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So after my last post I decided to go check out Seef Mall. I don’t know if its bigger then Marina Mall, I mean the corridors are tighter but it could be longer, anyway thats not what this post is about. I got bored at Seef Mall because it was too similar to Marina Mall, they had the exact same shops which made things really boring.

Anyway I left the place, took a cab and went to Traders Vic. What a place, its total crap. Its like a upper class snobbish restaurant/pub. I soooo hate those places. Reminded me a lot of a couple of places in Lebanon which I hate. Anyway after walking in and not finding a place at the bar to sit I called a cab and was planning on coming back to the hotel. On the way I told the cab driver that I was looking for a pub that wasn’t as upper class, something more down to earth and cool and shit. He told me he would take me to City Center where there are a lot of places and if I dont like one I can go to another. I was like cool pub jumping, I used to do that a lot in Lebanon.

Cab driver drops me off in front of City Center Hotel and tells me to go upstairs. I was like fuck no I am not going into another place like Traders Vic. So I decide to walk around and find my own pub. I find a place called Diggers and I walk in. I was like fuck, this is my place. They were playing rock music and there was a huge bar and the place was filling with British looking guys. I ordered half a pint of Heineken draft beer and started looking around. Then I realized wait, 80% of the occupants were British looking dudes, the other 20% were Asian girls just hanging around in groups around the bar. I was like fuck, these are hookers. How do I know? Because I just know, they were hookers and guys were walking up to them whispering something in their ears then the girls would whisper something back and the guys would walk away. I finished my beer and walked out of the place.

I walk down maybe 10 meters and I see something that looks like an Indian restaurant or something. I don’t know why but I was like let me walk in. I walked in and automatically I realized I had walked into a brothel. Not any brothel mind you, the really low end brothel filled with overweight Indian girls with pimples all over their faces. I turned around and started walking back out when a woman asked me where I was going and I should come in and have a drink. I was like no thank you and walked out.

So then I walked another 10 meters to another place and this place was like a restaurant but had like this asian girl band playing and it was full of Gulf nationals sitting chatting up Asian girls. I again walked out and started walking around the area. I found a massage parlor and I looked through the glass window and guess what I found… Asian shemales just sitting around waiting for customers.

I then spent over an hour walking around the area going into hotels. Each and every hotel I went into had hookers. Each and everyone one of them. One hotel I went to had a different pub on every floor for 4 floors. Each pub was full of hookers but each a different nationality. One floor Asians, one floor Indians, one floor Arabs and one floor African. It was just crazy, I never expected Bahrain to be like this. I went to at least 6 or 8 hotels checking them out and they ALL had hookers. It was just really shocking.

Finally I got bored and really sweaty from all the walking so I found a cab (a pickup truck) and asked him to drop me off at my hotel. It was really fun hotel jumping and seeing all these old European guys trying to get some from all these Asian hookers but it was also really exhausting. I am now back in my hotel room and I am going to ordered some room service. I haven’t had dinner yet.

update: OK what kind of hotel runs out of burgers? I had to order a hotdog off the kids menu. SUCKS!

update 2:
I forgot to ask, can anyone recommend a decent pub minus the hookers. I am just looking for a decent place to have some beer and listen to music.

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  1. Borzaiga says:

    lol ! all hotels out there have hookers, thats what i heard but im sure there are some laid back pubs. ask around ull get to find a good one

  2. yo-ghurt says:

    LOLOL. For the love of G, Mark, please go to the Adliya area tomorrow night (like we SAID)… in the Bab Al Bahrain area (where you were hanging about tonight), you’ll catch something just walking around…and Trader Vic’s is full of tourists and married expats having a ‘girls night out’…and all the malls have the same shops as Kuwait. You don’t have time to waste!

  3. yo-ghurt says:

    Start off at JJ’s Irish Pub in Adliya (and don’t bother with BJ’s, the club next door). Alternatively, there is a fairly quiet small Pub at the SAS Radisson/Diplomat, or for something louder there is Rockbottom across from the Gulf Hotel. Final advice, don’t get ripped off by the cab drivers…when they say ‘How much you want to pay?’, screw them.

  4. s says:

    wow never thought bahrain would be like this, i mean hookers ! what a surprise..
    after getting to know more about the gulf countries, i like kuwait the most dont know why..

  5. Kleio says:

    I haven’t been to Bahrain in years so I’m not even sure if these places still exist, but for what you’re looking for try the Warbler, or JJ Murphey’s (an Irish pub). For a more lounge-y atmosphere, Zoe’s used to be nice, but a bit more up-market. Again, I haven’t been to Bahrain in years so not sure what these places are like these days, or what the new places are. But there really is a very cool non-brothel and non-pretentious nightlife in Bahrain – just don’t depend on taxi drivers to take you there. Anyway, this site might help:

    Hope you find what you’re looking for!

