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Found this short film about the Kuwaiti martyrs. Not sure if I’m too hard or I’m expecting too much but I didn’t like it. Although the subject is an emotional one this movie isn’t. It tries to be but fails and I’m guessing its because of the music and weak voice over. On the bright side I always like seeing local productions and one I am looking forward to watching is Mustache. Anybody seen that yet? [YouTube]

Update: P0ach interviewed Abdulmohsin Al Hashim the director behind this movie. You can read the interview [Here]

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  1. Abdullah Almailam says:

    If it wasent for them we would not be here Amazing movie Almost cried

  2. ON says:


    it’s a low budget clip anyways, not a Hollywood movie

  3. M.Lari says:

    actually i and i guess every Kuwaiti will think other wise >>>>>>>>
    And everybody who has a relative or any body close person to him That is martyr will absolutely disagree with you ………….
    Sry for being harsh


  4. M.Lari says:

    Again ON is true 2

    But also it is great that Kuwaiti’s are doing great “short movies”

    thanks mark for these subjects

  5. shahou88 says:

    you wana see good kuwaiti production check out my friend work ^^ AMAZING ^^
    “”Best kuwaiti work ever “”


    if you like it check the rest of the videos

    And the last thing he did


    hope you like it ^^

  6. Mohammed says:

    The film creator is Abdulmohsen Al-Hashim,

    Hes a cool guy, wine3em feeh

  7. Mish says:

    the VO is very very weak, but the film in general is great considering that it is a short one with low budget.

    and about mustache, i will watch and review it real soon

  8. Shiznit says:

    “Tough luck, Mustache!” – Meqdad Al-Kout

  9. J says:

    it was indeed very touching, and a much needed reminder to the martyrs who sacrificed their lives for Kuwait. I hope they are never forgotten.

  10. zubaneen says:

    oh so now ur a film critic?? u should definitely lower your expectations for Kuwaiti film productions, keeping in mind we have very few people who risk their time in producing films that touch on important subjects. you have to keep in mind that these films aren’t US made, and the directors/producers of this film do not have the right equipment to produce masterpieces. the only thing I have to say about this video, is that it rocks and so far it must be one of the best short films ive seen in Kuwait. you may say ‘Sharq’ was a kuwaiti film, but no, the director was a European guy that based his story on kuwait.

  11. M. Zainal says:

    Well i think you better keep focusing on burgers shawerma and other food stuff because this is a great videono matter what you think :)

  12. Eliasoz says:

    I’m also looking forward to “Shanab”. Meqdad Al-Kout is taking it to the UAE, and his previous movie “Moz” won an award over at the Dubai Film Festival I believe.

    Met a couple of the actors recently. Hope it’s good!

  13. ali al yousifi says:

    i thought it was brilliant

  14. Meqdad Al-Kout says:

    Hi Mark,

    I’m pleased to hear that people are interested in my film Mustache. We just came back from the Gulf Film Festival in Dubai after its first public screening, I did not win anything this year but the reviews were incredibly refreshing.

    I’m planning to have Mustache screened at a couple of places including Cinemagic and Cinescape theaters. For screening times and dates please visit the film’s facebook page.



  15. rhodendrum says:

    haha mark you don’t like a movie – therefore you must GTFO :P

  16. b says:

    Mark I know it’s kinda disappointing to see something with such low quality. I completely understand, but keep in mind something that those guys are not really PRO! Most of them are AUK students that just did that video.
    Honestly, for a short video produced by a bunch of college kids I’d have to say it’s pretty darn good.

  17. M.Bahrani says:

    It is emotional. This video touched me as a Kuwaiti.

    I don’t like the voice or the tune of the narrator, i think that ruined the movie


  18. L. says:

    It’s a movie related to people whom lived the experience.. I LOVED it.
    I’ve also seen how they woked hard to make it within a very very short period. They were low on finance, time and equipment. Somedays, they didn’t get the chance to go back home to sleep. They did a good job. A great one actually, in my point of view.

  19. Shaha AlMunaifi says:

    I’m sorry Mark but I found your remarks rather harsh & uncalled for. I think this short movie didn’t fail to be “emotional”. Instead, I think it achieved that goal rather amazingly. The director managed to do that without showing us clips of crying mothers & orphaned children. He gives us audiences a chance to take a glimpse into what the courageous martyrs had to deal with. This short movie is a great one, with a good cast, camera men, direction, editing you name it I liked it.. whether you see that or not. Anyways, a “good job” to those great minds behind this project :)

  20. Stafa says:

    All the best to Abdulmohsin Al Hashim, loved the film!

  21. 3azeez says:

    There are so many local attempts to make films, we heard about so many of them. unfortunately after they make their films they hide it and not make it available for us to watch! I never understood why.

    of all the locally made films I was able to watch only one of them Sharg which was available online (on Vemo?). I actually thank the film maker who made his film available online at that high quality.. cuz i remember when i saw it couple of months ago, I watched it over dinner with a friend, it was a really cool night. excellent memory that this film will remain part of forever.

  22. Katoka says:

    You’ve gone a bit harsh on the film mark.

  23. Yousef Alharoun says:

    your friend’s work is absolutely amazing i really liked it ;D!!

  24. TweeZ says:

    great video

    i wish i could find the whole video of this link though:


  25. laila says:

    @3azeez, some filmmakers are afraid of uploading their films to places like youtube because some film festivals won’t accept them after posting them to the internet.

  26. Deema says:

    the music is irrelevant, and I found no consistency .. and i couldn’t get the scenography selection; i saw some people and hints of important events but couldn’t get a vision on Kuwait.

    good luck for them anyway. and thanks for sharing :)

  27. Royal Abdulaziz says:

    bitawfeeej inshala.. bs atwa8a3 ila 5alana no9al lima hal mostawa oho esteerad nas min mojtama3at thanya ma tamshy weyana o ohma lohom 7ayat-hom o a7na lina 7ayat-na .

    7asafa 3alich ya kuwait il mathy

    alay jazy ily kan il sebab

    alah ya7feth likuwait o ahal likuwait min kil makrooh

  28. Sara says:

    I agree with you, yet this is the first time they make something about our martyrs. I think it’s a good step and i hope they improve it and make more about our beloved martyrs.

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