Valet Parking Available at TSC Salmiya

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Facing a problem parking your car when you shop at TSC Salmiya? Now you can leave the parking to us! Just drive up to the valet parking kiosk in front of the store, collect your ticket, and begin your shopping. When you’re finished, visit the valet service desk inside the store to arrange for your car pickup. Then pay for your purchases along with just 1 KD for the valet service. Your car will be waiting for you when you exit the store.

Hours of operation: 10 a.m – 11 p.m daily.

How to use TSC’s Valet Parking Service
– Drive your car to the TSC Valet Parking Kiosk
– Collect your ticket from the valet
– Perform your shopping
– Before paying, visit the Valet Service Desk inside the store to arrange for car pickup by showing your ticket number
– Pay for your purchases along with 1 KD for the valet service
– Cashier will stamp your valet ticket
– Keep your TSC invoice and stamped valet ticket
– Your car will be brought to you just in front of the exit door, where your purchases will be placed in the car
– Show your invoice and your stamped valet ticket to the valet
– Take your car and have a nice and easy day

Policies and Procedures
– Please keep the valet ticket, as it is the only proof of your ownership of the car.
– In case this ticket has been lost, please inform the company as soon as possible in order to take action at once, or else the company will not be responsible for any car lost.
– In case of ticket loss, kindly provide the company with all your legal papers to prove ownership.
– The company is not responsible for any mechanical problems that occur to the customer’s car during the receiving, parking, and delivery of the vehicle.
– The company is not responsible for any item lost from the car during the valet service.
– All cars are insured against accidents when they are under our custody and by company’s drivers.
– All cars should be picked up by 12:00 midnight


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Best Breakfast in Town

Post by Mark

I pass by McDonalds nearly every morning to have breakfast. It started off at first as a way to kill time before I got to the office, but now its become a daily routine. I love a good breakfast and I haven’t found a place in Kuwait yet that provides as good a breakfast as McDonalds.. for the price. 850 fils will get you eggs, muffins, sausages, hashbrowns and a coffee or orange juice. 400 fils will get you 3 large pancakes. 350 fils will get you one of the McMuffin sandwiches while 700 fils will get you a McMuffin sandwich, hashbrown and your choice of coffee or orange juice. I like passing by in the morning on my way to work because it gives me time to sit quietly and think while also allowing me to read the morning paper. Surprisingly, the majority of McDonalds breakfast people are local woman of various ages. Some look like university students, some look like government employees while others look like mothers who had just dropped off their kids to school. For those of you who have never had a McDonalds breakfast I definetly advise you to try it out. Where else can you get eggs, pancakes, muffins, hashbrowns, sausages, and orange juice all for only KD1.250?

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Come on SHIP!

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Yesterday my PSP arrived at my US mailbox. Now I am just waiting for them to ship it to Kuwait. I can’t believe I have to wait the whole weekend to get the PSP. I have two major worries. One, I will have problems with the local customs since it seems Sony, Panasonic and some other dealers in Kuwait have made a pact with the custom authorities, and any of their products are usually not allowed into Kuwait. The second worry I have is dead pixels. Dead pixels are pixels on the screen that don’t change color. This means if the whole screen is black for example the dead pixel might show as a green dot on the screen. 1 dead pixel isn’t a major problem but I have read about people getting a full row or dead pixels! The suspense is killing me.

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Shownet REALLY suck!

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Oh my god I really can’t believe this. So my internet hasn’t been working for over a month now and I they are still taking 50KD a month. No one can come fix my connection at home because they cant come after 5PM and I finish work at 5:30. So I just went to shownet now in Farwaniya to cancel my account and guess what. They fucking close at 6. There is no way I can make it from Kuwait City to Farwaniya in less then half an hour. I might but it I doubt if I get there at 5:55 anyone will be willing to help. So this means I dont have internet and I can’t cancel my account. unfucking believable!

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I am gonna disconnect my internet now and go to shownet and finally cancel it. I might be back on tonight with a regular dial up but I dont see how 3.6kb split among 5 computers on my network is gonna do me any good.

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My New Phone – I sold my soul

Post by Mark

Yesterday I purchased a Nokia 2600 as a gift to this guy who got us wasta for nats driving license papers. The phone cost KD29 (NEW) and it has a colored screen, polyphonic ringtones and even speakerphone. The guy rejected the gift! Not because he was nice but because he believed he deserved a better phone, he was hoping for a KD100+ kind of phone. Of-course I wasn’t going to get him one because the favor he did wasn’t that big. So now I am stuck with the phone, then while talking to nibaq we were discussing its features and I decided to turn the phone on. To my surprise the phone wasn’t half bad. It was quick, responsive and looks good. No bluetooth, no camera, no wap even. Still something about it just clicks with me. I keep telling people my favorite phone was the Siemens C55 which I purchased a few years ago for KD30. I guess this is like that phone except with a colored screen. So now I am keeping this phone. Nataly will be taking my Sony Ericsson T630 and we will be selling her T610. I will also be selling my Sony Clie UX40 PDA and using my Palm Tungsten instead. I will only store the numbers I use on the phone, like nats, nibaqs, tivo guy, parents etc.. All the other numbers I will still carry with me but they will be on my PDA. I am excited!

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Jeremy Clarkson

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For those of you interested, Jeremy Clarkson the host of TopGear on BBC has car reviews online. I spent a whole day once reading them all. He is an excellent and very interesting writer. [Link]

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