Under construction Kuwait University building catches fire

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A fire that caught a Kuwait University (KU) facility early on Saturday has been quenched, a university official said.

Firemen responded immediately to a call from Kuwait University warning that there was a fire at an under­ construction KU building, and managed to put the conflagration under control within a record time, Dr. Rana Al­ Fares, the chief of the construction program of the Sabah Al­Salem University City, said in news remarks.

The fire initially caught the 8­000­sqm College of Education for Girls and then moved to the 9,000­sqm nearby College of Arts for Girls due to winds, she said. [Source]

The fire looked huge I’m surprised they were able to put it out by evening time. [YouTube]

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  1. 500 says:

    Nice work by the firefighters!

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