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I found this website that lets you draw your own bitmap font and then download it in Truetype format onto your computer. Works with Windows and Macs.


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Bill Gates Doesn’t Use an IPod

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Microsoft’s Bill Gates discussed iPods at Microsoft with news anchor Peter Jennings of ABC News.

From the transcript:

JENNINGS: On the subject of music, I read somewhere that about 80 percent of Microsoft employees who have a music playing instrument or a music playing device use an iPod.

GATES: Well, I doubt that’s the case. Certainly, the iPod’s a great success.

JENNINGS: Do you have one?

GATES: No, I’m not an iPod user. I use the Creative Zen which is a fantastic product. That’s another space where, even what we have today, whether it’s iPod or the other things are only the start of what we’re gonna have in a few years. People are gonna want choices. These things are going to be smaller or better, cheaper. So, music has changed. The age of the CD is really coming to an end.

JENNINGS: The public likes this tension between you and the others as I’m sure you know. So people want to know do you have an iPod. You say you don’t have. Did iPod beat you in this issue?

GATES: Oh the iPod did a great job, but what Apple’s done there is typically what they do. It’s their, only their one music store, only their device. What we’re doing is providing choices. So it’s like the Apple computer versus the PC. With the PC you can buy from many companies so you get cheaper prices, you get more variety and here with music devices we’re coming in with the same. But they’re a strong leader in the space and I think as we gain share, people will be surprised.

Taken from Cult of Mac

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Sony PSP on Amazon.. Kinda

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PSPI have been checking daily for the Sony PSP so I can preorder one for me. Today I just checked and their now is a listing for the Sony PSP on Amazon but you can’t preorder! I dont know if this will change or not, at the moment I have the Amazon PSP page as my browsers startup page so I will know once they start accepting preorders.

For those interested, this is the link.

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HobermanI was at Toys R Us yesterday and guess what I got! A Hoberman Mega Sphere! Today I went back and got two more mini spheres. They are really cool? Want to see it in action, here is a video I shot earlier.

Watch Video [Quicktime Format]

Note: I shot it on the stairs at home since it is the brightest place in the house

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Kirsten Dunst is Ugly and Cheap

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dunstI hate it when people are cheap, especially people who have money. Kristen Dunst who makes 6 million dollars per movie and does around 3 movies a year, tipped a homeless guy 1 buck!? Come on, what a loser. Link

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Paris Hilton Hacked

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paris hiltonParis Hiltons T-Mobile Sidekick II was hacked awhile back. Now most of her private info is online. The Sidekick II is a phone with PDA like features and also has a camera built in. Today three of my favorite sites had links to places where you can see what was on her phone.

These sites might not be safe for work because they might contain Paris nudity.

Here are three links:
7 Pounds

Update: I just read somewhere that the Secret Service is now also investigating the T-Mobile hacking. Sites hosting the Paris Hilton stuff are being shutdown 1 by 1 so the above links might not work anymore.

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Mac and More

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Apple LogoJust got word that an Apple store opened at Galleria 2000 called Mac and More. The store belongs to IOC, the same guys who put the Apple stuff at Eureka and Virgin. They are supposingly getting the Mac Mini next week. Tivo Guy who now has a blog gets it tomorrow. I am sure he will take many pictures for us fans :)

Update: The store it seems does NOT belong to IOC. Check this

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