1974 Attack on the Japanese Embassy in Kuwait

Post by Mark

I found the video above last week by mistake while looking for something else and here is a summary of the incident according to Wikipedia:

On 7 February 1974, Palestinian militants occupied the Japanese embassy in Kuwait City, taking the ambassador and ten others hostage. The militants’ motive was to support the Japanese Red Army members and Palestinian militants who were holding hostages on a Singaporean ferry in what is known as the Laju incident. Ultimately, the hostages were released, and the guerillas allowed to fly to Aden.

What interested me the most was the Japanese embassy building shown in the film above, is it still around? Where is that? It kinda seems like its near the graveyard behind Salhiya but I don’t recall seeing this building before.

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  1. Grant says:

    Hmmm. Only Japan embassy I know was the long derelict “Dr No” styled one in Jabriya. Torn down just a few months back…

    • aaa says:

      Torn down but they’ve had a new embassy for a while in the embassy area around Mishref, the new one is incredibly nice

  2. mentabolism says:

    cool unifroms

  3. Abdullah Alnafisi says:

    The embassy was on Fahad Alsalem street (Al Jahra previously) , I think its the building next to souad building or maybe in souad tower land.

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