Star Wars Gear

Post by Mark

I was passing by Hallmark yesterday at Marina Mall and noticed they just got a whole bunch of Hasbro Star Wars toys. Me and Nat played with the lightsabers a bit (around KD4) and then we played with the Darth Vader mask (around KD24). They also have action figures and stuff. Pretty cool, I am sure Toys R Us just got a whole bunch of Star Wars toys too. [Link]

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The Sith Sense

Post by Mark

sith sense

A while back I posted a link to It was a website that could predict what you were thinking by asking you 20 questions. Well I just found a site that uses the same idea except its ALOT ALOT cooler. Darth Vader will show you his sith sense by asking you 20 questions himself!! Its amazing, I couldn’t stop laughing, his taunts are the coolest. Its flash based so it will take a bit of time to load at first but once it does there is no more loading. PLEASE make sure you have speakers on your computer and the volume is raised. If you don’t do this you won’t enjoy it as much! [Link]

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Adult Movie Posters

Post by Mark

It’s not as dirty as it sounds. This website has adult and exploitation movie posters from the ’60s and ’70s for purchase. Although it might sound dirty the posters are more funny then sexy. My favorite one is the Ordered to Love poster, if only I could afford its $700 price tag.. [Link] (safe for work)

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Bloggers Meetup at the Movies

Post by Mark

I just got back from watching Star Wars at Fanar. I went with Nat, Fadibou, Missundaztoood, Tivo Guy and Calmness. Fanar is definitely a much better movie theater then Marina. The sound was great and the theater much larger, the whole experience was much better then my marina one. The company I was with was also great, we booked the tickets from earlier in the day so we were able to get excellent seats next to each other. Even if we hadn’t booked beforehand I dont think we would have had a problem getting decent seats, the theater was basically empty, not a lot of Star Wars fans in Kuwait it seems. Thinking about the movie now, I think it was actually pretty good, specially if you look at it from episode 1 all the way to 6. Lucas managed to merge them all together very smoothly.

I can’t wait till they come out with the Star Wars Sixology DVD set, that would be amazing..

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Further Updates Regarding Kuwait Cinema

Post by Mark

As you know the other day I was contacted by Kuwait Cinema regarding my terrible movie experience. Well after the last phonecall where a guy from Kuwait Cinema wanted me to call him before I went to the movies so he could get me the free tickets, I sent another email to the general manager explaining how this wasn’t very convenient for me and he replied. Below I posted the email I sent to the GM and the email he sent back:

Mark to Alan

hi thank you Alan for your email and phone call. Its good to know that KNCC does care about their customers even though they have a monopoly on the market.

I do have 1 more minor issue though. Santhosh called me and told me about my 2 free tickets. He was very nice and all and told me to call before I go to the movies next time so that he can get me the tickets. I was wondering would you be able to credit the 2 tickets into my account instead of me having to call santhosh the next time I go. The reason for this is I would like to choose the seats myself and calling santhosh for the tickets and hoping he answers just before i go to the movies is a bit of a hassel.

If its not possible its ok.


And this is the email I just received from the general manager today:

Alan to Me


I have arranged for this to be done. We do care, very much, as to what our customers feel and experience.

Please let me know what your next movie is like.


As you can see he was very proffesional. I am now 100% satisfied with their actions regarding the incident.

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Kuwait Cinema Update

Post by Mark

Today I received two phone calls in regard to my complaint about the StarWars incident I had last week. The first call was from Alan Hall, the General Manager of KNCC. He apologized about the incident and told me they would investigate it. When I asked him if they had received any other complaints he told me no they hadn’t but that they also generally never receive any feedback from anyone, good or bad. He then told me they would contact me again soon.

Around 5 minutes ago I received a call from another guy, he again apologized for the incident and gave me his number and told me the next time I go to the movies to give him a call 1 hour ahead so I can get free tickets. He wasn’t very clear on the issue so I asked him if I brought my wife can I get 2 tickets, he said yes. I said thank you and closed the phone.

The free tickets gesture is nice of them but I don’t think its good enough. I am not being greedy or anything but there are a couple of issues here.

1) I already paid for 2 tickets last time and wasted my time going to the movies at midnight on a work day to watch the movie and they fucked up. If they give me 2 free tickets in return then I am not getting anything extra.

2) Do I get 2 tickets or more? I asked the guy if I need 2 tickets for me and my wife would that be a problem, he said no. What if I need tickets for me and my friends? The guy wasn’t very clear on this issue.

3) I have to call the guy before I go to the movies? Would he remember me? When is this valid till? What if he doesnt pick up? I think calling a person on his mobile before I go to the movies is to much of a hassel and I wouldn’t be in control. Plus do I still book the tickets online or do I tell the guy what movie I want and he books the seats and buys them for me?

