Bike Box Bike Storage

Post by Mark


Bike Box is a specialized storage facility for motorbikes. At first I didn’t really understand the purpose of it but after talking to the team behind it I realized why it could be practical for some people, especially those living in residential buildings.

Bike Box is a place where you can keep your motorbike parked and not worry about it. Their facility is safe, clean and air-conditioned. They also provide you with free servicing for your bike, free cleaning, lockers, changing rooms, battery charging, electrical ports, and a fully equipped garage. As a bike owner myself there are a couple things that always concern me, (1) my bike is going to get stolen (happened to my barber recently) and (2) the battery is going to die because I’m not riding the bike enough. Bike Box solves these two issues and more.

The reason I was originally hesitant to post about Bike Box was their price which starts at KD55 a month. But according to them the reason their monthly price is high is because they want to encourage long term customers since they’re hoping to create a community and not just offer a service. If you do decide to sign up for a year, the price drops down to a much more reasonable KD30 a month. I like their way of thinking and at KD30 a month I can see a lot of people wanting to use their facility, so if you’re a bike owner and are interested to find out more, check out their instagram account @bikeboxkw

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New Restaurant: Baker & Spice

Post by Mark


I was at Souk Sharq yesterday and passed by to check out the new restaurant that opened in place of Breadz called Baker & Spice. I didn’t get to try it since I had already had lunch but the place inside looked really good and the outdoor vibe felt very un-Kuwait like. They opened around two weeks back and I’ll most likely be passing by next week to try it out. For now you can check out their instagram account [Here]

Photo by Jassim Alshehab

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Things to do in Kuwait this Weekend

Post by Mark

Another busy weekend and the weather looks like it will be nice and sunny. The biggest event taking place this weekend is the HVOB concert but there are a bunch of other musical events taking place as well. If you’re a car fanatic then you might want to pass by Murouj this weekend since the Gulf Run car show is taking place there. Finally on Saturday there is the charity Sport Relief Mile in the morning which should be fun, if you’re interested in participating in that don’t forget to register.

Check out the list below for this weekends events:

Exhibition: Edge by Abdulrahim Sharif
Gulf Run Car Show
Ecco Pop Up Event
ADASA Festival
Rooftop Movie: Breathless
Concert: Dorsaf Hamdani

Gulf Run Car Show
Ecco Pop Up Event
ADASA Festival
Taichi in the Park
Red Bull Music Academy Presents Kuwait Rising
Pop Up Movie Night

Gulf Run Car Show
Ecco Pop Up Event
ADASA Festival
Sport Relief Mile 2016
Yoga at the Park (Vinyasa Flow – Women Only)
Bait Al Arab: Kuwait State Stud
Yoga at the Park (Men & Women)
5:46 Light A Candle For Bayt Lothan
Rooftop Movie: Theeb

If you’d like to share an event on the blog [Email Me]
For a full list of upcoming events click [Here]

Sometimes events get canceled or have details changed so double check info with organizers.

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The Kuwait Towers – Everything You Need to Know

Post by Mark


Yesterday the Kuwait Towers officially opened to the public for the first time in over 4 years. Here is everything you need to know in case you’re planning to visit it.


Entrance Fee
There are two main area in the Kuwait Towers, the restaurants sphere and the viewing sphere. If you want to go to the viewing sphere it’s KD3 per person. If you want to go to the restaurants there is no entrance fee. If you eat at the restaurant then you can go to the viewing deck for free as long as you keep your meal receipt. Children under 4 go in for free. If you’re going to the restaurants you can also park inside the Kuwait Towers parking lot.


The Viewing Sphere
This sphere is located in the top most part of the Kuwait Towers. It’s split into two floors with the top floor having a rotating platform and a small food stand. It’s open from 9AM to 11:30PM.


The view from the top is spectacular and better than before since we now have a beautiful city skyline because of all the new skyscrapers like Hamra Tower.


For a closer look they’ve kept the original coin operated binoculars.


