Sponsored: Exclusive Discount For @Tijari Youth Account Holders from VOX Cinema

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The Commercial Bank of Kuwait is delighted to offer a 50% discount on tickets at VOX Cinema Avenues exclusively for its @Tijari youth account! The offer is available all week long including weekends on MAX 2D, 2D Standard and 2D VIP tickets. If you are between the ages of 14 – 24 years old, you can visit any CBK branch and open the @Tijari account with KD 10 only! For more details, kindly visit www.cbk.com/Vox-Cinema

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Sponsored: Run, Walk and Have Fun to Help Children

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It can’t get any easier than participating in Fawzia Sultan Healthcare Network’s (FSHN) annual charity sporting event, RunKuwait to help better the lives of children with special needs. Last year, the charity event contributed towards 795 treatment sessions offered at no-cost for children and this year, you have the ability to positively impact and increase that number!

Back for the eighth time in a row, RunKuwait is a charitable initiative aimed towards raising awareness and funds towards the rehabilitative treatment of vulnerable children with special needs. Since 2013, all registration proceeds are channeled directly towards the non-profit Children’s Evaluation and Rehabilitation Center (CERC), founded by FSHN.

Never participated in a race before?
The best part about RunKuwait is that you see people from all walks of life and shapes and sizes be part of this race, all for a good cause. Get a friend, colleague or your family members to join you for a whole morning of fun. The event’s race village will host different warm-up exercises, and other fun activities for children and family members or friends who will join the event to cheer for the participants.

If you’re a regular at marathons and at RunKuwait
You know the drill – get ready and be prepared because you might be the first to cross the finish line this year. We can’t wait to see you again!

As always, there will be a 5KM or 10KM run or walk starting from The Scientific Center and interested participants can register on runkuwait.org in order to receive their race kits and join the race. To check out images from previous races or find out more about the run, follow us on Instagram at @runkuwait

We hope to see you there, this year!

Free passes for the first 20 readers! Head to @RunKuwait on IG and DM us to get your free registration code.

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Sponsored: Buffalo’s Salmiya has Relocated!

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Buffalo’s recently relocated from their Salmiya location opposite Olympia Mall to inside the Best Western Hotel opposite Al Salam Mall also in Salmiya.

The interior of the restaurant was given a facelift and is now much more modern and trendier looking with a beautiful brick wall, concrete flooring, and an industrial looking ceiling.

The menu has also been updated but still incorporates all the Buffalos favorite dishes like our famous Buffalo wings, quesadillas, chili fries, steaks, pastas, burgers and sandwiches. We also added new dishes like commando fries, chicken Asian salad, kale Caesar salad, bowls, penne pasta with steak and Portobello mushrooms to name a few.

Buffalo’s delivers to most of Kuwait daily from 11am to 2:45am. You can order thru our call center # 1880012 or online thru apps like Talabat, Carriage, Zitaat, Jeebley and Craves.

The Salmiya branch has a special promotion running right now where Kids can eat for free every Friday and Saturday. Every Monday it’s also Wings Night in which we offer a buy one get one free on wings. Finally, we also have our daily lunch stampede menu which costs just KD2.950.

Other Buffalo’s stores are located in Kaifan Co-op, Jabriya, West Mishref, Mahboula and soon we’ll be opening our new branch inside Jahra mall.

Check out all our locations [Here]
Also make sure you check out our instagram @buffalos_kuwait

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Sponsored: MyHome – Your app for home maintenance

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We’ve all been there. The AC starts leaking in the middle of a humid day; you need the new apartment cleaned before you move in; or you just can’t figure out why the power keeps cutting every 5 minutes.

Now what?

You can spend 20 minutes looking through promoted listings in the newspaper, and another 15 minutes trying to get a hold of someone over the phone.

Or you can use the MyHome app instead — and have your home maintenance provider assigned and on their way to you in under 5 minutes.

MyHome makes everything about finding the right maintenance solution faster, simple than anything you’ve ever tried before. Here’s how:

1. Professionals You Can Trust

MyHome only connects you with professionals that enjoy a great reputation and have several years of technical experience in their respective fields. Every service provider that’s part of the MyHome network has already been vetted for quality of service and must adhere to a strict standard of behaviour and ethics. We guarantee you’ll get the kind of help you can trust, every time.

