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29 03, 2005

Burger King

2005-03-29T13:37:43+03:00Mar 29, 2005|0 Comments

burger king logo

Today I had a double mushroom XXL meal. It had been a while since I had it. Tasted reallllyyyy good!

28 03, 2005

A BIG breakfast at Burger King?

2005-03-30T09:11:02+03:00Mar 28, 2005|0 Comments

Burger King is reportedly set to unveil a large new breakfast sandwich that bets not everyone is looking to watch their diet.

USA Today reports that the No. 2 fast food chain is set to debut its Enormous Omelet Sandwich Monday. The sandwich will have one sausage patty, two eggs, two American cheese slices and three strips of bacon, according to the paper.

That works out to 730 calories and 47 grams of fat, according to the report. While the sandwich goes against the trend at some competitors to offer healthier fare, some analysts said that the new sandwich is likely to be a sales success. That’s more than the company’s Whopper burger, which the Burger King Web site said has 700 calories and 42 grams of fat.

“The critics will still label it food porn,” says Sherri Daye Scott, editor at QSR, a fast-food industry trade magazine told the paper. “But the average male fast-food customer does not have a problem with this.”

The new offering could also make Burger King more of a player in the breakfast market, where USA Today reports it seriously lags behind McDonald’s (Research).

Burger King has been privately held since it was sold by British food conglomerate Diageo to a group led by Texas Pacific Group in 2002.

28 03, 2005

Kuwait Stock Exchange

2005-03-29T22:22:09+03:00Mar 28, 2005|1 Comment

Just found the Kuwait Stock Exchange website. Didn’t know it existed. Its pretty easy and quick to use although not visually attractive, its practical. [Link]

28 03, 2005

The BKME and Osoul New Logos

2019-07-10T10:21:25+03:00Mar 28, 2005|18 Comments

Have you guys seen the knew BKME logo? Its depressing. How can a bank like BKME be so stupid I don’t know. I don’t blame the designer. The designer is crap, I am sure he knows that already. I blame the people at BKME who accepted such tragic work. My god, its a disaster! Firstly, before I start talking about the logo, lets talk about the 4×3 Mega’s on the road where the logo is on. You DO NOT use yellow type on a white background. Its very unreadable. They not only used yellow type on a white background, they used it on their outdoor ads!! If you are driving up to the ad on the street you will not see “Al Awsat” written in yellow until you slam into the ad. Its impossible to read when its in a newspaper yet alone an ad on the street 50 meters away while you are zooming buy in you car at 100km/h. Thats their first mistake. Lets talk about the logo. Is that a pearl? Come on, who was the genius who thought of that? Very creative. I am sure no one ever thought about it before (Note: I am being sarcastic here). Even Gulf Bank uses the pearl for their Dana account. Anyway, whatever, fine, go with the pearl, but at-least be a bit more creative about it. It looks like a shop that sells marbles for kids. Their logo really pisses me off.

You know what the problem is? People think being a designer is easy. People think anyone can be a designer. People think that if they take a course in Adobe Photoshop at some trashy institute in Salmiya they automatically are designers. Thats bullshit. If thats true then what did I do for 4 years at university? Why do designers go get their masters then their PhDs? Taking a course in Photoshop at an institute just means you now know how to use 5% of Photoshops capabilities. Thats all. We spend the first two years of university not being allowed to use any computers in our design work. They teach us that the computer is just a tool, its just a means to get what you have in your head onto paper. Thats all. So they spend the first 2 years teaching us about other tools like drawing, painting, silk screen printing, sculpturing, stencils and tons more stuff. Not only that but as a designer you need to be creative, and have taste, both things which many people lack. Why is GianFranco Ferre designing clothes and you aren’t? Why is Philip Starck designing everything from hotel rooms to sneakers and you aren’t? They got it you don’t, its that simple.

Anyway it doesn’t matter. BKME is the one losing here. The new Osoul logo even has a readability problem. Osoul in arabic can be read as Osoul or Osoud. The reason for that is the L in the end is not shaped correctly. The L could look like an L or a D. It goes both ways. Fine the majority will read it as an L but the fact that it might be read as a D is a problem. Now the logo is out and I am sure Osoul is getting comments about it. It could have been so easy to fix but it wasn’t. Below is just a mockup I did in 2 minutes of what could have been done to avoid this Osoul/Osoud mix up.

osoul logo Osoul Logo

osoul logo fixed Osoul Logo Fixed

But anyway this post has become to long so I will stop. Its just very frustrating for me because these bad designers give us all a bad reputation and image. The client needs to be able to trust us and bad designers make this trust harder to form.

28 03, 2005

Make Your Own Tshirts

2005-03-30T09:11:42+03:00Mar 28, 2005|1 Comment

Me and nibaq tried this before using another technique but we never posted step by step pictures. Today I found a site with an easy tutorial to follow and has pictures. here is the link.

27 03, 2005

PSP Kicking Ass in Japan

2005-03-27T19:05:00+03:00Mar 27, 2005|6 Comments

Here is the latest Top 10 list of consoles sold in Japan:

PlayStation Portable: 43,644 (Annual: 580,120)
PlayStation 2: 40,270 (Annual: 602,316)
Nintendo DS: 22,446 (Annual: 429,545)
Game Boy Advance SP: 11,013 (Annual: 197,776)
GameCube: 3,357 (Annual: 70,016)
Game Boy Advance: 477 (Annual: 6,253)
Xbox: 345 (Annual: 4,606)

27 03, 2005

PSP vs DS Vote

2005-03-27T13:12:49+03:00Mar 27, 2005|2 Comments

Just checking on the status of the of the PSP vs DS vote on cnet. Sony is currently winning with 73.5%. [Link]