Car pinball

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Watch this video taken 3 days ago in Portland, USA. Its a video of cars sliding on the frozen roads and crashing into each other. [Link]

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Qualitynet not blocking ANYTHING

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As of 12:15AM, anyone who is on a Qualitynet connection at the moment can access ANY site they want without the Qualitynet block page appearing. Try it and see, nothing is blocked.

update: many readers are reporting that everything is still blocked so it could be area dependent or just my connection? Its 9AM now and nothing is blocked on my connection.

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PS3 60GB US version for KD199

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Just got back from the city after meeting with a friend for coffee. On the way back I was racing with a few cars and the G35 was faster then most of them. I think I read somewhere that the G35 accelerates from 0 to 100 in 5.3 seconds which for a 4-door sedan is pretty fast.

cheap ps3

Anyway my friend was at Rihab earlier buying games for his Nintendo Wii when he spotted a store selling 60GB PS3’s, American version for only KD199. Thats the cheapest price so far. For those of you planning to order one online beware, the PS3 is REALLY heavy. I can imagine shipping would easily cost more then KD20 probably like KD30.

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The Running Man

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the runner

There is this guy who is always running on the Gulf Road no matter how bad the weather is. The other day when it was raining, he was running, when its 50 degrees in the middle of summer he is out running. He is always running. So I decided next time I see him I would ask him if I could interview him like I did with Shark of Kuwait.

Well today while parked in one of the parking spots on the Gulf Road taking pictures of the Infiniti I saw him run by me. I quickly gave Nat my camera and told her to wait there while I ran after him. I must have ran behind him for a minute yelling out for him to stop before I was able to overtake him and make him stop. By then I was completely out of breath. The guy looked at me waiting to say something and then he fucking yelled out extremely loud in Kuwaiti “Tabi shay mini?” meaning “Do you want anything from me?” By the time I could catch my breath to say anything he yelled out something else and ran off.

I stood there still trying to catch my breath and wondering why he was so aggressive and why the hell was he shouting at me even though I was standing right next to him. Someone previously commented that he was a champion runner does anyone have information on him?

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Infiniti G35 – Day 1

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Infiniti G35

A few days ago I got an email from Infiniti saying they wanted to lend me a brand new Infiniti G35 for a week so I could try it out. They just launched the new model recently and wanted to know what I thought of it. I just got back from the dealer awhile ago and I now have in my possession a dark blueish grey top of the line G35… and its fast. The car has a 3.5liter engine which pumps out 327HP with the help of dual air intakes. The thing has amazing acceleration.

I am going to take the car out again later tonight, at the moment I am really hungry and need to have lunch. For a larger picture of the car [Click Here]

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No parking for you!

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my ducati

So I came in to work today on my motorbike and I was planning on parking my bike in the underground parking lot where I usually park my car but I was stopped at the entrance. The parking people told me I couldn’t park my bike inside. I was like why? I am still going to pay you. They were like they aren’t allowed to let bikers in because bikes are “light” and “small” and “anyone can come and carry them out”. They don’t want the responsibility for having my bike get stolen. I was like huh???

So now my bike is parked outside the entrance in front of the parking peoples office. I told them to keep an eye on my bike and they were like fine… which contradicts their earlier argument. Weird people.

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Gulf Run 2007

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Gulf Run

Think Gumball but on a local level and you have Gulf Run 2007. From the first couple of pictures on the Official Gulf Run website I can see 2 Porsches, a Ferrari, 2 Nobles, 2 Lancers, a 350z, and a Corvette but in total there are 22 cars participating this year. The drivers will be heading from Kuwait to Bahrain where they’ve booked the Bahrain International Circuit for a full day. I didn’t get any invitation to participate this year (must have been lost in the mail) so for now I will just keep checking their site for picture updates. K.TheKuwaiti is participating in the race this year. [Link]

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