Burning Garbage

Post by Mark


I love the smell of burning garbage.. it reminds me of the old days in Lebanon. During the war people burned the garbage because there was no one to come and pick it up so now whenever I smell burning garbage I just remember Lebanon. I am currently sitting on the balcony with Geo and it seems there is a pile of garbage in my neighbourhood that is currently on fire, I can’t see the fire I can just see the smoke rising up behind one of the buildings and I can smell it really well. There is like a really huge pile of garbage near my building which I have been hoping would catch on fire but that hasn’t happened yet. If the baladia doesn’t want to take care of the trash then we should take things into our own hands. Too bad I am too chicken to start a fire myself.

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Funny Joke

Post by Mark

Three men, an American a Lebanese and a Syrian, were asked about “their opinion on electricity blackout”

The American responded: “What’s a blackout?”
The Lebanese responded: “What’s electricity?”

The Syrian responded…….”What’s opinion?”

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Index of Political Freedom

Post by Mark

This is the list for the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region according to the Economist. I guess Kuwait is in a pretty good spot.

1. Israel 8.20
2. Lebanon 6.55
3. Morocco 5.20
4. Iraq 5.05
5. Palestine 5.05
6. Kuwait 4.90
7. Tunisia 4.60
8. Jordan 4.45
9. Qatar 4.45
10. Egypt 4.30
11. Sudan 4.30
12. Yemen 4.30
13. Algeria 4.15
14. Oman 4.00
15. Bahrain 3.85
16. Iran 3.85
17. UAE 3.70
18. Saudi Arabia 2.80
19. Syria 2.80
20. Libya 2.05


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Top ten reasons why Syria didn’t kill Hariri

Post by Mark

10. Cell phones are too advanced for syrians to use

9. The instructions on the bomb manual were not written upside down

8. Abu Addas was busy hiding his suicide tape in a tree and forgot to drive the truck

7. Lahoud had the vibrating phone stuck up his @$$ and couldn’t give the go ahead.

6. The Mourabitoun were too happy celebrating having been resurrected from syria’s junkyard of non existent militias to remember what it was they were supposed to do.

5. Al A7bash were too busy celebrating the sale of 10 cell phone lines that they missed the boat too

4. Ghazi Kenaan was practicing shooting himself in the back accidentally threw himself out a window while tied to a chair. Luckily he had given an interview minutes before absolving syria.

3. Bashar said on tv that he didn’t do it and that’s not the kind of person he is. What more proof of innocence could anyone want?

2.Syria “Doesn’t have that type of system” of assasinations, Kamal, Bachir, Renee, Hobeika, Dany, Sadr, Irani, Khaled, etc are all coincidences.

1. Everyone including Hassan Nassrallah, Berri, Iran, knows that the Mossad did it. Duhhhhh!! How silly can this Detlev be…..phone records…what phone records…evidence….what evidence………This statement is POLITICIZED…..we cannot accept it.

By Naycola

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The Daily Show and Katrina

Post by Mark

As usual, Stewart cuts through the red tape ” and delivers some of his best work last night on 9/7″

Ed Helms says:…through the President’s leadership, he’ll end up building a billion dollar damn in Arkansas.

Stewart: Why would he build a damn in Arkansas?

Helms: His plan will be to fight the water over there, so we don’t have to fight it over here.



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War in Iraq: Disastrous Decision

Post by Mark

I am FOR the war in Iraq ofcourse since I live in Kuwait and Iraq with Saddam was posing a threat to me. But today I read something very interesting by Michael Scheuer which made a lot of sense. He was giving an interview on the TV show Hardball when the reporter asked him if the war on Iraq was a good decision, his reply made a lot of sense and it makes me wonder if the US administration knew this would happen. If they were then what is so important about Iraq that made them take such a risk. This is the full transcript.

O‘DONNELL: And, finally, the president has made the case that winning the war in Iraq is central to winning the war on terror and making sure that Osama bin Laden and al Qaeda cannot take—harm the United States. Is that true, if we win there, will that help?

SCHEUER: No, ma‘am. The war in Iraq has broken the back of our counterterrorism effort. I‘m not an expert on the threat posed by Saddam Hussein, but the invasion of Iraq has made sure this war will last decades ahead and it has transferred bin Laden and al Qaeda from being man and an organization into being a philosophy and a movement. We‘ve really made sure that the war against us is going to be a long and very bloody one. Iraq was an absolutely disastrous decision.

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Al Qaeda Training Manual

Post by Mark

The attached manual was located in Manchester (England) by Metropolitan Police during a search of an Al Qaeda member’s home. The manual was found in a computer file described as “the military series” related to the “Declaration of Jihad.” The manual was translated into English and was introduced earlier this year at the embassy bombing trial in New York. The Department is only providing the following selected text from the manual because it does not want to aid in educating terrorists or encourage further acts of terrorism.

Al Qaeda Training Manual
Cover – Lesson 4
Lesson 5 – Lesson 8
Lesson 9 – Lesson 11
Lesson 12 – End

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‘The Innocent Scapegoat Prays at the Church He allegedly Blew Up’

Post by Mark

girgis khoury‘I am the scapegoat that spent 11 years and three months in a prison grave,’ said Girgis Khoury upon his release from the Defense Ministry prison in Yarze Thursday. My 3-floor underground prison cell throughout my incarceration was a grave, not only a dungeon without sunshine or fresh air.’ Khoury, 37, walked out of prison a free man at sundown Thursday at the orders of State Prosecutor Saeed Mirza. Girgis was held on charge of blowing up the Maronite church of Notre Dame de la Deliverance on March 14. 1994, in which 10 worshippers were killed.

The first thing he did was to go to the church at suburban Zouk Mekayel to pray. ‘I told the Virgin Mary that Girgis Khoury is innocent. Girgis Khoury can not possibly blow up a church or even think of harming any church,’ he said.

Khoury, an activist of Samir Geagea’s Lebanese Forces, then was driven from Zouk Mekayel to his home in Dbayeh. His father and sister leaped to hug him and kiss him with a Geagea portrait hanging the background. Tumultuous LF well-wishers ringed the house.

“Is it true that your prison cell was a grave with lights,” one reporter asked. “In fact it was worse because I was breathing in it. I would have been much better off dead,” Khoury said.

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Half a Starbucks

Post by Mark

I was at the Kuwait University today in Shuwaikh doing something for work. When I was done I passed by the cafeteria which to my surprise turned out to be segregated in half, I can’t believe they did that. The funniest part is the Starbucks which is located right in the middle of the dividing wall. So, what you get now is a Starbucks divided in half, half for guys half for girls. In the picture you can notice the white wall on the left, thats the wall that cuts Starbucks in half. I was standing in the male side of Starbucks when I took this picture. Really stupid.

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Someone Hates Japan

Post by Mark

At various subway stations in Korea, they often they are decorated at different times of the year with school art projects. Fire safety, future jobs, home life, technology, and so on. The theme of this one appears to be “Fuck Japan!” [Link]

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