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samir geagea

Parliament unanimously passed Geagea’s parole bill and the Lebanese Forces leader is expected to be taken straight from jail to Beirut airport this weekend for a trip with his wife to a European capital, probably London or Paris, for extensive medical tests. Samir Geagea the Lebanese Forces leader was wrongfully imprisoned for over 11 years. He spent the 11 years locked up in a 2×1 meter cell 2 floors underground with no access to the outside world. [Link]

Pictures from LF members celebrating [Here]

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Lebanese Wins Poker World Series

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joseph hachem

Joseph Hachem won $7.5 million US Dollars at the World Series Poker Tournament which was held in Las Vegas 2 days ago. [Link]

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This is really cool, to celievrate their 10 year anniversary, Amazon will thank customers with surprise special deliveries by celebrities.

“Among the celebrities scheduled to make special deliveries are actor Harrison Ford who may deliver the “Raiders of the Lost Ark” DVD, Grammy-award winning musician Moby hand-delivering his recently released CD “Hotel,” Anna Kournikova will deliver something from Adidas, and Jason Alexander with a “Seinfeld” DVD.”


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Smashing Pumpkins Half Back Together

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The first of Billy Corgan’s former bandmates has rejoined the fold following the surprise announcement that Corgan intends to reunite his platinum-selling alternative-rock group the Smashing Pumpkins. Jimmy Chamberlin said on Friday that he is eager to make music with Corgan again. His position is no surprise, since he drummed with Corgan in the short-lived band Zwan, as well as performing on several tracks for the Great Pumpkin’s first solo album, “The Future Embrace,” released last Tuesday.

But the status of former Smashing Pumpkins guitarist James Iha and bassist D’Arcy Wretzky remains a mystery.

“All I can say is that the Smashing Pumpkins are Billy, James, myself and D’Arcy,” Chamberlin said. “In an ideal world, that’s what it will end up being. The hope is that everybody will come to the table, but I can only speak for myself in saying that I’m in, and I’m excited.”

Chamberlin said he has not spoken to Wretzky since she left the band in August 1999. He communicates with Iha by e-mail, and though they have not discussed the Pumpkins reunion, “I intend to reach out to him.”

The drummer said he and Corgan have been talking about reforming the band “for some time,” but he doesn’t know whether the singer and songwriter has spoken to Iha and Wretzky, or if Corgan simply “opened the door” for them to return when he placed two full-page advertisements last week in the Sun-Times and the Chicago Tribune.

“It’s still all very new, and I don’t know if anybody really knows what’s going on,” Chamberlin said. “We really haven’t sat down at the table and figured out the nuts and bolts.”

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Michael Jackson in Bahrain

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Pop star Michael Jackson began a vacation at a prince’s palace in the tiny Gulf kingdom of Bahrain, his first trip overseas after being acquitted of child molestation charges, an official close to the royal circle said Thursday.

Jackson arrived with his three children on a private plane from Europe on Wednesday night for an indefinite stay, said an official. Jackson was found not guilty of child molestation in a California court on June 13.

He chose Bahrain because of his brother Jermaine’s first hand experience visiting the kingdom, the official said. “He’s come here to retreat and relax and enjoy the calmness of Bahrain,” the official said, adding that no other member of the Jackson family accompanied the pop star.

Another official said Jackson was a guest of Sheikh Abdullah bin Hamad Al Khalifa, the king’s son, in one of the royal palaces. Sheikh Abdullah, believed to be in his early 30s, is a friend of Jackson’s brother Jermaine. He described the visit as “very very private.” Jermaine Jackson has close links with Bahrain’s royal circle. In January, he and Sheikh Abdullah announced plans to launch a charity theme song written by the royal.


Update: Michael Jackson + Video Game fans, check this out.

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Beckham Faces Tattoo Battle

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I just read this article below and I think its ridiculous, how could David Beckham not have the rights to a tattoo located on his own body??


David Beckham is facing a legal battle over who owns the right to his tattoos, because body artist Louis Malloy fears the British soccer star is making money from his designs.

Malloy designed and inked nine of Beckham’s tattoos, including the famous guardian angel on his upper back, and is determined to sue should the Real Madrid ace use the images in an advertising campaign.

The 42-year-old claims Beckham, who is married to ex-Spice Girl Victoria Beckham, tried to force him to sign a confidentiality agreement, but he refused.

Malloy says, “I was contacted recently and told they wanted to use some of them in a campaign. I said we’d have to draw up a license agreement but then it got too complicated. So I said, ‘I own the copyright, they are my intellectual property, I drew them, I didn’t copy them from other sources.’

“They still think they’re the owners of the images but if they use them without my permission I’d sue. There’s no doubt about it.” [Source]

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Formula 1 USA

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Interesting F1 race today in the States, only 6 cars competed because the other 14 cars boycotted the race. CNN has the full details. [Link]

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Pink Floyd to Reunite!

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In a last minute decision, Roger, Dave, Richard, and Nick have put their differences aside and will re-form in support of Sir Bob’s Live8 concerts. Thats going to be one crazy concert! [Link]

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Jackson Verdict

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Me and Nat are up now watching Michael Jacksons four SUV’s convoy head towards the courthouse. The jury has reached a verdict and they will be reading it as soon as Michael arrives. Watching the convoy heading towards the courthouse reminded me a lot of when I watched OJ Simpsons chase on TV back in Canada. I love this live stuff and I hope he turns out not guilty.

Update: Michael is NOT guilty of any of the 10 counts.

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Sex Huts for the World Cup

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Dortmund, one of 12 host cities for the 2006 World Cup, is hurriedly building wooden sex huts with the aim of encouraging discretion among prostitutes and their clients. According to Reuters, “experts estimate as many as 40,000 prostitutes may travel to Germany to offer their services to fans during the tournament.” To make them comfortable, “Dortmund plans to arrange the Dutch-designed huts … in an area with condom machines and snack bar.” Like a highway rest stop, but cooler. “We don’t want a situation where prostitutes and their clients disturb residential areas,” says an official. [Link]

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