2. Fast Response Time

Remember when you had to wait for a full day before your AC’s maintenance company could send for a technician? Well, with MyHome, you can cut that time down from one day to 30 minutes MyHome gets your problem fixed ASAP by pairing you with the right service provider in as fast as 30 seconds.

3. Clear & Simple

Long gone are the days of haggling over every little service. MyHome gives you the power to choose your exact problem, with the price clearly listed for you to pay upfront. Or, if you’d like to have a technician come over and assess, it’ll only cost you 5 KD (the 5 KD will then be credited to any additional works).

In need to book multiple services on the same day? MyHome’s got you covered there too – select all the different services you need directly on the app and leave the rest up to us.

4. Your Privacy = Our Priority

MyHome lets you keep full control over your data throughout your use of the mobile app. You can choose to delete all of your stored data with the MyHome app or request a copy of your stored data whenever you like. As a GDPR compliant application, MyHome places the safety and privacy of each user as a top priority.

MyHome currently provides the following home maintenance services:

– Cleaning
– Air Conditioning
– Plumbing
– Electrician
– Satellite
– Painting
– Cameras
– Appliances
– Palm Tree
– Gardening
– Pest Control

Click here to download the MyHome iPhone app, or get it on Google Play here.

If you’d like to learn more about how MyHome works check out our website, and follow us on Instagram @MyHome_app for an up close look at what we do!

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Sponsored: 100% Organic, Air-baked, and pure Good Stuff

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Let’s face it, we can’t help ourselves to when it comes to delicious French fries and juicy burgers, but do we really need the side of cholesterol to go with it? Good Stuff is Kuwait’s first fully air-baked restaurant that serves organic and natural foods such as wraps, bowls, salads, and burgers that’s all cooked through air-baking.

So what’s air-baking? It’s an innovative new cooking method that uses only heat and steam to cook the food. Air-baking uses zero frying, giving 60% less fat and calories when cooked (allowing food lovers to enjoy their favorite meals without the guilt!). You can now have your fries without having to worry about it being deep fried or drenched in high calories. By having a fully air-baked menu, Good Stuff is able to keep the nutritional value when cooking, without having to sacrifice taste. Ingredients used are all organic, natural, and fresh, giving customers the best quality. Good Stuff sticks to its core offering in giving people 100% taste, with 0% guilt.

Aside from serving wholesome organic meals, Good Stuff gives the public exactly what they need, a place to eat clean and live clean too. With the growing concerns over health and environmental issues throughout the country, Good Stuff holds a social responsibility for not just the community’s health and well-being, but for the environment’s health as well. Good Stuff is about being clean in the way that we eat and in the way that we live too. The store is designed using only raw and recycled materials, having everything as well be 100% plastic free. The brands mission is to be “simply green in everything”, aiming to provide the community with a healthier lifestyle overall. The lights and equipment are energy efficient, no paint is used on the walls to avoid the use of harmful chemicals, and biodegradable packaging is used to help keep the environment clean.

So do good, eat good, and come by to Good stuff to take a seat – because guess what, the chairs are recycled too.

Instagram: @goodstuff_kw
Telephone: 2202 5008
Email: info@goodstuffkw.com
Visit Good Stuff at:
– The Lake at Abu Hasaniya
– Al Maha Tower at Bneid AlQar

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Sponsored: Over Jar Ramadan 2018

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With the collaboration of the influencer Fahad AlRahmani, Over Jar created a mouthwatering chocolate cake with a core filled with our special white sauce! Our cake ended up taking over every gathering in Ramadan.

If you haven’t heard of Over Jar before, its a chocolate joint that has 4 branches in Kuwait and soon opening one in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia! Over Jar serves only the best part of the menu, the desserts! The brand offers high quality pure Belgian chocolate that is personalized to your taste buds.

If cakes aren’t your thing then profiteroles is something you might be interested in. It’s a crunchy French pastry dish filled with custard, then assembled as a pyramid and served with a warm jar of chocolate which you can use as dip or drizzle over the pastry. Its another one of our very popular dishes.

