Sponsored: Cash Back with Carriage

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All through April, order from any restaurant from the “Cash back” filter, pay the 1 KD delivery fee, then get it right back into your account in less than 12 hours! this will happen with EVERY order you make from our participating restaurants. So the more you order, the more credit you’ll get! This offer is also applicable on all of our other categories.

You must have heard by now that we’re delivering flowers. Well, it’s not just that, because now we’re also delivering supplements and groceries. Plus two more categories that we’re launching later this month! Take a wild guess, what will they be?

Also new:
– Self-pickup. Just choose it at the checkout, and the app will show you the location of the restaurant on the map.
– 24/7 delivery is now available…. for the late night munchies! Check the 24/7 filter to know which restaurants are available.
– New restaurants being added every day, some of the latest joiners: Shrimpy and The Chocolate Bar!

Download Carriage on iOS and Android, or use our website. ORDER NOW!

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Sponsored: Bleach – Cleaning & Housekeeping Services

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Bleach is a leading premium cleaning and housekeeping service provider that offers superior quality services with a Kuwaiti blend/twist.

Below are the different types of locations/venues we clean.

Service Packages
We have five types of service packages which all depend on the client we are serving.

1.Contracts and subscriptions
If you are looking for our premium cleaning service, this is the one to go for. There are 3 different packages to choose from:

a. Platinum that begins from one year and more, depending on the customer’s requirements.

b. Gold that is from six months to eleven months

c. Silver that is from one month to five months.

All the packages include a free evaluation visit. As soon as the agreement contract is signed, the cleaners will be cleaning in the agreed number of visits per month.

2. One Time Service
The Cleaning on Demand Service. For the entire place or parts of it, at any time you need. The dirt in your apartment/villa/office …etc can be unbearable, that is when the detailed Cleaning Service comes in.

How It Works
1. Register online or call
2. Free price evaluation visit
3. Quote Delivery – We will deliver your quote
4. Cleaning Appointment – Set a cleaning appointment
5. Down payment – Pay the down payment
6. Place the give away – You’ll receive the give away
7. Evaluate our service – You’ll have an option to evaluate our service

3. Corporate Daily Service
It’s a customized service for business owners, corporations, and institutions. Contact us for further information about the procedure.

4. Furniture and Carpet Cleaning Service

Our Furniture and carpet service is done through our evaluator who does an evaluation to the carpet/sofa in order to verify the procedure for accomplishing its cleaning and does a live sampling to the required work prior to agreeing on the suitable time for the cleaning.

Book your free evaluation visit through our [Website]

[Facebook], [Twitter] and [Instagram] or call us on +965 66803131

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Sponsored: Kuwait Reggio Center

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There seems to be a nursery on every corner in Kuwait, and yet none of them had everything I wanted for my child. As a teacher, I’d researched some of the top nursery programs in the world and fallen in love with the Reggio-Emilia approach. The primary schools in this small, Italian town cater to the unique needs of the community and students. Children construct their own understanding of the world around them through literal construction with blocks, clay, sand and water. They represent their ideas with painting, photography, film, dance, music and theatre. And most importantly, they play! They play outdoors in the grass and dirt; they climb and swing; they play pretend and they play out real life scenarios. This rich and stimulating environment is what I wanted for my child, and when I couldn’t find it, I created it.

The Kuwait Reggio Center brings all of the above from Reggio-Emilia, Italy to Mansouriya, Kuwait. KRC is an inquiry-based, child-centered nursery where curiosity is the curriculum. Children explore the classroom to find what interests them. Maybe they will learn to compare sizes and shapes in the block area, or choose to learn colors and fine motor skills in the art space. They can build literacy skills cuddled up with a book in the reading loft, or expand their vocabulary through dramatic play. Outside the classroom, the central piazza allows them to perfect their gross motor skills in the soft play obstacle course or move to a rhythm created in the music corner. They also have the chance to play with light, sound and touch in the sensory room, or calm their senses and focus on their breath in yoga class.

