Hazard light and Daylight Savers

Post by Mark

Nibaq posted today that he believes that people who turn on their hazard lights in poor visibility are idiots. I have to disagree with him regarding this comment because I believe hazard lights have numerous uses. Nibaq believes hazard lights should be used incase of emergency only but I believe it can be used in other non-emergency situations, for example:

During heavy rain
The blinking orange light adds more to your cars visibility during heavy rain which in return is safer for you.

During low visibility
During heavy fog or a heavy dust storm, the orange flasher allows your car to be more visable. When we used to go up the mountain in heavy fog in Lebanon, we used to turn off our cars high beams and turn on the flasher because the white light bounced back off the fog while the orange flasher cut through it. During the dust storm today I had my rear fog lights on while other people had their flashers on. Having your flasher on during low visibility does no mean you are an idiot, it means you are worried some idiot might not see your car and ram into it.

Emergency Braking
When you are driving on the highway you are used to people ahead of you braking every so often. But, when you have to brake suddenly, for example when traffic completely stops in front of you, the hazard light with your braking helps differentiate a normal brake from a very hard one.

I also believe Daylight savers should be standard here in Kuwait. Having a car light on during the day can help in preventing accidents.

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Getting Rid of a Zit.. Quickly

Post by Mark

I don’t get zits too often but I do get them. I usually get them after consuming large amounts of chocolate and last week me and nat finished a super sized nutella jar by ourselves. So, now I have a zit on my forehead and its been there for 2 days already. Anyone got any tips on how to get rid of one quickly? When I was in highschool in Canada (1994) I used to get a lot of zits and I used to use Oxy products to help get rid of them. But it would still have taken 5 days to vanish a zit. With todays technology I am hoping there is something faster like a pill you take and 6 hours later the zits are gone. Is there such a thing?

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Naseem’s Mercedes SLR Crash

Post by Mark

SLR Accident

Prince Naseem the boxing champ crashed his Mercedes SLR yesterday while trying to overtake a couple of cars on a tight road. He was later arrested at his home because he had fled after the accident. What interests me in this story is that Naseem was speeding in his car. I hate it when people buy fast cars and drive them slow so its cool that Naseem drives his car the way its supposed to be driven. But, as you can seen in the picture he totally smashed his KD170,000 SLR. Hmmm maybe he will get the Carrera GT next? [via]

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Tara Reid’s Stomach

Post by Mark

Tara Reid is hot, but I just saw a picture of her stomach and its like what the fuck went wrong there. Here is the picture. (SFW)


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Blogger Issues

Post by Mark

I uploaded todays picture onto flickr but I am having problems with blogger. I keep getting a 504 Gateway Timeout everytime I go to blogger.com. Sucks. Here is todays picture.

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Marina Hotel Membership Prices

Post by Mark

Marina Hotel Pool

Couple (Husband and Wife)
Annual: KD990
6 Months: KD590

Single Female
Annual: KD650
6 Months: KD390

Single Male
Annual: KD790
6 Months: KD550

Children (2-11 years old)
Annual: KD150
6 Months: KD100

Children (12-17 years old)
Annual: KD350
6 Months: KD225

The membership includes the following benefits and facilities:
– Outside lap swimming pool
– Outside kids and family pool
– Marina’s exclusive beach area
– Beach volleyball court
– Fully equipped gym with the latest equipment
– 1 squash court
– Steam bath, sauna and jacuzzi
– Female and male massage available (extra charge)
– Fitness instructor available for personal training (extra charge)

Massage Treatments

Facial Therapy
A deep cleansing, moisturizing skin care treatment with a facial pressure point massage.
45 minutes KD25

Swedish Therapy
A gentle massage encompassing the entire body using a variety of techniques specifically designed o relax muscles.
45 minutes for women KD20
60 minutes for men KD25

Sports Therapy
A classic massage focusing on every muscle group.
45 minutes for women KD20
60 minutes for men KD25

Relaxation Treatment
A gentle massage from head to toe that melts away tension.
45 minutes KD22

Aromatherapy Massage
A full body massage using exotic essential oils to improve circulation and relieve tired muscles.
60 minutes KD25

Relaxing Head Massage
This massage helps relieve headache and stress, stimulates healing and is done without using oil.
20 minutes KD15

Triple Treatment
The head, neck and shoulder massage is a decadent treatment that promotes the relief of day to day stress.
45 minutes KD25

Head and Foot Reflexology
A traditional massage using the reflexology technique focusing on pressure points that exist in the hands and the feet.
45 minutes KD 22

For more information call 2244970 ext 8510 or 8515

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A9 Instant Reward

Post by Mark

Recently I started using A9 for my web searches because Tivo-Guy mentioned if I did I would get a discount on Amazon.com. Well after using it for a couple of days I now have the A9 Instant Reward!

So I did a quick search to try and find more details about the Instant Reward and this is what I found.

You can save an additional 1.57% (π/2%) on virtually all your purchases at Amazon.com by simply becoming a regular user of our new search engine at A9.com. Once you use A9.com for a few days you will automatically be eligible for the A9 Instant Reward.

All you need to do is use A9 for your searches and you automatically get your products cheaper on Amazon. How easy is that? You can find out more info by clicking this link.

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Burger King, Burger King, Burger King

Post by Mark

I have really had enough. I am really starting to hate it. I can’t stand Burger King anymore. I have been having it nearly everyday since December and I think I just hit my BK limit. I just had a double XXL mushroom and swiss and I couldn’t finish it. I don’t think I can have it anymore. If only there was a McDonalds near by…

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Sesame Street Stoned MP3

Post by Mark

Here it is, Kermit and Big Bird stoned. [MP3 1.1MB]

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Having Problems Commenting?

Post by Mark

Every so often when I try to reply to a comment on this site I get a problem. I would type my message and then click on “Say It” and I would just get a white page. I then have to click reload over and over until my comment goes through and gets posted. Anyone else have this problem?

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