Kuwait Law: Obtaining a commercial licence online

Post by Fajer Ahmed

Local newspapers today are reporting that the Ministry of Commerce and Industries is working on providing a service for locals to apply/obtain commercial permits online. The Municipality, Fire Departments and Civil Services will all be connected online. It should be up and running early next year and it will take a lot less time and a lot less paper work to get things done. It’s a system that’s already in place in neighboring countries like UAE and Qatar. [Source]

Post by Fajer Ahmed – Legal Counsel
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  1. adlybazaar says:

    my BUTT! It’ll probably get implemented the same year they get rid of the slave….I mean sponsor system and that will be the same year they finish building the new airport and metro…

    • Wishbone says:

      A lot of countries require a sponsor if you aren’t staying as a tourist. As a Kuwaiti I don’t want the sponsor system removed I would love it to be amended.

      A decade late implementing the system but at least they are trying. Just hope they have a budget for yearly maintenance.

  2. 3azeez says:

    I think Fajer misunderstood the report. What it says is NOT “providing a service for locals to apply/obtain commercial permits online.” but rather linking different government bodies involved in issuing commercial license. And the article lists them as Ministry of Commerce, Municipality, Fire department, Civil Service Commission, “and others”.

    Basically what I gather from this, in the past when you apply for commercial license, you have to start at ministry of commerce who then forward you to all other government agencies for approvals… which usually takes many days as you have to drive around and go through dealing with many people. Now you’ll only apply in one place and everything will be done for you through the Ministry of commerce system.

  3. ibnturab says:

    Bil mishmish

  4. AHMAD says:

    ABOUT TIME..This should have been done many years ago

  5. gsus says:

    Fajer I have some small legal questions I would like to ask you. Do you have an email or someway I could contact you?

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