It’s not all pretend-play, the children have real work to do! They cook up snacks in our custom built kitchen using food from the school garden. They create works of art using diverse media from modeling clay to woodwork. They reduce, reuse and recycle in our recycling center. Their artwork, dialogue and photos decorate the walls so that the children know their work is meaningful.

Learning takes place outside the walls of KRC too. There is a playground where they can swing and slide, a sand and water section where they are allowed to get messy, a large track where they can pedal, scoot, and drive, and an open field where they can run through the grass or rest under the shady tree.

They can do all of this safely because the children are supported by well-educated, caring, vigilant, and certified teachers who extend and foster the students’ creativity. Parents are also invited to participate in their children’s education because parents are a child’s first and most important teachers.

I am a parent first, and Kuwait Reggio Center is the nursery I built for my children. If you think it might be the right school for your child, find out more at our website www.kuwaitreggiocenter.com or request a tour by contacting admissions@kuwaitreggiocenter.com or 98747518.

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Sponsored: A place to chill and have good food? Chocolate Cuisine E-Mall is what you’re looking for!

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In this great weather and cool breezes making everyone in Kuwait wait for the weekend to go out and chill, Chocolate Cuisine is one brilliant option to visit!

Whether you are looking to have some hot drink or beat the cold wind with a warm and tasty chocolate sweet, you can directly head to Chocolate Cuisine in our E-Mall branch. Now that the outdoor seating area is renewed, this location is perfect to enjoy a good outing with your family! Not only that, you’ll feel how fresh the servings are from the moment you enter; you’ll be able to smell the chocolate, the freshness of the coffee and the great feel of having your burger or pasta coming in… something to look for right?

We are delighted to serve you and will be waiting for you to come over with you loved ones. The appreciation we have for the gatherings, the laughs and good food is what makes us happy to have you over!

This weekend? To Chocolate Cuisine

Contact us via Instagram @chocolatecuisine

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Sponsored: Royal Chick

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Wondering what that #بسكم_قهوة hashtag all over the city is all about?

Her Highness the Royal Chick is a fancy royal chicken who will honor you with her presence at a special royal pop up which will take place at The Hub Gallery. The restaurant and event will run for ten days only.

On weekends, check out the hottest live shows of the season surrounded by a gallery of extravagant art pieces. Come hungry, we will have even more supporting food vendors along with Her Highness the Royal Chick waiting for you at the pop up!

For a more chill atmosphere, we will be hosting yoga classes at the Hub’s zen rooftop on Fridays.

We want everyone to take a break from the coffee fad and come try something new!

We cannot wait to host you on December 14-23rd from 6pm onwards, and be sure to watch us take Kuwait City by storm through @eatroyalchick

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Sponsored: Carriage – Now Delivering Flowers on Demand

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We’ve officially started delivering flowers! You can switch from restaurants to flowers from the little fork and knife icon on the bottom right. Our flower delivery is ON DEMAND, which means it’s the perfect solution for forgetting your mom’s birthday, because you can have it delivered to her within an hour.

Our newest feature is the “Go Green” one which allows you to opt out of having all the unnecessary cutlery and napkins that you were going to throw away anyway, especially if you’re ordering in. Every little bit helps!

Our new working hours are now from 6:30am to 1:00am.
Download Carriage on iOS and Android.

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Sponsored: Bleems – Get 25% Off All Your Orders

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Seize the day! Send flowers to someone you love and get 25% off all items starting today for an entire week. Don’t have anyone in mind now? Pre-schedule your orders for important dates be it a birthday or an anniversary we’re here for you.
Use promo code: MARK248AM
Order now through our app or www.bleems.com


Download bleems from the App Store or Google Play Store.
Follow us on Instagram or Twitter to hear about our latest offers and newest stores.

In other words, Bleems is the largest online premium flower store acting as the easiest link between people and their favourite premium florists, offering fresh flowers, confections, and gifts on demand whenever, wherever you are.
We are also now operating in Saudi, Emirates and Bahrain so you can send your friends there some love too!

