Old Photos of Kuwait from the Bridgeman Library

Post by Mark

Lord Curzon and his staff being carried ashore to be welcomed by the Sheikh November, 1903

I just found out about the Bridgeman photo library a short while ago and going through it I spotted a bunch of interesting photos of Kuwait I had never seen before. I’ve included some of my favorites in this post along with their captions.

Kuwaiti man holding a kid on the leash on a pavement. Kuwait City, December 1956

Kuwaiti woman entirely covered by her dress selling chickens in the street. Kuwait City, December 1956

Kuwaiti woman with a veil on her face holding her son in front of the cages containing birds on sale.

Check out more old photos of Kuwait by clicking [Here]

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  1. Han says:

    There were no burger joints back.

  2. The Observer says:

    That is not a kid in the second picture as the picture said.

  3. The Observer says:

    as the caption says*

  4. ahmed says:

    “Kuwaiti man holding a “KID” on the leash on a pavement. Kuwait City, December 1956″

  5. fara7 says:

    Thanks for this!

  6. Ta7a says:

    The principal with the Chaplin moustache looks funny…

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