The living martyr

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The photo of the barricaded doors above are from inside Dr. Adel Al-Yousifi’s home taken after the liberation of Kuwait in 1991. Dr. Adel is the person behind the websites and According to him a Kuwaiti family was taking shelter in his home during the 1990-1991 invasion while he was stranded in London.

When Dr. Adel got back he found out his home was used to shelter a boy sought by the Iraqis. Turns out several boys had seen what they were not supposed to and when they were captured by the Iraqi soldiers they were shot. But, one boy survived and managed to escape. His family hid him in Dr. Adel’s house but they pretended he had died of his wounds and arranged a fake mourning. The Iraqis never found him and he is considered to be a living martyr.

Dr. Adel is now interested in finding out the name of the young man who had survived the Iraqi soldiers and hid in the house. If you know who that person is please contact him on

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  1. Burhan says:

    its really horrifying ! and why the hell would you ask for his name and stuff i mean please let his stay in Stealth mode and Enjoy rest of his life ! imagine if you know his name and then maybe the Iraqis officials read your blog an they might capture you and ask you stuff and then you will get into trouble Mark ! i am just saying , do as you like.

  2. Aziz says:

    Dear Burhan our doors are still locked since 1990 and i really cant feel safe with all the iraqi zombies in our area, thanks god they sleep at the morning, at least i could get my supplies but at night we are locked down at our home…its very sad and scary my kids are 13 and 14 and still cant have a full night sleep with all the zombies trying to enter our home at night..kicking the doors and trying to break in :( …we urge the Kuwaity government to do something about this…

  3. loool says:


  4. Burhan says:

    lol Mark, everyone is Enjoying the Joke xD my job is done here ;D

  5. Thek5 says:

    This is actually pretty important we need to support peeople who are gathering information, and eventually put all the Data together in one place for our future Generations. I’d spread the word if i were you guys, the guy may be long gone, however untill it is confirmed we should do our best.

  6. abdou says:

    What did the boys see that iraqis didnt want them to see?

    Was it something that elton john… 0_____0

  7. djel says:

    joke? You mean like when everyone was making fun of william shatner and he didnt like it so he pretended he was the source of it? not buying it

  8. Anonymous says:


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