Kuwait 1984 – 1987

Post by Mark


It’s a slow news day so I decided to repost these four home videos taken by a guy called Chris who used to live in Kuwait back in the early 80s. He shot a lot of videos back then but most are no longer readable and the ones he did manage to get working he digitized and uploaded onto YouTube. If you lived in Kuwait during the 80s you’ll appreciate these videos. Check them out below.





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  1. Firas says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this. You took me 20 years back in time :( The streets, the shops and the beautiful blue Kuwaiti sea. Kuwait doesn’t feel Kuwait anymore. God bless them old days.

  2. Lucky_dude says:

    Wow very nostalgic

  3. Taz says:

    Beautiful! :-)

  4. insom says:

    Kuwait was the most advanced country in the Gulf in the 1980s

    Kuwait was the ‘Dubai’ before the Gulf War

    Kuwait was so advanced that many Emiratis, Qataris, and Bahrainis used to come to Kuwait just to get an education at our public schools and universities

    Kuwait was the richest country in the world per capita in the 1980s

    There was no Qatar or UAE in the 1980s, UAE and Qatar were very poor and underdeveloped in the 1980s.

    Kuwait was so beautiful

  5. ManO!man says:

    Kuwait was, Kuwait was Kuwait WAS…..

  6. HANSEL says:

    As much as it was nice to see how Kuwait was, it really is quite sad (watched the last one only)
    most of what i have seen in the video is already here today, nothing new !
    not much in terms of development considering it has been 30 or so years .. some new roads , some new malls , new cars , touch ups after the war …… !

  7. Ahmad says:

    Thanks for sharing this! made me sad for dome reason.

    Old is gold.

  8. Ahmad says:


  9. I Hart Q8 says:

    I love you some more Mark simply for posting those wonderful wonderful home videos. You take us back to that era when Salem Mubarak street and not the Grand Avenues used to be the silk stocking district in town. How different did things use to be back then?! I still remember it is as the golden Jordanian- Palestinian era in the annals of Kuwait’s history.

    The one thing that has not changed since then however, is people watching as a national pastime- you could argue it is a national weekend sport of sorts in Q8, for all and sundry to participate in. Mind it the eye candy back then was vastly superior to today’s landscape and of course, the landscape has shifted and how! :). from the elegant boulevards in high street Salmiya lined by independent boutiques the likes of Funny Girl, Tiffany & Tomatoes, Al Ritaj to the overly franchised Avenues mall we now have in Al Rai. Have lovely memories of visiting the New Supermarket on Salem Mubrarak, Waleed Toys, Family Bookshop, Wajeh and Pavane for haute couture among others. Once I step into my reverie it’s difficult for me to then stop.
    Merci beaucoup Mark for being the facilitator of this trip down memory lane!

    Suppose the only constant in Life is change itself.

  10. Skinny Dipping-A Way of Life ? says:

    it was pretty bold of the ladies in Chris’s family even back then to consider going for a swim on the Ras Salmiya waterfront dressed in a sexy swim suit.
    About the only places I thought women could go swimming dressed like that were the private beaches off Egaila and Getty Beach. You would be chancing your arm going skinny dipping in the cool azure waters off Getty Beach in the early hours of the morning. Oh! The Good Carefree Uncensored Life.

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