K-Net and Visa Fees

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K-Net and Visa

I am sure at one time or another you tried purchasing an item using your K-Net or Visa card and the merchant asked from you an extra fee because you are using one of these cards. They would give you the excuse that Visa or K-Net charge them a certain amount for every transaction using these cards and that you need to pay it. Well here is what you the consumer needs to know.

First lets start with K-Net. K-Net is owned by the local banks in Kuwait. They do NOT charge the merchant any transaction fee. So if an item costs KD10 and you pay using your K-Net card, the merchant will get KD10. They will not be charged a single fils by K-Net. This is a fact and you can contact 2431280 if you need any further information on this. If a store tells you that they will have to charge you extra because you are paying with K-Net then you need to report that store to K-Net using the number above.

Now Visa is a different story. Visa DOES charge the merchant 4% for every transaction. This means if you buy an item for KD10, the merchant receives KD9.600. Although the merchant pays 4% for every transaction they do NOT have the right to pass on that 4% to you. According to Visa the merchant should not charge the customer for a Visa transaction and neither are they allowed to set a minimum amount in which you could use your Visa card with. So even if the item you are buying costs 100fils, you can pay with you Visa card. In case a store does try to make you pay the 4% transaction fee, report them to your local bank and they will take care of it. If you would like more information regarding Visa, you will also need to contact your local bank.

Hope this information was helpful.

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Ask Jazeera Airways

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Jazeera Airways

Yesterday I got an email from a reader of my blog who works at Jazeera Airways. He read some of the comments on the post 5KD to Bahrain and Dubai and noticed many people had questions about the airline. So, he has volunteered to answer any questions you put forward to him about the airlines. I will take all your questions which you can post below in the comments section and I then will forward it to him.

I will start by asking the first question: Does Jazeera Airways have any plans of expanding their flights to Europe and North America?

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Pocket Bike at TriStar

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Pocket Bike

I was back at TriStar last night with Nat because she need to adjust her training schedule. While there I showed her the Pocket Bike they had on display. At first she thought it was for young kids but I explained to her that teenagers and adults actually ride it and not kids. She thought I was pulling her leg, so when we got back home I showed her some videos from YouTube and everyone riding the bike was either a teen or an adult. I figured maybe other people don’t know what Pocket Bikes are so below are some videos and a link to Wikipedia with info on Pocket Bikes. TriStar are selling the 49cc Pocket Bike which can hit speeds of up to 100km/h for KD190. Price might be negotiable I didn’t ask.

Here is the first video
Here is the second video
Here is the Wikipedia page

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Unsafe Rider

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unsafe rider

The guy isn’t wearing his helmet, he has it strapped to the back seat. He is also wearing a tshirt, shorts and sandals. I mean I don’t think you can be more unsafe.

update: Sami posted this link of some bikers on the Gulf road performing stunts without a helmet. [Link]

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Stuff for Sale

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I just opened up a new section in the forum called “What People are Selling”. If you have something you want to sell you can post it in there. [Link]

Also if there is something you want and you can’t seem to find. You can now post your request in the “What People Want” section. [Link]

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