The only issue I had with the viewing deck is that it smelled of popcorn because of the food stand. The food stand really should have been a Starbucks since right now it reminds me of those small dodgy food stalls located under the stairs in old Salmiya. They have drinks, a few cold sandwiches, soft serve ice cream and popcorn.


The Restaurant Sphere
There are two restaurants and a lounge in the restaurant sphere which is also divided into two floors. The first restaurant is called Horizon (pictured above) and is located on the top floor of the sphere. It’s an open buffet and they’re open from breakfast to dinner, here are the details:

Breakfast Buffet 8AM to 11:30AM for KD7.5
Lunch Buffet: 12:30PM to 4PM for KD14
Dinner Buffet: 7PM to 11:30PM for KD14

For reservations you can contact them on 22444021 or 22444038


There is a second restaurant (pictured above) which as of this post hasn’t opened yet. Its located on the lower floor of the sphere and it’s called Le Cafe (but it’s going to be a steakhouse). It looks slightly more fancier and instead of being a buffet it will have an à la carte menu. Once it’s open the timings will be 8AM to 12AM (midnight).


Right outside the second restaurant on the lower floor is a small lounge. You can order beverages there but it’s a fairly small lounge with only three seating areas similar to the one pictured above so good luck trying to find an empty one.


Finally if you’re taking a guest to the Kuwait Towers and they were hoping to leave with a souvenir well they’re going to be disappointed. According to an employee at the Kuwait Towers, the souvenirs shop that was originally located on the ground floor has be closed down and will be converted to a prayer room.

If you’ve never been to the Kuwait Towers I would highly recommend going. If you’ve been to it before I’d also recommend passing by just for the nostalgia. It’s still by far one of my favorite places to take visitors who come to Kuwait.

Update: I added a bit more information to the post, specifically the reservation numbers and information regarding souvenirs.

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Video of Kuwait’s Cats Show *REPOST*

Post by Mark

Incase you missed the biggest cat event in the Middle East that was held in Kuwait last month, someone uploaded a video of it onto YouTube. It’s a pretty long 18 minute video though so you probably might just want to just skim through it. [YouTube]


Update: Video is back up so reposting this.

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250fils for Almond Milk

Post by Mark


Spotted this great deal at Sultan Center Shaab. The almond milk expires end of April but that doesn’t change the fact that this is a really good deal since you can drink a lot of almond milk from now till then.

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Water Enhancers Available in Kuwait

Post by Mark

Last week I was making ice cream and had trouble getting Vanilla Extract so I ended up ordering Vanilla Paste (and 100% unsweetened cocoa) from Gourmet Shelf’s website. When they delivered my items they told me that they now had most of their products at The Approved Market and since I hadn’t been there in awhile, I decided to pass by this weekend to see what new items they had. Turns out The Approved Market now sells water enhancers.


I only found out about water enhancers when I was in LA last summer since they’re pretty big over there. Water enhancers are basically liquid drops you add into your water to give it a flavor. It’s mostly for people who have trouble consuming enough water during the day and also for people looking for healthy alternatives to soda. I hadn’t seen water enhancers being sold anywhere else in Kuwait so figured I’d post about it here.

Since we’re on the subject of items that we can’t find in Kuwait, when Gourmet Shelf dropped off my items they asked me if there was anything I wanted but I couldn’t find in Kuwait. They’re looking to start importing more products to Kuwait and need some ideas of what to bring. So if there is a food item that you love but can’t find in Kuwait or think they should bring, mention what it is in the comments below so I could pass it to them.

