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There’s a local instagram user going by the handle @cannibal_q8 (pictured above) who has been posting videos of himself killing animals. In the first video I watched he skins a live rabbit on the street using his teeth while in the second video I watched he shows off a cute little desert mouse before biting it’s head off on camera. No idea how instagram is allowing these videos to remain up but supposedly local authorities are looking for him.

Just a fair warning, the videos I’ve linked to above are pretty graphic.

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  1. me says:

    Thats just cruel! Whats the point though? to look tough or what

  2. A says:

    He should burn in hell.

  3. Ahmed says:

    What a maniac! He should seek help not Instagram!

  4. q80 says:

    Having a look through his Instagram account, it appears this man suffers from severe mental disorder

  5. wariwaro says:

    this guy reeks of crazy and it’s only a matter of time before he start skinning random dudes (or gals…i don’t wanna be called sexist)

  6. mohmmad says:


  7. Ali says:

    As sick as this looks, I believe he is exploiting the fact that there is no Law against what he’s doing. (or perhaps not an active one).

    There is a good side to this though, a Law will be created if it doesn’t exist and enforced not only on this lunatic, but on everyone. Hopefully starting with the closure of the friday market.

  8. mentabolism says:

    and they dont allow boobs on instagram??

  9. Ray Elbe says:

    disturbing and I’m glad the authorities are looking into the situation.

  10. Grant Jackson says:

    why would you give this tool oxygen…?

  11. Security Adviser says:

    Now you know why Anabolic Steroids are bad for you… you get mush for brains , a small penis ,shriveled testicles and oh yeah you turn in a repugnant freak of nature who has psycopatic tendencies..

    Thanks Mark for sharing at least now we have a face to identify A$$ hole

  12. Security Adviser says:

    And another thing dont miss out the hired entertainment in the background of the picture .. Now you know who to call incase your Ethiopian help have gone absconding or have robbed your house lately.. Chances are that the pimp who took care of this party will know where they are ..

  13. djelibaby says:

    he definitely needs psychological help. this is seriously past the point of normal. he needs help before he turns into the sort of guy that can harm ppl. help for his own good!

    as for the masses of ppl here that dont mind doing the same to ppl – THEY are the real assholes past the point of return.

  14. JaZzi says:

    This guy has to be reported to have his account blocked.. and he has to be held accountable for the sick sick actions he’s taking

  15. Security Adviser says:

    Looks like Mark didn’t like my first comment :-)

  16. Security Adviser says:

    I take that back .. its still under moderation :)

  17. This guy is sick, definitely steroids but what I can’t understand is how he had 12900 followers at 10 pm last night and now he’s up to 16450? I see a lot of girls flirting with him, wth? Why would anyone need to look for him, he flashes his CID in one of his videos so it shouldn’t be hard to find him. It seems like he’s beginning to have a cult following from all of this attention instead of being found on the street and beaten to a pulp.

  18. Nasser says:

    I’ve went through the account, and it is incredibly shocking and disturbing. But you know what so shocking and messed up as well? How A LOT of people support him and don’t mind at all that he does those terrible things. Terrible stuff.

  19. Bo 3li says:

    I thought that’s the army training ( maghaweer), that’s a good place to go to to find him.

  20. M2 says:

    They know where to find him, He posted his ID and showed his name.

    authorities are looking for him, but I doubt they are taking it seriously.

    MANY MANY people think its fine to do things like that

  21. faheed says:

    lol everyone is heavily exaggerating the death of rodents. rabbits are really yummy first of all, and considered a delicacy in many places, looked to me like he was probably gonna cook and eat it. anyways its not like he killed a dog (or a cat, which a lot of people do)

  22. NoHopeInHell says:

    No one in Kuwait gives a s**t for this kinda stuff..which is why the ‘authorities’ are still ‘looking’ for him even though it’s pretty clear who this guy is..

  23. anon says:

    If he calls himself cannibal q8 shouldn’t he be biting the heads off the heads of random people he encounters in day to day life?

    I just cant help but notice the disparity.

  24. 3azeez says:

    Forget about tge animals for a moment… And look carefully… Hes showing clear interest in human flesh!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    He posts a picture of him pretending to be ready to eat a baby and on another ucture shows a lady whose been in motorcycle accident and has her fit cut and flesh all shown. Plus his nickname.

