Instadocs: Social media and medicine hit the big time in Kuwait.

Posted by Mark


With the advent insta-twitter* there is a whole community of MD’s (and even more MD’s), pharmacist, dieticians and dentists giving advice on there on a daily basis through videos and pictures. This isn’t a bad thing, it’s actually a miracle if you work in healthcare in Kuwait because never in a million years would I have expected such a healthcare awareness campaign to actually work and be successful! I also love seeing old friends gain confidence I always knew they had as they reach out to more people.

But like the start of the internet, this trend poses alot of very interesting ethical and legal questions that I simply can’t find the answer to.

Instadocs is an interesting article written by a Kuwaiti doctor on the the local social media scene and how some doctors are using it to dish out advice. Check it out [Here]

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Seedless Watermelons in Kuwait

Posted by Mark


I was at the Saveco Supermarket yesterday and spotted seedless watermelons. I have no idea why no other supermarket has thought about getting seedless watermelons to Kuwait, it’s the most amazing thing ever.


The melons are mini sized and they weren’t cheap at around KD1.5 per kilo so my melon ended up costing around KD3.5 which is still a lot cheaper than the KD99 heart shaped melon at Sultan Center. I’m really loving Saveco.

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Finger Sushi – 24 Hour Sushi in Kuwait

Posted by Mark


A couple of days back I had just finished having lunch at Salhiya and as I was leaving the area by car I spotted the Finger Sushi sign on one of the buildings. I hadn’t noticed the sign before and since I was driving I made my friend note down Finger Sushi on my phone so I could check it out later once I got back home. That same evening around 1AM while watching the movie Non-Stop, I came across the note Finger Sushi on my phone and decided to see if they had a website or instagram account I could check out. I ended up finding both and right away what caught my attention was the fact that they’re open 24 hours a day. Me and my friends always have a hard time finding a place that isn’t McDonalds that is open after midnight and a 24 hour sushi place is exactly what we’d want late at night. So I paused the movie and gave them a call just to confirm that their dine-in is open 24 hours and not just the delivery and the guy on the other end of the line said I could come by any time of day and eat. So I decided once the movie was over I would head to Finger Sushi and try it out.


It was just after 2AM when I left my house and headed into the city. I put some Chet Baker on and took the scenic route arriving at the restaurant around 2:20AM and obviously, I was the only one there. There menu is very basic with just 7 makis, some salads and a handful of side dishes. By 7 makis I actually mean one kind of maki but you get to choose if you want it salmon, crab, shrimp, tuna, chicken, meat or vegetable. I decided to go with the salmon maki and asked them to make it spicy, the chef recommended I choose the red colored rice if I wanted it spicy but I decided to stick with white for the salmon and ordered another spicy crab maki with the red rice. I asked the chef what the sweet salmon salad was and he told me it was similar to the popular salmon avocado salad except with a different sauce. I ended up going with that as well and a side order of edamame. The cashier asked me if I wanted chopsticks which I replied yes to and he then asked me if I wanted soya sauce which I also said yes to. Turns out both are chargeable items costing 100fils each.


While waiting for my order to get ready I took some photos of the place trying my best to make it look cooler than it actually is and while I was admiring my handiwork, the waiter calls me up and hands me over a tray with my order. All the items I had ordered were nicely packaged so I took a group photo and then opened the packages for one more round of photos before I proceeded to munch away on the food.


I started off with the edamame which is impossible to go wrong with and once I was done with the edamame I started on the sweet salmon salad. This honestly was the worst thing I ordered and I have no idea why the chef would even compare it to a salmon avocado salad at other restaurants since its nothing like it. The salad was mostly lettuce with four or five small cooked and dry pieces of salmon covered with Lays chips. Not even the sauce could rescue the salad from disaster so save yourself the disappointment and skip the salads all together. Once I put the salad aside I started on the makis.


According to the chef all their makis plates come as six pieces with each two pieces having a different sauce on top. I’m sure you could stick to one sauce if you want to but for your first time you’d probably want to have the three different sauces so you could get an idea of what they all taste like. The makis also all come covered with crispy tempura. I personally wanted to order my maki without the sauces and the crispy tempura but since I was going to write about the place I decided to keep everything as it was. All three sauces tasted fairly similar and they were strong enough to overpower the flavor of the whole maki. It didn’t matter if there was crab or salmon inside I couldn’t tell the difference. On the other hand the red rice gave it an interesting flavor since its prepared using rose water.

