Marina Climb Center

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Marina Climb

Since the weather is good it might be the perfect time to try the Marina Climb. Its located in the center of Marina Waves and although I have never tried it before it looks like a lot of fun. One hour of climbing will cost you KD4 which isn’t that bad. For more pictures click [Here]

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I want!

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I Want

The color sucks but other then that this beast makes my Wrangler look like a muffin about to get run over by a truck. [Link]

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Crazy People

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A friend sent me this video of some guys doing some really messed up stunts with their Land Cruisers. The craziest stunt is probably the first one in the video where a kid hangs out of a car window upside down on the highway and has his hair touch the road. It looks like all of this was done in Saudi. Right click and Save-As the video. [AVI 3.9MB]

update: Here is the video on YouTube. [Video]

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Marina World Skate Park

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Marina World Skate Park

I passed by the Skate Park today while I was on my way to Maki. There was a guy in charge there and I asked him a couple of questions. I found out that it costs KD1.5 per hour to skate, rollerblade or bike in the park. They don’t rent out the gear nor do they have any gear to rent out. What they will provide you with though is the safety equipment like a helmet and elbow and knee guards. For more pictures click [Here]

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Things to do in Bahrain

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I am leaving to Bahrain for some work related stuff on Wednesday afternoon and coming back Friday night. Its my first time there so I was checking Lonely Planet to see what there is to do in Bahrain and I couldn’t find anything.

I heard Bahrain has good restaurants does anyone know anything about them? Any recommendations? How about malls, do they have like a shopping mall in Bahrain? Will I actually find something to do or should I expect to spend all my time in the hotel room watching TV?

update: just remembered Michael Jackson lives there now so it can’t be that bad

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Another strange email!

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I had to post this because I couldn’t stop laughing. This is an email I just received now:

Dear Sir,Assalamualaikum

I would like to go to Cochin in May 2006.How I can check the availability of seat ,cost and also how to reserve and purchase it.

I expect a speedy reply and Wishing all the best for Aljazeera airways.

with prayers shihab

So now people think I own a football team and Jazeera Airways.

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Red Nano in Kuwait

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red nano

Mac & More in Marina Mall have the red iPod Nano in stock but they are selling it for KD95 for some reason which is too expensive. Probably because they have a limited quantity, when I checked they had just 2 left.

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OMG tHe bEsTest dAncEr iN kUwAiT!!!

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Taken from the description of the video:

shamlan known as the BEST DANCER in Kuwait , have never bin defeated, Shamlan has bin dancing at the age of 6 , now at the age of 20 he achieved his goal to become the greatest dancer of ALL!!!

Watch Shamlan dance and try not to laugh too hard [Video]

Thanks again RJV for the link.

BONUS: What Shamlan’s friend, K-Lib dance. [Video]

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