Photos of Old Cinescape Theaters

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I managed to get my hands on some old photos of Cinescape (KNCC) movie theaters. Some of these photos were taken back when the theaters were still active while others were taken I am assuming before they were demolished. I wasn’t aware we had open air cinemas before, I knew of the open air drive-thru cinemas like the Ahmadi one but didn’t know we had seated open air cinemas. Must have been an interesting experience watching a movie outdoors in this heat.

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  1. yousef alshallal says:


    look at how beautiful those cinema buildings are, too bad they got demolished …

  2. Marga T says:


    Truly, those pictures speak more than a thousand words. I always have an appreciation for old architectures, they speak of history, cultures and natural beauty. I wish they were preserved though or turned to an entertainment museum.

    Thank you for sharing these pictures. :-)

  3. mobi says:

    Does anyone know if they used to censor movies back in the day?

  4. Cinepolis says:

    Kuwait used to be a rocking place in the swinging 60s, 70s and 80s leading up to the invasion. Still is actually :) if u know where to look. Censorship was subtler and society far more permissive than now. I ache for watching film at Salmeya cinema again with its huge red satin curtain and at the drive in cinema on the Sixth Ring Road where 360 is presently sat. Remember watching the Legends of the Fall and the Titanic both at the open air drive in on the 6th.

    Too bad they knocked off both the drive in cinemas in the country. It’s a shame they never could transition to digitally mastered film.

  5. s. jayaraj says:

    Around mid seventies, I had seen some Hindi movies in cinema al fahaheel. I still remember vaguely the music played just before screening movies.

  6. abrar79 says:

    that open air cinema screen was in fahaheel before 1990 but now demolished, glad to see cinema fahaheel photos after 24 years.. keep posting vintage fahaheel & kuwait stuff :)

    i run group in facebook about 80’s stuff photos related to kuwait childhood memories, if you got facebook then log in and enjoy this link :

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