Back from the Bloggers Meetup

Post by Mark

Just got back from the bloggers meetup at Dunkin Donuts. It was pretty cool and lots of fun. Saw a lot of bloggers there including Nibaq, K.thekuwaiti, Forzaq8, Maze, Toxy, Deera guy, Blue Booze BloBoz, Stallion, iDip, Exzombie and more. All very cool people.

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  1. Toxy says:


    An impostor?

    ….I wasn’t there!

  2. Mark says:

    you were like sitting right next to me, had a sticker with Toxy written on it stuck on your shirt.

  3. holla says:

    shit man sorry i could it make it, i was with my fam for lunch.

  4. Toxy says:

    LOL…Are u kidding? Mark, I wasn’t there dude – I couldn’t make it.

    What the hell?? Someone’s stolen my identity now?

  5. Mark says:

    nope not kidding, ask anyone who was there. maybe there are two toxys?

  6. Toxy says:

    No, there definitely aint two of us. What a freak! What did he look like – yoing, old ? Kuwaiti, Expat?

    Sheesh. What a nerve!!!!

  7. Mark says:

    he was kuwaiti, big guy, wears glasses. are u fucking with me???

  8. Toxy says:

    Dude, I swear it wasn’t me.

    I don’t wear glasses for a start!

    Can’t believe it…… :-@

  9. SOS says:

    lol!…this shit is funny….! Tox u prolly have a stalker..!! BTW mark,,,, any hot chicks??

  10. holla says:

    hahahaha man this is funny shit. did he come with LE?

  11. Marzouq says:

    hahahahaha! Toxy was cloned!

    Sorry I couldn’t make it! Like I said timing was difficult and parking is a bitch! hehehe

  12. EniGma says:

    lol!!! poor toxy!
    and what, no girls??

  13. Mark says:

    nope no girls, unless they were sitting downstairs checking out every guy who went up…

  14. Toxy was there?
    Missed him!

  15. Maze says:

    Nice to meet you Mark..

  16. Borzaiga says:

    lool !!! and that toxy guy was acting and talking like he was toxy ?

  17. hala wala says:


  18. KtheKuwaiti says:

    It was nice meeting you Toxy! .. Call me next week if you want to check out the garage we were talking about.

  19. Toxy says:

    Ha….Did any of you guys actually speak to the perpetrator? What was he saying?

    I can’t believe someone would risk such public humiliation…..I mean, what if I’d of shown up?!?

  20. Mr.CHoCoLaTe says:

    hi mark

    nice to meet u

    Toxy why you didn’t write your blog link in the note ? I thought you don’t have one !

    see you soon


  21. ??? says:

    Lol, I was thinking that somethiing like this would happen eventually. That’s why I think it would be best if someone would send all the bloggers an e-mail about the location of the meetup beforehand and then after it happens they could write about it.

  22. KtheKuwaiti says:

    You were discussing filipino hookers in Hawalli .. and something about mixing redbull, panadol and beer. And you kept telling people you were drunk and high …

  23. EXzombie says:

    Hmmm, thats stupid to fake an identity of someone who’s comming to the same meeting…..!!!


    anyways, it was nice meeting you Mark…..

  24. aNaaa ...??? eee !!! =p says:

    hehe Me ??? Yea uu … 9eJ eee ..!!! oMG

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