinburgh International Book Festival. Debut novelist and every overseas writer whose words are published in English for the first time are included in the award and the winner is chosen by readers who vote for their favorite author.

Mai Al Nakib was nominated because of her book The Hidden Light of Objects which is a collection of short stories and is available on [Amazon]

If you’ve read the book or just want to vote for her as encouragement, check out the Edinburgh International Book Festival website[Here]

Update: If you’d like to pick up the book locally it’s available for sale bookstores at the following campuses:

American University of Kuwait
American University of the Middle East
American College of the Middle East
Box Hill College Kuwait
Australian College of Kuwait

You can also contact Mr. Shabbir Hussain of Growmore Books if you run into any problems on +965-9786-7475

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