Top Ten Pick Up Lines for a Hizbullah

Post by Mark

10. Thats some Katyusha you got there, whats your name ?

9. Didn’t sub7i Tufaili introduce us at a cocktail party once?

8. I’m bored, wanna burn an isreali flag ?

7. I just opened my own 100 dollar bill counterfeiting press in the bekaa and I’m celebrating at a mosque downtown…wanna come ?

6. Is that bomb belt made by Max Mullah ?

5. you have sexy eyelashes… I love your burqa, is that real goat hair

4. What are you doing for ashoura? theres a big party at hassounas, wanna bang heads together?

3. If I give your dad three bags of manure and a camel, will you be mine?

2. You should see my getaway love shack in shebaa

1. How about you and I, tonight in a star filled sky, with the sounds of chirping cacidas and the wind carressing our toes in our she77attas, we could choose the finest stones and throw them at isreal, how about it… your slingshot or mine ?

By Naycola
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Fasttelco Blocking Flickr?

Post by Mark

Today from work on our Fasttelco DSL connection I couldn’t access flickr using the URL When accessing it would work but when I typed I would getting the following error:

You were denied access because:
Access denied by access control list.

At first I thought it might have been just me and something to do with the server at work, BUT in the post below about flickr being banned in UAE, Bloboz commented that he was getting the forbidden access denied message. Is anyone else facing that issue? Is Fasttelco blocking flickr?

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Is Flickr Banned in UAE?

Post by Mark

I was chatting with Nibaq today and he mentioned that he might have read somewhere that Flickr was either banned in UAE or the ISP there is doing something to slow down the uploading of photos. So I decided to ask some UAE people on Flickr and this is what they had to say:

manaal says:
no idea….working fine with me.

w6an 3mry says:
it’s not banned but i think they are doing something to block some of the bad photos

Avish says:
:s inshAllah they don’t ban it totally coz i don’t know what i’ll do :(

7abo0ob el Emarat says:
la hopefully they wont cuz we all cant live without it :)

ZexySamurai says:
I can live without it! ‘_’ Hehehe, but I love it loads so I hope that’s not true…
P.S. the uploading speed is fine with me..

Eneas says:
what’s UAE?

Green Peace says:

it is working fine with me

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Free Samir Geagea

Post by Mark

Free Samir Geagea

Today was the coolest, I did something I never did before, I spray painted in broad daylight. I woke up early today like 10ish. Nat went out shopping so I was home alone. So to pass the time I decided to cut out a new stencil so I could spray paint it. I decided to do one related to Samir Geagea since its currently Samir Geagea week in Lebanon. When I was done with my stencil around an hour and a half later I decided to just go out and try it. I didnt have anything else to do so I was like fuck it lets just go. I went to the regular construction site I usually spray paint at and tagged the walls. When I was done I drove around trying to find another construction site when I spotted something. You know the huge sewage system they are installing all over Salmiya? Well they have these huge concrete stuff laid out all over the place so I started tagging them. I must have tagged atleast 20 different ones all over Salmiya. It was really cool plus they are gonna burry the things later so no harm done. I did learn one thing today, don’t spray paint against the wind..

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Top Ten “you Might Be A Syrian In Lebanon”

Post by Mark

You might be a syrian in lebanon if

10. you spent the last two months hiding in ‘jall mowz ‘ on the outskirts of saida

9. you hang out at the termoss unemployment line with 5000 other guys like you

8. the market for skekeen matbakh in dbayyeh burst like the internet bubble in 2001

7. the syrian you were watching who was watching a lebnese was sent back home

6. you’ve spent the last couple of months training to say “keefak “and “mish heyk?”

5. the last time you remember being so scared, you were still in syria

4. you painted your yellow chevrolet 1956 taxi “cedar green”

3. you get free bus rides from homs to beirut if you agree to carry a lebanese flag

2. the big wasta you had from your sisters husband from korda7a who is a colonel in the syrian airforce is only good to get you a seat on a bus back to sham

1. the last time you earned money was when you showed up at Hizballahs PROSYRIA demonstration in beirut

By Naycola

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The Daily Show on Terry Schaivo

Post by Mark

I love watching The Daily Show. Here is a video from the recent show where John Stewart talks about Terry Schaivo. [Link] [mirror]

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Panoramic view of the protests in Beirut

Post by Mark

Panorama 1
Panorama 2

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Woman Should Stay At Home

Post by Mark

Don’t shoot the messenger! I was listening to the radio today morning while taking a shower and Linda from the breakfast show was talking about how woman should stay at home with the kids and how that would help the economy by freeing up work for the men on welfare. She couldn’t have chosen a better day for her personal opinions. While today everyone is out in-front of the parliament demonstrating for more rights for woman, Linda wants all the woman to leave their jobs and stay home with the kid. I hope she gets a lot of hate mail and even fired for her stupid opinion. PLUS, she has kids yet she is working so that makes hers a hypocrite. On my way to work today I passed by the demonstration, I snapped a few pictures and I just put them online. Nibaq is there now and taking pictures so his should come out better.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Update: Here are nibaqs pictures

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