Fake grass to be installed on the Gulf Road

Posted by Mark

According to Desert Girl, they’re going to be replacing all the real grass on the Gulf Road with fake ones. I mean I wouldn’t mind fake grass in Salmiya since it’s better than the sandy pit they have there right now (Check picture below) but I was always fond of the Gulf Road greenery. Check out her post for a bit more info [Here]

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  1. abdul says:

    this is hilarious,in Pakistan ,they use real grass,and even if they don’t plant on the entire place,it spreads rapidly to the entire place.

  2. Khalid says:

    Fake grass for a fake ___________.

  3. Gijo Paul George says:

    I wish they wouldnt. Fake grass doesn’t quite sooth your mind. Granted, real grass is more expensive to maintain, but the benefits are worth it. The gulf road greenery is one thing that makes the coastal drive tolerable.

  4. Row says:

    I think this is great! Instead of wasting all that water on the grass that barely grows and will inevitably die we will have a greener looking Kuwait all year!

  5. GRJ says:

    already done in Surra, Jabriya and parts of the city – looks pretty good actually!

  6. Tizoc says:

    The logistics and costs of maintaining real grass is huge. I dont prefer fake grass but in kuwaits situation, not a bad idea. Plus it doesnt look bad at all.

  7. rayboy says:

    We are missing the point.

    Having real trees, does make it more prettier than a “standard” fixed look. Also the green color of the fake grass fades away in due time.

    Apart from this real grass invites a natural environment like insects, birds etc and makes it more lively.

    If you pass by gulf road early morning, and you see the spray of sprinklers , its a wonderful feel and all so serene. and birds of different types flock amongst the grass.

    i think all will be gone soon.

  8. aaa says:

    Damn I wish I owned a fake grass company right about now

  9. Malik says:

    Not so cool Mark, when i first informed you about this like 4-5 months earlier you replied on twitter “There’s much more important issues than this” :p
    just kidding :)

  10. Wishbone says:

    Will it have fake weeds too?

  11. AlwaysHungry says:

    You Havent seen greenery in the gulf until you’ve come to Muscat

  12. lolguy says:

    Doesn’t seem like this bothers anyone, but I’d prefer the real thing. I remember reading somewhere that there are plants (genetically modified, but still real) which can thrive in hot conditions and saline water. I remember the junction where the Airport road 55 and 5th ring road intersect, used to be covered in plants which were green even in peak summer. Could they just not plant something like that instead of fake stuff?

  13. Uwe says:

    I would like to know if that Green Plastic Carpet would start to burn, if a car, after an accident get’s on fire? And this bullet and cannonball size
    stones would hit People, after an accident a car drove into them! Wildlife and Birds do not like Plastic Carpet for sure ! I read that this materials contain soft makers which are not healthy at all.

  14. Haitham says:

    It’s astounding to me that there are people who would actually defend this idea. I am dumbstruck. Now we’ll also have to travel to experience real grass. Unfriggenbelievable.

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