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Fiber Optics Rolling Out in 34 More Areas

Post by Mark

The Ministry of Communications has announced that its starting phase 2 of its nationwide fiber optics rollout with 34 new areas including Mangaf, Mahboula, Egaila, Messila and Khiran. They’ve got a short presentation that lists all 34 areas which I’ve shared above but the video is in Arabic. [YouTube]


Thanks Osama

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TEDxAlShuwaikh Speakers

Post by Mark

TEDxAlShuwaikh is taking place this month on March 24th under the theme of “greater than me”. The list of speakers for this event is finally out and I’ve shared it below. If you’re interested in attending TEDx, tickets are free but you need to apply for them on the TEDx website [Here]

The Speakers:

Ali Hussain Al-Youha
Secretary General of the National Council for Culture, Arts and Letters (NCCAL)
Ali Al Youha is the Secretary General of the National Council for Culture, Arts and Letters in Kuwait. Ali is a Kuwaiti who has invested his life and energy is promoting and highlighting art and culture, locally, regionally and globally. He believes strongly in bridging communication gaps through the promotion of cultural and media cooperation. Ali is at the helm of an ambitious cultural movement in Kuwait to create spaces for collaboration and cooperation.

Balsam AlAyoub
Social Entrepeneur
Balsam grew up in an athletic family that believed in sports as tool for self development. Balsam was a professional fencer and champion, and today has turned her energy towards being a ‘human investor’ empowering young people in the Gulf region- especially young women.

Catherine Silliman
International Relations
Catherine is an American born in New York City. She spent her childhood moving around the USA, and also lived in Vicenza, Italy while her father served as a medical doctor in the U.S. Army. Her family eventually settled in the small town of Harvard, Massachusetts. Her horizons were further expanded after she participated in a high school summer exchange program in Turkey in 1976. She studied International Relations at Tufts University, and obtained a Masters degree in Middle Eastern Studies from the University of Chicago. She worked as a reporter for the Saudi newspapers Arab News and Asharq Al-Awsat. After more than 30 years with the U.S. State Department, as a diplomat and diplomatic family member, she has lived in seven predominantly Muslim countries, and is writing a book about her experiences. She and her husband have raised two remarkable young men who share an openness to learn about the world and understand global perspectives.

Fatemah AlMosawi
Sustainability, Youth Development, Growing Communities
Fatemah AlMosawi is a community investor and has earned her doctorate in the genetics of familiar intellectual disability. She grew up in London, and returned to Kuwait bringing with her a passion for connecting people to things they are passionate about. She established Spread the Passion, a non profit organization that connects volunteers to opportunities while developing their skills in serving the community. Her youth initiative entitled “Spread the Passion Ambassador” won her the first prize with the National Youth Project in 2012 and a position in the executive office where she was recruited to manage volunteers and mentor the preparatory youth council to out reach to other youth in Kuwait. She received the first class distinction medal from His Highness the Amir of Kuwait in 2014 for youth care.

Hilal Al-Sayer
President of Kuwait Red Crescent Society & Chairperson and Medical Director of and Bayt Abdullah Children’s Hospice
Dr. Hilal Al-Sayer is the President of Kuwait Association for the Care of Children in Hospital (KACCH) and Chairperson and Medical Director of and Bayt Abdullah Children’s Hospice (BACH). He is a former Minister of Health, Dean of the Medical School in Kuwait, President of the Kuwait Red Crescent Society, and Chairperson of Dasman Diabetic Institute.

Margaret Al-Sayer
Director of the Kuwait Association for the Care of Children in Hospital and Bayt Abdullah Children’s Hospice
Margaret Al-Sayer is the Founding Director of the Kuwait Association for the Care of Children in Hospital (KACCH) and Bayt Abdullah Children’s Hospice (BACH). She is a former biology teacher and has devoted twenty-five years to raising awareness in Kuwait and the Middle East on the necessity of developing palliative care services for children.

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Vapes and E-Juices Now Legal to Import into Kuwait

Post by Mark


Vapers can rejoice, according to the official customs instagram account, it is now legal to import vapes and their juices into Kuwait. Not sure if this means vape bars will start popping up all around Kuwait but at least current prices of vapes and juices should drop since it’s a lot easier now to bring the stuff into Kuwait.

Also who knew customs had an instagram account? And I love how they posted a picture of a shipment of vapes and juices they had confiscated and then a few hours later post that its now legal. Check out their instagram account [Here]

Thanks Salem | Image Source

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