Waa7a – Restaurant reviews in Kuwait

Post by Mark

waa7a logoAs some of you might have noticed I have a new sponsor, Waa7a.com. They will be replacing Al-Ghanim Automotive who had been with me since April of last year.

Waa7a is a restaurant database and review site. Its all user generated content so if there is a restaurant thats not listed you can add it and if there is a restaurant you want to rate and review you can do so. Someone for example gave Hard Rock Cafe a positive review which I disagreed with so I wrote another review that reflected my experience which was negative one. Its a pretty cool idea and should be even cooler once a lot more people start posting their reviews.

The site design and features are still being adjusted and fine tuned so if anyone has any feedback you can email it to them or leave it below in the comments. I am posting reviews there under the name “Mark” and so far I think I have only 5 or 6 reviews.

So if you feel like writing reviews and rating restaurants then check out Waa7a.com

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Say hello to Simon

Post by Mark

simon the goat

We were supposed to get a real live snake today but for some reason we didn’t. On a positive not we did get a large stuffed mountain goat delivered to our office. We’ve named him Simon.

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Midnight Snack

Post by Mark

Lorenzo Cheesecake

Its 12:15AM and a friend of mine just called me and told me to meet him downstairs. Turned out he had a midnight snack for me, a slice of chocolate cheese cake from Lorenzo. Yummy!

By the way they opened up the new branch outside Salhiya.

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My new phone

Post by Mark

james bond

Sold my crappy Motorola V3x and picked up a Sony Ericsson K800i, James Bond edition. So far? Its really cool but just having trouble setting up internet access. One thing is for sure though, I am never going back to Motorola. The phone cost me KD120.

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Longest condolence letter in the world

Post by Mark

jan 15

Last year on this day the Amir of Kuwait, Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah passed away. Today on the Gulf Road opposite the House of Parliament there is an extremely long condolence letter stretching from a bit after Seef Palace all the way past the House of Parliament. I read on one of the banners that this is the longest condolence letter in the world.


There are a few tents setup and a lot of people are gathered there. Here is a larger picture of part of the condolence letter. [Picture]

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XBMC – Xbox Media Center

Post by Mark


I have been using XBMC for over a year now and I have yet to find a better alternative.

Here are some screenshots

What I like about it:

1) easy to use, very practical
2) plays any video format you throw at it
3) for movie covers and info it connects to IMDB and downloads them. You get the movie dvd cover, cast info, movie plot, running time, IMDB rating and more.
4) connects to my macs itunes and photos
5) connects to internet radio stations, very nice interface
6) you can install scripts that allow it to do a multitude of things from connecting you to youtube to watching movie trailers on Apple. For examples go to https://www.xbmcscripts.com/
7) very useful weather section
8) allows you to connect to your xbox from any room using your computer..
9) you don’t need to install any software on your computer
10) when playing movies you have a ton of options including the very important audio syncing. say you download a movie with a messed up audio sync, you can slow down the audio or speed it up using xbmc
11) you can create bookmarks in movies. say you are half way through a movie and you need to leave, create a bookmark so you can come back to it later
12) you can customize or download different skins for xbmc although i like the default one
13) its very impressive when you show people over 300 album covers and you tell them you see all these movies? well you can watch any of them right now with a click of a button. it looks like the future basically.
14) very cheap to setup, all you need is an old xbox and the xbox remote


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Snakes in the Office

Post by Mark


Tuesday me and my partner at work should be receiving an interesting package. A guy we know has a friend who has a 1.5meter long python and he is looking for a new home for it so we volunteered to take it. Should be fun having it in our office, don’t think anyone will want to piss us off. We are going to call the snake Jake after Jake the Snake from WWF if anyone still remembers. I will take pictures of Jake once we get him.

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Thank you Rocky!

Post by Mark

rocky 6

Just finished watching Rocky 6. Its definitely not my favorite Rocky, that honor falls on Rocky 4. I think my biggest issue with Rocky 6 is the fight scene, they tried to make it look and feel like a real boxing match on Pay TV which I didn’t like. Anyway it was still a good movie to watch.

While watching the movie though I wondered why Sylvester Stallone would bother doing it. He doesn’t need the money and he definitely wasn’t looking his best because as you can guess he is a pretty old guy. I think he did this movie for all us Rocky fans, thats the only explanation I can think of and for that I have to thank him. It was a nice farewell to one of the greatest movie franchises ever. Now I can’t wait for Rambo 4 and if he has the time I hope he also does a sequel to Cobra, but I doubt that will ever happen.

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