248AM app now compatible with iOS7

Posted by Mark

The 248AM iPhone app is finally updated and available in the Apple Store to download. There are two main fixes, the first is the fact the app now works with iOS7. The second fix is that the app now runs in full screen. I also submitted the updated Kuwait Blogs app into the store and that should be come available to download in the next few days.

To download the app just search for 248am in the Apple Store or click [Here]

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  1. Sjav says:

    huge sigh of relief…pheww!!
    great seeing it back..used to check almost every day!!

  2. hellppp says:


  3. Sebastian says:

    Dear Mark,

    Good Evening.

    How come you dont have the same on Android Application?

    It would be good.



    • Mark says:

      Hey, will simply because I’m not using a third party to develop the app for me, i’m doing it myself and i have an iphone and not an android device. I dont even know how to get my app done for android.

      • Shakespeare says:

        Better find a way. Android is where it’s at these days. In the USA it holds 74% of the market, and Apple only has 14%. Kuwait is following that trend as well.

        • Mark says:

          Doesn’t really matter to be honest. You should know by now I only do and support stuff that interests me personally. Android doesn’t interest me since I have an iPhone.

          • Shakespeare says:

            It’s good to follow what you are interested in, but it sounds slightly narrow minded in regard to your readers. You have a following and it’s only human to go slightly out of your way to create something that will make them happier.

  4. Sami says:

    Mark you app is so old fashioned. Drop me an email if you want to improve things.

    • Mark says:

      Old fashioned in what way?

      • Sami says:

        Pretty much everything about it is old fashioned.
        It’s using the old IOS6 look. It uses a refresh button instead of pull-to-refresh. It uses standard fonts. It’s not smooth, jerky a bit. The share menu is using the old way, instead of the integrated share with automatic facebook and twitter sharing. It uses standard built-in table cells.

        • Mark says:

          ah yeah, it’s not using anything from iOS7. Had to use xcode 4.6 even to work right since when I used xcode 5 everything was looking messed up. Problem is i’m not a developer and have no idea how to get this stuff working right.

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