    He’s a ticking bomb. If he’s nit already killed a person he will do it some time soon.

  25. Nm says:

    Thanks for posting Mark and spreading the word!
    I really hope something good comes out of this… He deserves to be skinned himself! Never in my life have I seen such cruelty!
    I do wanna point out that he does have an instagram post that says something along the lines of: Ppl are reporting me on instagram.. These are my brothers accounts. Please follow them and I’ll add you back on a new account if this one is shut down.
    Reporting him is not enough! Is there something else we can do? Comon Mark.. Use your blogosphere magic plz!

  26. awake says:

    I’m curious I get that all of you here commenting are animal lovers…..
    But let me ask you do any of you eat meat?
    Cruelty to animals applies to cows and chickens too.

    • Nasser says:

      Are you kidding?? I love eating meat! However, I choose to eat my meat Halal, which as a Muslim, I believe is the best and most effective way to slaughter an animal for food. What does this guy do? He is torturing these animals. It doesn’t matter what kind of animal gets tortured, it is not right. If I knew the cow meat, or the chicken I am eating was tortured and killed in a brutal way, I would most probably not eat that food.

      Allah is watching. This guy thinks it is ok for him to do what he does, but he will not go unpunished. And that goes to all the other people who have these psychotic personalities.

      • Kasia says:

        @Nasser. Really, you should see how the sheep are treated and transported before they end their miserable life.
        The Halal is only a name now, because they experience pain ( broken limbs, overcrowded cages) are not given water and food during transport and this is FAR from Halal. However nobody cares, as they shop sticker says Halal so it means is Halal.

  27. Security Adviser says:

    Yes I eat meat .. I like my beef and back in the States I have gone deer hunting with friends as well . The beef we get in the States is guided under the strict regulations of the USDA and here in Kuwait under the strict guidance of the Municipality, Ministry of Health and Agriculture.. I am not so sure how they slaughter cattle here in Kuwait but in the States they do it humanely using a high pressure bolt gun

    So I am confused.. How does a bolt gun administered directly to the brain of a cow or bull causing instantaneous painless death compare to ripping the skin of a live animal and torturing it into a painfull death ??

  28. awake says:

    my mistake I can see that having an intellectual conversation is out of the question so stay asleep enjoy your fluoride and keep watching television. Nothing is wrong everything is fine.

    • D. says:

      Clearly not true, I can sense your ego’s pain from all the way over here. Perhaps next time you’ll resist the urge to make false equivalencies and keep your inhumane, torture-supporting nonsense to yourself.

      • awake says:

        What does my ego have to do with it?

        “The ultimate ignorance is the rejection of something you know nothing about yet refuse to investigate.”
        Dr.Wayne Dyer

        Instead of being condescending and and arrogant read and do your research properly learn new ideas and don’t judge too quickly.

        • D. says:

          Yes, I can absolutely tell you aren’t pissed at ALL that nobody is buying your crap.

          When you can’t defend yourself, just claim everyone else is a stupid brainwashed sheep who can’t yet attain the profound insights you have ;)

          Yeah, we’ve all been on the internet before. It doesn’t really work. Try again.

          • awake says:

            No dude you have it all wrong I don’t expect a fish to climb a tree but what I kinda was hoping for was a little curiosity. Pour a man half a cup of water and if his curiosity isn’t quenched keep pouring. I do however understand that I won’t be able to change your mind and oh I don’t know this crazy notion learning new things,ideas or perspectives. That is why I said what I said because it’s pointless in arguing with people like you and I’m sorry if I don’t dumb down myself to meet your standards it’s pointless. one day hopefully when you’re wiser and can see the bigger picture and finally come to the conclusion that everything in this world is connected…. A savage isn’t a person who lives in the jungle …it’s a person who destroys it.
            Best of luck my friend.

  29. George says:

    Question for you Mark. Obviously this psycho feeds on this sort of publicity. Why oblige him by giving more through a well read blog such as yours?

  30. vampire says:

    posting this here will give more publicity to it!

  31. Nicolas says:

    What would be man enough of this amazing smart ass is to to same thing to a 7-foot grizzly bear.

  32. Oren says:

    Thanks to Mark’s posting about the would-be Jeffrey Dahmer, Arab Times published this today.


  33. Kimberly Dsouza says:

    I’ve recently seen his videos after K’s Path posted about him. They’re extremely disturbing and more shockingly he has been gaining more followers after the postings. The Lunatic needs to be tracked down and skinned!