Same day delivery
In a hurry? Send flowers the same day to any location, they make the best gifts.

Special Occasions
Got a birthday coming up or an anniversary? Pre-schedule your orders and celebrate every moment with your loved ones. We take care of you so be there for them.


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Sponsored Post: Run for a Cause with #RunKuwait

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RunKuwait, the annual charity run by Fawzia Sultan Healthcare Network is back this year with an intensified goal of raising awareness and funds for the treatment of children with disabilities.

Registration fees are channeled directly towards the non-profit Children’s Evaluation and Rehabilitation Center (CERC), founded by FSHN which provides comprehensive therapy programmes for babies, children and young adults across a number of areas that include physical therapy, hydrotherapy, speech pathology, counselling/behavior therapy and occupational therapy. Last year’s event successfully contributed towards free treatment of 20% of the children at CERC, while 60% of the children were able to receive subsidized treatment and FSHN aims to help more children this year.

RunKuwait is for everyone – the serious runner or athlete and for those who prefer walking or jogging and are keen on supporting a charitable cause. Interested individuals will be able to do so by participating in a 5KM or 10KM fun run or walk. All you need to do is register on runkuwait.org prior to November 4th in order to receive your timing chip and join the race.

Early bird registration at a discounted fee is currently available until October 31st. The event is scheduled to take place on 11th November 2017 where participants will gather at The Scientific Center marking the beginning of the run.

The first 20 readers of 248AM to click the following [Link] will be entitled to one free registration ticket! Follow @RunKuwait for more updates on how to collect your numbered bibs for the race.

It’s that time of the year when the weather in Kuwait is absolutely breathtaking and the outdoors is simply inviting. So, register today at runkuwait.org to support the cause or simply participate to promote a healthier lifestyle or get your family, friends, and acquaintances to enjoy a fun-filled day.

We would also like to thank 248AM for being the social media sponsor of RunKuwait this year.

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Sponsored Post: Nouriyah Residence

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The newly opened Nouriyah Residence in Bneid Al-Qar is a state of the art furnished and semi furnished complex brought to you by House Living, a specialized serviced apartments company.

Services and Facilities of Nouriyah Residence Includes
– High Quality Finishing
– Trendy Interiors
– Cinema Room
– Multi Function Hall
– Concierge Services
– Swimming Pool
– Gym with a Personal Trainer

About House Living
House Living company is a unique concept of luxurious and modern serviced apartments introduced to Kuwait’s real estate market in 2011.

House Living Properties host a series of state of the art facilities such as swimming pools, gyms, lounges and recreational rooms. All of our efforts focus on creating complexes that can support the western lifestyle and allow expatriate tenants to feel like home, by offering hotel-like services. In our apartments we offer you cleaning services, concierge, 24-hour maintenance service staff and 24- hours security with cameras and electronically secured doors. The utilities (i.e. electricity, water, and cooking gas) along with the internet are all included for free. Our properties are located in Bneid Al-Qar, Salwa and Salmiya.

For more information and pictures of the Nouriah Residence, you can visit our instagram account @house.living or call us on 90000680.

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Sponsored: Free delivery for breakfast orders on Carriage

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FREE DELIVERY every morning from 8:30 am to 11 am! All you have to do is use the code YUM in the last step of ordering, after choosing your payment method. You can use the code on any one of our restaurants that are open during that time, which include your favorite breakfast and coffee places.

In other exciting news, Costa Coffee is now available exclusively through Carriage. We’ve also started expanded our delivery zones to include Al Jahra and Al Sulaibikhat, which means that we’re now covering all of Kuwait!

If you’re ever hungry and don’t know what to order, we have restaurants that have a delivery time of only 30 minutes. You can try it out for yourself with Elevation Burger, Walls, and Slice, and the list will grow very soon!

Order now, and don’t forget to use the code YUM!
Download Carriage on iOS and Android.

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