Dji Phantom in Kuwait

Posted by Mark


I know of two friends so far who have this Dji Phantom drone. It’s ridiculous and you can get it for around KD200 from eBay [Here]

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  1. cajie says:

    I guess this is the same one?. I had seen this on BHPhotovideo when looking for GoPro. They have a nice ready-to-use bundle, and they ship direct to Kuwait.

  2. The Real Burhan says:

    Are these legal?

  3. Nawaf says:

    Hmm the fact it’s supposed to be filming the kuwait towers and not dasman palace is some what of a concern dont you think?

  4. jj says:

    i got really interested after i saw this post.. One problem is the battery life is only 10 minutes.. deal breaker for me

  5. praetorius says:

    seen this thing in action while i was out shooting one of the car rallies here in Kuwait. pretty cool, didn’t see the result of that though.

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