Writers strike (almost) over

Post by K.theKuwaiti

The writers strike is unofficially over, a few weeks before the Oscars.

Seeing how there is tons of news covering the issue, I am going to keep this simple and concise:

  1. Writers should start getting back to work by Monday.
  2. Most shows would begin writing scripts and reworking the storylines.
  3. It would take 6 – 8 weeks to get up and running.
  4. For those continuing the season: Expect 4 – 6 episodes left, airing in April (late) – May.
  5. Other networks may scrap the season and begin production for next season (Aug – Sep).

The writers strike has also affected Movies, as most scripts were placed on hold. Expect production to resume; with releases (Da Vinci code 2) showing up sometime in the Winter.

More information can be found [here].

Posted by K.

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  1. Angelo says:

    Da Vinci Code 2?

    I think you mean “Angels and Demons”.

    Yeah I heard about that and hopefully they get everything up and running. Currently, many networks are focusing on reality TV since it doesn’t required an “intelligent” script.

  2. K.theKuwaiti says:

    Your right, Its officially called Angels and Demons. I refer to it as DVC-2 because its the same storyline and the is being marketed as a prequel/sequel.

  3. Z District says:

    They are screwing with my 24 schedule!

  4. Equalizer says:

    8 Lost episodes this season because of them !!

  5. Big Pearls says:

    I miss my weekly episodes so much, I want them back soon:(

  6. TRiPLE M says:

    now back to Prison Break, Lost and Heroes.

  7. Thank God for the writer’s strike because I got to catch up on all the series I haven’t watched in ages (selfish, I know) … and its a good thing its over because I love the Oscars.. :)

  8. Stafa. says:

    K’s posts are becoming much cooler!
    You should post more on your blog K!

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