  6. lfc-q8 says:

    i think the best thing for you to do is to ask the hotel`s concierge

  7. Oh my God! Ur joking? Its that bad?

    When i first started reading, i was thinking seef mall seef mall seef mall, when did that open? Hmmmm then i realised u were in ba7rain!

  8. Marzouq says:

    hahahahaha! Man ok.. I was laughing when I read what you said.. You might now like the high class places, but Im assuming that the hookers there arent that obvious.. hehehe! One more day there! hehehe

  9. Laziale says:

    Hookers + liquor = a place full of saudis . you will see a LOT of saudies Today, its weekend

  10. m says:

    Mark would you like me to send you a driver to take you around ? You are breaking my heart here !

  11. welsh_gal says:

    Doesn’t the Warbler have a massive burger on the menu that if you finish it you get it for free and get a free t-shirt too? That should make up for the lack of burgers last night!

  12. edu says:

    whenever i visit someplace new, i find taxi drivers to be the most unreliable in terms in their suggestions on where to go. He probably saw that you were a single tourist and thought about sending you were a lot of single tourists want to go, hooker central..

    also, bear in mind that you’re here in bahrain on the weekend where the causeway is teeming with normal people looking for a little r n r and a whole lotta GCC scum looking for a scum filled weekend.. the roads are congested, the bars are packed and the community (locals and expats) are a little edgey…

    Trader vics is a global polynesian restaurant/bar franchise catering towards the upper crusters.. There are a lot of cool lounges and places to check out, but i take that’s not what you’re looking for..

    I am impressed that you found Diggers, a no frills rock hangout.. but they do pour a good pint at the Sherlock holmes and fiddlers green.. for live music around the island, the bands are mainly filipino, but they are pretty tight..

    likwid and the city center group of establishments are pretty good in that the owner is heavily involved in their development. Likwid actually books a lot of great djs, and the venue has a faithful following there for the music (some good house and their tekhouse night is pretty good too)..

    I personally feel that you’re not getting an opportunity to see bahrain from the perspective of a local yokel.. you suggested some good places to check out when i was in Beirut this past february, let me repay the favor.

    plus, if you leave bahrain without trying a janburger (local seedy franchise), or some tikka, then you wouldn’t have seen the real bahrain..

  13. J says:

    Mark, i’ve been in Bahrain for 3 years and haven’t seen the places you talking about!
    Start at JJ’s around 11pm and move next door at 12.30am to BJ’s in Bustan Hotel. Don’t go anywhere else in Bahrain unless you want lebanese music, which i guess you don’t like. If you do go to Concerto in Mashtan hotel or Club Seven in Mishal Hotel.
    This was nightlife.
    Coffee Shop: Café Lilou in Adliya
    Dinner / Lounge: Zoe in Adliya
    Best Asian Dinner: Monsoon in Adliya

    PS. Never ask the taxi driver. he’ll drive you straight to the hookers!

  14. Rola says:

    I was like fuck, I was like cool, I was like soooo, i was like EXPAND YOUR VOCAB maaaaaaaan!

  15. Marwan says:

    you are really exhausted. your room service order was like 2 asians, 2 indians, 3 arabs, and what?? no africans???

    take vitamins man..

  16. dim says:

    u have to try the locally owned jan burger (caol grilled burger) and traditional tikka abul and offcourse the irani cheese bread……. if u need any help on how to get there just drop me an e-mail ….

  17. Financy says:

    Thank god we live in Kuwait ..

    Kuwait is a decent place .. no hookers , no alcohol ( i know there are few in kuwait of both hookers and alcohol but they are discrete and hidden from the concervative people`s eye )

  18. ahmed says:

    I TOTALLY AGREE WITH FINANCY. I would rather leave dubai and bahrain where they are than to have THAT in kuwait out in the open.

  19. TriniManiac says:

    Loved the post… But out of all the things, how did you end up in an idian brother!
    Poor mark, the image is glued to your mind

  20. holla says:


  21. ananyah says:

    i liked the bar in the diplomat hotel, used to go there alot, except saudi guys tried to pick me up a few times hahaha

  22. Grand Medd says:

    You didnt see any fat ass cheap lebaneese prostitutes? they will rob you at the end. a mate lost his wallet and watch. some kuwaiti abaya mamas are also there in business. but better than smelly lebaneese.

  23. x says:

    OK here is a cool place i always go to in Bahrain and it has what you’re looking for. its called Friday’s bar , don’t worry it has nothing to do with the restaurant , its located inside “Gulf Gate Hotel”, it’s really great music , great atmosphere , down to earth people , and great prices for all drinks , minus the hookers, its near diggers , you leave it on your left hand and walk straight you will find a back door to the gulf gate hotel and find it on you’re right hand or you can just go to the main hotel entrance and ask the reception for it he will show you the way , hope you like it

  24. J says:

    friday’s bar? what the hell is that! most probably another hookers place. stick to BJ’s , safe side!