To find out more about us, check us out on instagram @overjar

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Sponsored: Kuwait Reggio Center

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In 1991, schools in Reggio Emilia Italy were named among the 10 best in the world by Newsweek. Kuwait Reggio Center is a new nursery that is inspired by Reggio Emilia and adapts its philosophy with U.S. curriculum standards. The school has amazing facilities including a large outdoor garden (that the children plant themselves), a water play area, bikes and construction area, and an indoor and outdoor playground. They have small class sizes (12-15 students with 3-4 adults) and highly qualified teachers. KRC also has the option of an English only program or a bilingual (Arabic/English) program. The nursery accepts students from 6 months to 5 years old.

This video explains the research, curriculum, and passion behind the school and its approach. If you like what you see in the video, please stop by to see it in person (Mansouriya block 2 street 25 house 9), call (98747518), or email (admissions@kuwaitreggiocenter.com) to learn more! There are still some spaces available for fall registration. If you are an educator who is interested in working with KRC, please email your C.V. to admissions@kuwaitreggiocenter.com

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Sponsored: Burger King Whopper Donut

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I was on my way home when I spotted the billboard above near my house in Salmiya about the BK Whopper Donut. Turns out its National Donut Day and Burger King created a donut to mark the occasion.

They basically took a Whopper and cut a hole in the middle to create the first Flame-Grilled donut ever. They then took the middle part they cut out (the donut hole) and turned that into a “free” mini slider.

The Whopper Donut is only available TODAY, June 1st, at Burger King Salmiya Coop and Sadiq Branch so if you want to try it you’ll have to hurry up.

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Sponsored: Cash Back with Carriage

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All through April, order from any restaurant from the “Cash back” filter, pay the 1 KD delivery fee, then get it right back into your account in less than 12 hours! this will happen with EVERY order you make from our participating restaurants. So the more you order, the more credit you’ll get! This offer is also applicable on all of our other categories.

You must have heard by now that we’re delivering flowers. Well, it’s not just that, because now we’re also delivering supplements and groceries. Plus two more categories that we’re launching later this month! Take a wild guess, what will they be?

Also new:
– Self-pickup. Just choose it at the checkout, and the app will show you the location of the restaurant on the map.
– 24/7 delivery is now available…. for the late night munchies! Check the 24/7 filter to know which restaurants are available.
– New restaurants being added every day, some of the latest joiners: Shrimpy and The Chocolate Bar!

Download Carriage on iOS and Android, or use our website. ORDER NOW!

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Sponsored: Bleach – Cleaning & Housekeeping Services

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Bleach is a leading premium cleaning and housekeeping service provider that offers superior quality services with a Kuwaiti blend/twist.

Below are the different types of locations/venues we clean.

Service Packages
We have five types of service packages which all depend on the client we are serving.

1.Contracts and subscriptions
If you are looking for our premium cleaning service, this is the one to go for. There are 3 different packages to choose from:

a. Platinum that begins from one year and more, depending on the customer’s requirements.

b. Gold that is from six months to eleven months

c. Silver that is from one month to five months.

All the packages include a free evaluation visit. As soon as the agreement contract is signed, the cleaners will be cleaning in the agreed number of visits per month.

2. One Time Service
The Cleaning on Demand Service. For the entire place or parts of it, at any time you need. The dirt in your apartment/villa/office …etc can be unbearable, that is when the detailed Cleaning Service comes in.

How It Works
1. Register online or call
2. Free price evaluation visit
3. Quote Delivery – We will deliver your quote
4. Cleaning Appointment – Set a cleaning appointment
5. Down payment – Pay the down payment
6. Place the give away – You’ll receive the give away
7. Evaluate our service – You’ll have an option to evaluate our service

3. Corporate Daily Service
It’s a customized service for business owners, corporations, and institutions. Contact us for further information about the procedure.

4. Furniture and Carpet Cleaning Service

Our Furniture and carpet service is done through our evaluator who does an evaluation to the carpet/sofa in order to verify the procedure for accomplishing its cleaning and does a live sampling to the required work prior to agreeing on the suitable time for the cleaning.

Book your free evaluation visit through our [Website]

[Facebook], [Twitter] and [Instagram] or call us on +965 66803131

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