Overall it was pretty much what I was expecting from a 24 hour fast food sushi place along with a bill that fit the experience:

6 Piece Salmon Maki – KD1.200
6 Piece Crab Maki – KD1.200
Sweet Salmon Salad – KD1.000
Edamame – KD0.750
Soya Sauce – KD0.100
Chopsticks – KD0.100

Total: KD4.350


It’s the perfect place for late night munchies and I would go back again with my friends when every other place is closed. But, I would save my money and avoid the salad next time as well as having the makis without the crispy tempura or the sauces. Finger Sushi is located in the same building as Opera Cakes and Sahara Hotel which is on your left hand side once you leave the Salhiya area [Map]. They’ve been open for just over a week now and you can find them on instagram @fingersushi or online at

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The Fittest People in the World

Posted by Amy Freeman


Post by Amy Freeman

So I spent the last week in Korea as I was part of a team that made it to the Crossfit Games Asia Regionals. It was a fantastic experience to be a part of something as huge as that and to top it of, my very good friend ended up winning 1st place in the female individual category.

As some of you might know, Crossfit is a mix of disciplines and to be good at it, you have to be the strongest, the fittest and the fastest at many different exercises including, conditioning work, olympic lifting and gymnastics.

While I watched my friend enter the second to last event, she looked very calm and you could tell that she had a strategy in mind. So there I was thinking man this is insane, not only does she have to be the best at everything but she also has to think about her strategy and not get caught up in everything else that is going on around her. Plus, this was day 3 of the competition and her body was nailed, more than nailed her body was totally broken. Now that’s an athlete.

Long story short she won that event and went on to take out 1st place overall.


As I reflected on the 3 days of watching these world-class athletes, especially my friend who I had watched prepare for this day, I gave myself a metaphorical kick up the ass and I have been taking the inspiration from watching these amazing people into my workouts and my approach to training in general.

You know what its like when you have been training for a while and you workout most days and you try to keep yourself honest but you let a few things slide every now and then? Maybe not sticking to your rest time, maybe changing an exercise that you don’t like for one you do like or maybe doing 6 sets of sprints instead of 8, the list goes on and it doesn’t make you a bad person but sometimes you have to be honest with yourself when this is happening and go get inspired so that you can set some goals and achieve some greatness.

For me last week I got inspired and since then you bet my workouts are the toughest they have been in a few months. I’m lifting with purpose in EVERY set, my tempo is on point in EVERY set, my technique is flawless in EVERY set, today was so hot outside but I ran anyway and the biggest one for me; doing the exercises I absolutely suck at. I might be able to bench 80kg, but my body weight, gymnastics and ring work sucks ass and that embarrasses me.


When you get inspired, you’re able to clearly pin point what is important to you and the next step is then to set goals, create a plan and achieve what you want. Sometimes internal motivation is enough but sometimes you may need the support of a friend, trainer or coach and that’s ok. You just have to figure out what you want, what you need and then create a plan.

When setting goals make them SMART:
SPECIFIC – Make sure you know exactly what your goal is in every last detail. For example. I want to Deadlift 2 x body weight for 1 rep.
MEASUREABLE – You need a way to measure your progress, like body fat or maybe a one repetition maximum.
ATTAINABLE – You should put steps in place such as mini goals that all help towards achieving the big goal. This could be like making sure you prepare food every Saturday afternoon for the following week so you don’t get hungry and fall off the wagon. Minimize risk!
REALISTIC – Make sure you seek expert advice so you know your goal is achievable for you. For example, if getting strong is your goal, talk to a trainer about a realistic goal for you. If fatloss is your goal then going from 100kg and 30% bodyfat to 60kg and 16% bodyfat in a month isn’t realistic, so seek expert advice if you are unsure.
TIMELY – Set a specific date for your goal and stick to it. Don’t make it ‘sometime in August’. Make it the 20th August, for example.

Happy Training Kuwait.

Post by Amy Freeman, a Strength and Conditioning Coach from New Zealand and currently a Personal Trainer at Inspire Pure Fitness in Kuwait.

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Endangered Sea Turtle Brutally Killed in Kuwait

Posted by Mark


Over the weekend a video went viral showing an endangered sea turtle being killed on a beach in Kuwait. In the very graphic video (which I won’t share on this blog), one man is seen sitting on top of the large turtle with a small kitchen knife in his hand while his family and friends can be heard in the background encouraging him to cut off the turtles head. You can even hear a voice of a woman and a child in the video, both in support of the killing. Once the perpetrator starts cutting off the turtles head, a second man comes into the video frame to help hold the turtle down. Once the head is cut off the child in the background yells out that he wants the head while everyone else watches the now dead and decapitated turtle bleed on the beach.