4) I booked the tickets and paid for them online, why couldn’t they credit my account with the free tickets? That would have solved a couple of issues. First I would know the exact amount of tickets I got. Secondly I can book my tickets online whenever I want and pay for them with the credit I have.

In conclusion, I am glad they called me back but I am disappointed with their gift.

Update: I just called the guy again to get clarification on the booking issue. Turns out I have to tell him what movie I want and he will book the seats and get me the tickets. I should have asked him how many tickets I get but I forgot..

Update 2: Just received the email below from Alan, very nice of him:


I refer to our discussion of this morning and thank you very much for providing the feedback. We are in the process of a major investigation as to why this happened. We do not take such matters lightly.

As a gesture I would love to welcome you and your wife back to enjoy a screening of Star Wars, with sound, at your convenience.

Santhosh, our operations manager will be contacting you to co-ordinate.

Kind regards.

Alan Hall
General Manager

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Which Theater is the Best?

Post by Mark

After the catastrophe yesterday at Marina, where is the best movie theater in Kuwait?

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Marina Theater Sucks

Post by Mark

I just got home from Star Wars, its 12:30AM. Yeah the movie started at 12:00AM but it was such a fucked up experience. From what I saw of the movie though, it was looking REALLY good, like REALLY good, BUT the Marina Mall theater is just terrible.

The issue I had was with the sound. The first 15 minutes of the movie was this huge gigantic space battle with explosions and chaos non stop. The sound though was incredibly low and was coming out of the front speakers only. I swear I could hear the guy next to me eating his popcorn! I told Nat we should just leave, she suggested I should tell someone. So I did, I went up to one of the movie ushers and told him to raise the volume, he went and told some Kuwaiti guy who was sitting watching the movie with us. He went out and came back in a minute later but the sound was still the same. So I told Nat lets leave, I wasn’t going to watch the movie like this. So we got up and left, once we reached the main entrance where we got the tickets from, I saw a guy who looked like management, I asked him who I should I ask a refund from. He looked at the tickets and told me that once the tickets were cut that I couldn’t get a refund. He didn’t bother to ask why I wanted a refund or why I looked pissed and wanted to leave, nothing. So I proceeded to tell him that I paid KD5 to watch Star Wars and you can’t expect me to watch it in a theater where the sound system is lower then mine at home. I told him the sound is too low and I already complained about it and no one did anything. He told me that no one had told him about the sound, he assured me he would fix it and told me to go back to my seat. So I did. I got back inside, by now I had already missed a good chunk of the movie but I was like its ok, at-least the sound will get fixed. It never did! It didn’t get louder and it didn’t go into surround.

Finally we decided fuck the refund, lets just get out of here. If the movie when action packed was low and imagine how a normal scene would be. When I got back up to the main entrance, I took a feedback form, filled it in and dropped it in the feedback box. I don’t know if anyone will read it or care, but I just had to do it. Now I am back home, disappointed and pissed off. The Marina Mall cinema totally ruined my movie rush. I was planning to start booking tickets online and make this a weekly thing but now I don’t think I will since its just better off watching a movie at home on my sound system.

What did I learn today? Marina Mall theater is one of the worst I have ever been to, and that KD1 for a large popcorn at the cinema doesn’t seem expensive after passing by Starbucks first.

To read the letter I emailed to the people in charge click on more

Read the rest of this entry »

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Star Wars Premier

Post by Mark

Who here is going to watch Star Wars tonight? I am going to the Marina Mall showing at 12:00AM.

Where is it playing tonight? Here is the list:

Marina 12:00 AM
Muhallab 12:15 AM
Al-Fanar 12:30 AM
Al-Kout 12:30 AM
Al-Sharqia 12:30 AM

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KNCC – Star Wars: Episode III

Post by Mark

Nibaq told me he was going to watch Star Wars III at the movies on Tuesday, so I decided to check out the KNCC website for showtimes. Turns out there is a showing on Tuesday at 12:00AM at Marina Mall so I just bought 2 tickets and reserved our seats online. It was the first time I tried using their website and it was also the first time I bought tickets online. Its a very easy feature to use and I am surprised we have this technology in Kuwait.

1) First you need to sign up on their website, a very easy and quick process.
2) Then you look for the movie you want to watch.
3) Once you find a movie you want you then have to find a showtime that would suit you.
4) The next step is to reserve your seats. This is the best option, they show you a map of the theater and then you can choose where you want to sit. Very cool.
5) You pay for your ticket online using Knet, Credit Card, M-Net or a Smart Card.
6) You receive an email and SMS message confirming your order.

Very easy and very simple. I now might watch more movies because of this.

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