  25. roro says:

    I’ve learned form the posts that Adliya is the only place to go if you’re in Bahrain. Just gotta make sure I remember that in the case that I go there again.


    Sounds like a movie. Guy gets into cab in new city and asks taxi driver to take him some place “nice”. Poor guy. I hope tonight’s a lot better. Take pics if ya can.

  26. Eddy says:

    title says it all

  27. {13.5} says:

    ….and not a single photo..??!..

  28. Eddy says:

    ^good point :)

  29. Mark says:

    dont have my camera with me. anyway didnt end up doing anything tonight. had to stay in my room working on some stuff. BUT, i am going to come back again and the next time with Nat. need to visit all the stuff you guys have recommended.

  30. Eddy says:

    lol… nat wouldnt be too happy about the hookers would she??

  31. Equalizer says:

    Rock Bottom @ Ramee Hotel Juffair. Mainly American and British army staff, nice live rock bands!!

    Note: The hotel might be the worst thing that you would ever see.

  32. mayhem says:

    Gulf Gate???!! damn… hookers will knock straight at your room’s doorstep..

    and it’s all filled with thailanders and morrocans.

  33. Mark says:

    Gulf Gate? I think thats next to diggers, that place was filled with gulf guys and asian hookers.

  34. moocherx says:

    If you’re in a bar ordering “HALF a pint of Heineken” I don’t think the Asian babes would take a second look… although some of the guys might… ;-)

  35. Fonzy says:

    lol i can imagine u running away from all those hookers. but its a gulf country. am surprised its that bad

  36. arabianfox says:

    Its kinda of sad to see whats happening in this world today :'(

  37. Mark d says:

    HAHAHA..this post cracked me up. But yeah..thats bahrain for you. And HALF a pint of beer…commmon dude!!!

  38. Mark says:

    ok i just googled how much half a pint is and it turns out i didnt order half a pint. it must have been a full pint because you could fill more then one 330ml can of coke in it.

  39. BlaBla says:

    I have been to Bahrain, but i didn’t see it was that bad, I think you have been to a wrong Neighborhood, try to ask about the place where you are going before you go, and I’m sure you’ll not see as much bad images

  40. MSB says:

    yeah, u ended up in one of the worst parts of bahrain! :/

    when u & Nat decide to come to Bahrain, drop us Bahraini bloggers a line.. we’ll take care of you.

  41. AAA says:

    Try going to Likwid pup, every Monday nights they have live Latin music night it’s really nice

  42. Rocker says:

    aight, i know that when down to diggers u saw a lot of hookers, trust me, thats the ONE thing i hate bout that place, but if u can manage to ignore that(jus like me n my friends do when we go down there) you’ll find out that its a brilliant place for rock music, they’ve got a much better band now, and they encourage jammers to go up and sing, play instruments etc…..try to get a seat up there near the stage, those hookers dont dare come that close to the stage cause they know tht the people who want them will never sit way up there….the only reason to sit there is to enjoy the live band…..the manager, carl, is a very nice man once u get to know him, so are the current band members…….
    i personally hate the fact tht this place hookers but diggers is the only place i find wothy enough to get good live music almost every night….hope u can give this place another chance….drop me an email if u wanna get any doubts or have any quetions regarding the comment….

  43. gumman says:

    So sad. my husband hi´s a swedish nationality…and im a asian girl…he call me everynight to say hi how are you…he working in Riyahd, and every wenesday he driving going to Bahrain, attending have some meeting there. I know the hotel where he just staying..for some reason he make me believe that he dont have any girls…and he never fuck around…its hurt me, when i call him to his hotel room´s its a girls who pick up the phone.and she call my husband honey….i am so faithful and honest with him..he is gone for 5 month´s. keep waiting for him to come home with me. and he said that girls is only a friend..I dont know what i should to do now. believe him it´s over..the trust that i gave to him is gone…

  44. Di says:

    Gumman, if he has a girl in his room he had to pay extra to get her in. Would he do that for “just a friend?”

    Bahrain ruins a lot of marriages.

  45. Di says:

    And, might I add, Diggers is one of the worst places. Almost every woman in there is a hooker and they (the hookers) cannot get in with an escort which means that the men are bringing them in with them.

  46. Stephen B. says:

    If you are in or near Diggers, get out and go next door to Wendy’s Bar in the Gulf Gate Hotel. Bar, live music on weekends and no ‘ladies’ as far as I know….just sayin’ …

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