Did you feel yesterdays earthquake?

Posted by Mark


Some readers reported feeling an earthquake yesterday around 5PM. Turns out an earthquake with a magnitude of 5.6 hit Southern Iran yesterday, around 300km north of Kuwait. [Link]

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  1. Ash says:

    Yes it was around 4.45 pm, though a mild one but since i stay in the 11th floor it was quite a lil shake

  2. Hansel says:

    Yea was surprised no one was talking about it.
    Just a strong jolt for a second types, was on the sofa felt it move half a foot to the left and then back.

  3. mahmoud says:

    had not felt a thing :O

  4. blarneyBoB says:

    it’s quite odd but i never felt any of the tremors for the past two weeks (i think).

    and i live in 8th floor.

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