  34. Kimberly Dsouza says:

    P.S He has deleted both videos on his instagram account.

  35. ashraf says:

    What a sick B*****d!

  36. SRB says:

    What a Psychotic Piece of #$#$&#
    the guy seriously needs to be put away in a psychiatric hospital locked up for a life time.
    Brutal killing of animals is not Macho. Prolly this dude knows that the only living being that cannot retaliate are these lil animals.
    I guess he should bite his own fingers off, if he has so much of built-up anger.

  37. Mr.Shawerma says:

    I don’t know what kind of steriods this guy is taking but he’s probably on some juice that’s turning him into a a freak and a stupid one at that. Instagram censorship is a joke the reason those video were removed because his lawyer recommeneded that action he’s probably in trouble now with his superiors at the army. The only shocking thing is that I couldn’t believe how many actually like what he’s doing this place is going down the sewers !

  38. booldool says:

    horrible thing to read.. but i think the videos are no longer available

  39. TJC Films says:

    The only thing smaller than this guy’s Johnson is his brain. And the mindset of the people who actually started filling him after all these posts from various outlets needs to be questioned as well. This guy gets more support than someone trying to sing or dance lol. Wtf haha

  40. Forensic Psychology 101 says:

    This is very serious. He also skinned a cat alive. The guy is a psycho. His violence could escalate to killing humans.

    On his instagram account, he describes himself as “Mentally ill” (مختل عقلياً). This was reported in the Arab Times, with a snap shot of his IG profile to prove it.

    If any of you are familiar with psycho killers (serial or not), you will know that the killing of animals can be a gateway to killing humans.

    This guy is also calling himself a cannibal. So, hello … Kuwait authorities should definitely look pay close attention to him!

    I will not talk about animal rights, because there are no animal rights in Kuwait. Sad but true. And And don’t get me started on Dogs and the way they’re perceived by the culture here in general. I will not argue that it’s “Haram” cause the guy obviously doesn’t have regards for any moral code an talk of religion or Karma is not going to get us anywhere.

    If Anyone reading this would like to do something to nail this guy, here is what I say to you:

    There are laws in Kuwait. If he works for Kuwait’s army (as I read in Munira Alkharafi’s IG post) , then his biggest crime is in fact against the MOD’s image, especially in these extremely dangerous times in the region. The world is witnessing the beheadings by ISIS and many Arab/Muslim-haters are labelling ALL Arabs & Muslims as savages. So this individuals behavior as a member of Kuwait’s army is a PR nightmare waiting to happen. It is a major stain on the MOD. The MOD should distance itself from him & make an example of him, because I firmly believe that his behavior goes against all the morals & codes which apply to Kuwait in general and the Kuwait MOD in particular.

    I think The animal rights activist who’s adopted this case is very noble & deserves everybodys support. I do also think however, that her argument has been (understandably) dominated by the “Haram” and moral factor. But here in Kuwait, the general mentality and dis-regard for Animal rights (especially Dogs) the “Haram, animals have souls… Animals are friends” argument will not go far. So I call on all the blogger out there, who would really like make a difference, to add their voice to this cause in a more cutting way.

    One final note, there was a case of a canadian Psycho Killer “Luca Magnotta” who killed 2 kittens just to get attention before he graduated to killing a human being. The international chase of this guy was eventually by interpol , but not before the Animal rights activits had done their own investigative work & lobbying. To expose him. Look for the Youtube documentary & you’ll understand. So anyway, what I mean to say is each and everyone of you can do something to help punish this crime. I hope this story will not just end up being the discussion of the week and that’s it.

  41. Anon says:

    Sorry dude, Ozzy did it first. He was rock and roll, and probably high as balls.

    You’re just a male cam whore.

  42. PT says:

    He followed me once as I was heading to work one morning, blocked my car as I went into Starbucks to grab a cup of coffee. He wouldn’t move his car, after I asked him to. He told me to just back up into it and destroy it, and wouldn’t leave unless I spoke to him. He then started commenting about my nose, saying it was small and he wants to bite it off. After seeing all his posts, he was probably serious lol. I’m not sure if he was high on something or if he’s just a freak show. He was also hitting himself in the head for some reason and started grunting. Yeah, never mind, definitely a freak show now that I remember the whole situation lol.

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