Do you have any PS4 questions?

Post by Mark

I passed by Sony today and picked up a Sony PS4 to review for the blog along with two games, Killzone and Knack. My brother is going to be reviewing it since he’s in charge of the gaming posts on my blog. If you need to know anything about the PS4 just leave a comment below.

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  1. Ahmed says:

    How do you insert the discs? and does it play DVDs and Blu-Rays?

  2. Mike McBain says:

    My tv is on the wall and if I get a PS4 it will be on the other side of that wall.
    Will the Bluetooth on the wireless controller work through a wall?

  3. yoyo says:

    does sony agent has available stock of ps4?

  4. Berry says:

    which region is it (US or EU)? have you heard about “blue light of death” problem? how smooth is playing blu-ray movies? how’s its online play compared to PS3? graphics?
    eventually… is it worth dropping my old PS3 and buying a PS4?

    • It is not. Online play is unstable and generally crap.

      Wait a couple of months then buy it.

    • Patrick says:

      The PS4 region that I received is PAL. The “Blue light of death” issue apparently only affects less than 2% of all PS4’s sold. I’ve yet to play blu-ray movies, but I’ll be sure to try it out. I’m going to try playing Killzone online tonight, I heard that the multiplayer is a lot of fun. Graphics wise, it’s not a big boost, but that’s to be expected from launch games. Killzone does look good though.

      Is it worth it now? I’ve yet to decide. Just catch my review when it’s up and I’ll cover that in detail :)

  5. meh says:

    Does it hinder or improve my chances of getting a girlfriend?

  6. 3azeez says:

    Here is says that PS4 supports keyboard and mouse:

    Will we be able to play games with keyboard and mouse? FPS games in particular.


  7. Mark says:

    Where are the grammar nazis when you need them. Didn’t anyone notice my whole first sentence didn’t make any sense?

    “I passed by Sony today and a Sony PS4 to review for the blog along with two games, Killzone and Knack. ”

    fixing it now

  8. Samer says:

    Still available in stock?

  9. Jj says:

    Where are the sony branches in kuwait?
    What region is it?

  10. Jj says:

    Oh and how much is a ps4?

  11. Roy says:

    XCite Sony and Eureka have it sold out. The new batch should arrive in two weeks time or on the 15th of January

  12. Duce says:

    Do external hard drives still have to be formatted as FAT32 to be recognized, or do NTFS drives work now?

    How is it with playing mkv/mp4 hd movies?

    • aaa says:

      I heard it actually doesn’t recognize external HDDs at ALL which is kinda shitty. They want you to buy off their store instead of using the PS4 to play pirated movies :(

  13. Neo says:

    Hey Patrick,

    Is there any way to make the PS4 backward compatible to play PS3, PS2 & PS1 games ?

  14. bob says:

    wow such resolution. much 720p. awsum 30fps

  15. muTTon says:

    Ne idea when they will be resolving the media server issue … im a big fan of consoles brought out by sony, however not including a media server was an absolute let down.. Do let me know if you have read any thing abt this addition to their existing list of functions.. mE

  16. zoro says:

    everyone is bitching about the xbox and ps4.
    and i am just sitting here on my PC masturbating.

  17. Nicolas says:

    Fifa 14( ps4 version )its embarrasing.

  18. Neoark25 says:

    I have one :)

  19. Wishbone says:

    I got one question:
    Can I get one free ?

    It is a question .. next …

  20. Akbar says:

    Gaming, Why?

  21. Mathai says:

    Patrick, will it blend?

    Thank you.

  22. WnM says:

    Can it be jail broken ?

  23. AT says:

    Its available at lulu hypermarket for 130 , My question hopefully to be answered in the review , Is it actually worth waiting for a second version or just go with the first ?

  24. Big D is a B says:

    Is the console Big D compatible. Is Big D really a B?

  25. Neoark25 says:

    you can pre-order again from x-cite! fpr those who missed first time

  26. hamoudss says:

    hellow there, im trying buy 3 months plus card but they are declining my visa, i went ahead and bought a prepaid card from blink (US) and they are declining it too when i redeem

    i just want to go online on my cod ghost

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