The Environment Public Authority (EPA) is now offering a KD3,000 reward to anyone who can identify the people in the video. It’s a very horrific crime but animal abuse sadly isn’t very rare in Kuwait. Last year some guys were driving around with shotguns shooting and decapitating stray dogs and then posting pictures all over Instagram and they were never punished so I am hoping this time around the perpetrators will be punished and made an example of.

Most of the articles on the sea turtle killing are in Arabic but KUNA have a poorly written piece on it which you could read [Here]

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Win Tickets to Watch ‘The Wanted’ Live in Kuwait!

Posted by Mark


I was able to get a hold of two tickets for ‘The Wanted’ music event that is being held by Ooredoo this coming Saturday night and I’m going to give them away to one of my readers. Although some of you might not recognize the band’s name you’ve most likely heard one of their songs before. They are an English-Irish boy band and their two most popular songs are “Chasing The Sun” and “Glad You Came” which you can hear below.


So if you want to win these two tickets, all you need to do is leave a comment below with the name of your favorite song by them. You’ll only have until midnight tonight to leave a comment since after that I will be using to choose one winner who will get the two tickets. Good luck!

Rules: Only one entry per person and please make sure you use a working email since the winner will be contacted by email. If winner doesn’t respond within 12 hours of receiving the email, another winner will be randomly chosen.

Update: I closed the post for comments last night and using this morning the winner was chosen which is comment #177 (Tareq). If Tareq doesn’t respond to my email in the next 12 hours a second draw will take place. Thanks for participating everyone and sorry you couldn’t all win.

Update2: The original winner didn’t respond to my email after 12 hours so using I drew another number and the second time the winner was #209 (Ozair).

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Things to do in Kuwait this Weekend

Posted by Mark

Cinemagics Rooftop Movie: Thief
SHREK The Musical
Exhibition: 50 Years of Printmaking
Exhibition: Once Removed – Kevork Mourad
Exhibition: The Tour – Barry Iverson

Kuwait Scapes
SHREK The Musical
Wayans Brothers Comedy Show

Shakshooka Nomadic Farmers Market
SHREK The Musical
Cinemagics Rooftop Movie: The Great Beauty

If you’d like to share an event on the blog [Email Me]

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‘The Wanted’ Coming to Kuwait

Posted by Mark

Wataniya Ooredoo are bringing the music group ‘The Wanted’ to perform live this coming Saturday at an invite only event that’s going to be held at their Red Dome near 360 Mall.

I’m not a fan of ‘The Wanted’ but I’m curious to why they can bring big bands to Kuwait and no one else can? A couple of years back they brought the musician ‘Ne-Yo’ and now this.

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Old Kuwait Postcards – Part 2

Posted by Mark


A few months back I posted a collection of old Kuwaiti postcards which I had found by mistake on eBay while searching for something else. This time around I found a larger collection of old Kuwaiti postcards but I was deliberately looking for them.


What I find fascinating about these old postcards is the fact they highlight important locations and buildings of that era, ones that are forgotten about or don’t even exist today. That’s why for this post I’ve highlighted these two specific postcards, one of the Carlton Hotel and the other of the Phoenicia Hotel. According to this old scan from a 1966 magazine, Phoenicia was the a beautiful place where you could experience the most beautiful days of your life. Good times, check out all the postcards below.

To purchase any of these postcards visit this [Link]

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1st Healthy City in Kuwait

Posted by Mark


Yarmouk became the first healthy city in Kuwait this month by fulfilling the requirements of the World Health Organization (WHO). Some of the requirements they fulfilled included:

- Fighting against obesity
- Having a walk marathon
- Beautification and cleaning of the city
- Setting up a well-equipped walking track
- Planted trees
- Saved power and water
- Washed streets with water and soap
- Organized exhibitions for young entrepreneurs a
- Established an environment-friendly park
- Organized cultural, social, educational and health symposiums and lectures
- Urged people to donate blood
- Combatted smoking
- Fighting swine flu

I think thats really great now if only the same formula could be applied to my area or other areas around Kuwait. Checkout the article on KUNA [Here]

Photo by Samira

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