In Focus: Solarity – A Solar Power Store

Posted by Mark

Last night I passed by Solarity, a new shop that revolves around solar powered items. When I found out about the place I thought to myself finally! With all the sun we have solar energy just makes sense. When I passed by the store they were still setting up but I managed to see a whole variety of garden lights and some back packs with solar panels. In the next few weeks they’ll be adding more items since they’ve only received around 20% of their products at the moment.

The official launch is tonight at 5PM and they’re located in Shuwaikh right next to Bike World. If you take the right hand turn after City Center, Tilal Complex will be on your left. At the next intersection take a right and their shop is located around 50 meters after also on the right. I really hope they do well. Here is a link to their Facebook page [Link]

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  1. Othman says:

    This is awesome. I’ll be passing by for sure.

  2. Chris says:

    that’s nice :)

  3. Tim says:

    Just be aware that most photovoltaic products like yard lights and such don’t last very long. I’ve been buying them for years now mainly because I don’t want to tunnel under my driveway to run low-voltage lighting cable. I have to replace them about every 2 years. Cheaper ones every year. And you must keep the panel clean or you don’t get a good charge on the batteries. Also, don’t expect great lighting for spotlights. They just don’t have the power.

    • Mark says:

      The ones I spotted used rechargeable AA batteries so if they stop working u can replace the rechargeable batteries

      • Tim says:

        So do the one’s I use. But they WILL have a short lifespan. And the batteries need to be changed about once a year. I’m a fan of them. Have used them for a long time. But they won’t save you money.

  4. Hamad says:

    I think garden lights would be a useful product to have. They could charge during the day and switch on during the night.

    Will look them up.

  5. odawg says:

    i use them for my driveway here in Vancouver which doesnt get too much sunlight and they switch on by themselves at night. They have worked beautifully without any issues!


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