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Post by Mark

There is this little Korean store located in my building that I am in love with. They sadly don’t sell anything I could buy but I love visiting it every now and then just because it’s such a weird experience being inside. The store mostly sells headbands and hair bows and god damn they have so many packed into such a tiny store. All the items are imported directly from Korea and there is a very quiet Korean lady who runs the store and is usually sitting hidden behind the counter. I think all these hanging headbands sound proof the store because once you walk inside it becomes eerily quiet.

I’ve never seen any customer in the store so I have no idea if business is good or not but they’ve been open for a long time now so they must be doing ok I guess. If you’re interested in checking it out, the store is located on the Mezzanine floor of Anjari Complex in the old Salmiya. Once you go up the escalator the shop is located on the right hand side.

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  1. shey says:

    they go to expos and sell there. i have seen them in several expos in mishref

  2. BillQ8 says:

    Now we know where Mark lives…

  3. Dougmacho says:

    Yay Korea!

  4. hello says:

    Seems like a half kd shop…. full of hairbands.

  5. johnjohn says:

    let’s put a korean restaurant into there!

  6. I really hate keeping long nick names says:

    Mark you go here when u wanna get in touch with your feminine side? ;)

  7. hello says:

    Look at the arabic phone number.. she has written P instead of nine.

  8. Abdullah says:

    I remember this shop since 1994

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