32inch Samsung LCD for just KD99

Post by Mark

I passed by Geant tonight since it’s become a habit for me to pass by every weekend and see what their current offer is. This weekend they are selling the 32inch Samsung LCD for KD99. Actually you pay KD147 but you get a KD48 voucher to use in Geant and a scratch and win card. On my way out I spotted a few people with Sony 32inch LCD’s in their carts so I asked one guy how much it was for and he said KD149 but you get a KD29 voucher back. The TV I want still costs over KD800 sadly…

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  1. M says:

    Well what is the tv you want bud?

  2. Hi kuwait says:

    Geant has good offers I’ll go there tomorrow :)

  3. Mesh says:

    this is TV series I’ve been buzzing for in Al-Andalus Electronics, i wanted the 32″ LED one to hook it up with my gaming Rig,

    i have Samsung P2570 70;000:1 contrast ratio, not bad, but I’ll tell you what, Dynamic contrast Sucks.

    this is an only Edge LED TV, wait till they fill the whole back of it with LED’s, will give you a billion contrast ratio;

    One thing why i won’t buy this TV, still has only 60 Hz Vertical Refresh Rate, won’t be a benifet for NVIDIA 3D VISION;

    Mitsubishi Laser TV is an interesting alternative to me, a pity much expensive and not available in the middle east.

  4. Mesh says:

    and those 99 KD is not Full HD ;

  5. BoBader says:

    Is it HD?

    Here in the US LCD HD TVs prices dropped sharply but I know they won’t work in Kuwait unless you want to use them with a US Blu-Ray, PS3, or AppleTV.

  6. Kolo says:

    You think I’ll get everything out of gaming from it?
    If so where can I find the stores they sell it in?

  7. Mesh says:

    its HD not Full HD, there is a difference;

    if you are planning to play Xbox360 or PS3, get Full HD, it has a better display resolution


  8. Mark says:

    The tv is 720p which works well with the 360 and ps3

  9. R. Halamer says:

    …spotted a few people with Sony 32inch LCD’s in their carts so I asked one guy how much IT was for… And thanks for the info Mark.

  10. YBhatti says:

    Mark, You can still get kd 80/- off on the KD 800/- (LED, I presume) TV you’re looking for…. cause for every KD 10/- spent you get kd 1/- free shopping voucher….
    Thanks for your patronage.
    Geant – Kuwait

  11. Big Moe says:

    If you’re a hardcore gamer, get a Plasma.
    They are the best when it comes to gaming and in-home cinema.

    You can check online reviews if you dont buy that.

  12. wi-fi says:

    wait at 2010 world cup .. the technology will develope plus every thing will be on sale .

  13. boss says:

    Mesh FYI if you buy a Full HD TV and try to watch SD stuff you will hate yourself, but if you buy an HD Ready aka 720p TV and watch SD stuff such as Satellite Receiver it will work best and it will do fine for PS3 and XBOX360 specially that the 360 is still using component not HDMI so i don`t think that it will come close to that 1080p at all.

    well some Full HD TVs (High End Models) exempt from that rule but its the general rule for Full HD TVs.

  14. Mark says:

    The xbox 360 also uses hdmi

  15. The Kuwaiti Godfather says:

    i want to get the new panasonic 150 inch screen but they are not located very commonly in Kuwait and are a bit pricey like 25,000KD i think; but i have to get one

  16. Sfsa78 says:

    Kuwaiti godfather….
    Kd12,000 in electrozan.

  17. Mark says:

    thats 105inch i think. he wants the 150inch.

  18. boss says:

    Well must be that they made an HDMI adapter for the 360 didn`t know about that because i really hate the three fixTey :1

    Microsoft was really in a rush when they made the 360 its really outdated DVD vs Blu-Ray and Component vs HDMI, they`re still trying to improve it, while sony add new features on PS3 Microsoft try to make 360 sounds right :)

  19. Bala says:

    Hi, Thanks for the heads up about the sale yesterday. I chanced upon your blog while checking for good lcd deals in Kuwait yesterday and was really glad to get the Samsung offer at Geant. Keep blogging the way your have been… I will be a regular visitor now.


  20. Mesh says:

    not to mention heat problem in both, the failure % in microsoft is more;

    the ventilation is not adequate, a lot had done fan modifications

  21. Mark says:

    Boss it’s bot an adapter it’s built in. You’re really out of touch..

  22. iQais says:

    is it refurbished or something ..?

  23. lensman says:

    Oh Yeah Mark! That LED tv is what I want too.. Fell in love with it the minute I saw it…

  24. Mohd says:

    Boss ,
    Early Xbox 360 (Falcon ) didn’t come with HDMI
    now all recent ones come with HDMI port .

  25. indiancurry says:

    The way technology is changing it’s better to wait for something new than buy today’s latest version. Sony is coming out with the OLED TV, a screen with organic LEDs, so is it supposed to better than LED TV?

    Wikipedia confirms that blue LEDs do not last well as required. Another technology format that Mitsubishi is introducing (Introduced already?) is the Laser TV that uses red, green and blue lasers to illuminate the panel. It is supposed to be able to reproduce more colours than LCD but it is not a panel but a rear projection style TV.

    Toshiba & Canon were rumoured to introduce SED (Surface-conduction Electron-emitter Display) last year which has 100,000:1 contrast ratio (With this contrast forget LCD, Plasma & LED) but people have gone very quiet since then. We have to wait for the Koreans to start production while the Japanese fight among themselves.

  26. boss says:

    I HATE the 360 thats why i don`t know that it comes with HDMI thanks 4 telling me guys :) the only 2 dudes i know have the oldest model they`re still using the component.

    BTW not being a fanboy or something i have the Original XBOX and it still rocks, the only downside with it no HD support :/ i know i`m an outdated alot but Mark i`m not a gamer after all, games are not my no.1 thing in my life if i ever think of buying a PS3 its just because its a good Blu-Ray player and a console in the same time.

    ANOTHER BTW lol Sony is selling the 32 LCD for 99KD at Ozzan Electronics checkout the Newspaper.

  27. Mark says:

    Well I have the 360 and the PS3 and I prefer the 360. I use my PS3 for games that are PS3 exclusive only.

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