Ahmadi Drive-In Cinema

Post by Mark

Yesterday after dropping off my dog at the vet and heading to the airport I decided to pass by the old Ahmadi Drive-In Cinema. I’ve been wanting to pass by for ages and figured I’d quickly scout out the place to see where I could climb in from and then come back another day.

When I got there I drove up to the main entrance where cars in the old days would line up before driving in and noticed the main gate was closed. I decided I would drive around the complex to see if I could find some kind of hole or a low wall I could jump. But, as soon as I turned to the side of the building I noticed the side gate was left open. It caught me a bit by surprise and from where I was sitting in the car I could see the cinema screen inside. I had my camera with me and I still had time to get to the airport so I figured what the heck, took my camera and went inside.

The place is huge, I’ve never been to a drive-in theater before so I was a bit dumbfounded by the size. Once you’re inside you’re closed off from the rest of the world and it was around 6pm when I got there which was during sunset so the whole experience was pretty tranquil. I loved the place.

Although the place is not being taken care at least they haven’t demolished it. There are so many possibilities for this space, even though drive-in’s are long gone that doesn’t mean the place can’t be used for anything worthwhile. One thing I’d love to see take place inside there is car booth sales You’ve got a nice space that’s isolated from the surroundings as well as a place with history so events like that would fit perfectly. Even car meets and monthly flea markets could work really well in that space.

Whatever comes of the place I just hope they keep the structure standing.

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  1. Danderma says:

    Its beautiful! They can even have exhibitions there when the weather permits!

    But why are there so many hoover like heads in heaps? What where these used for?

  2. Kuwait says:

    Mark, this is the exact location where the proposed ‘Mall of Kuwait’ was to be built.

    2008 post:

  3. ismail khan says:

    what if some one wanna leave in the middle of the movie to WC or any such urgency

  4. Studio NO.22 says:

    Just to give you an idea of the process…you would drive in, park next to one of the stands that looked like a gas pump. You would then open 2 side windows slightly, one for the air pump and one for sound. They would be held in place by the window itself.

    There were also intervals were people would go to the kiosk and/or bathroom. You could also go during the movie, however if you were sitting on the side with the pumps, it was more difficult to leave the car lol.

    The best part was is that you were in your own little cocoon enjoying the movie, yet still part of a crowd.

  5. Studio NO.22 says:

    Oh and thank you for sharing these photos, they really bring back memories :)

  6. abdou says:

    did you spot any movie posters anything dated?

  7. Th says:

    I think the Drive-In at Zahra (Now 360 mall) was amazing as well..Was fun sitting in Dads comfy Oldsmobile with the speaker onto the window

  8. Desert Girl says:

    This is cool. I didn’t know any of the old drive ins were still standing. I remember the one at 360. Thanks for posting this.

  9. Thinka says:

    It looks really amasing, but unfortunately i doubt they will do something with the space. I have not been in Kuwait long but I feel i missed the ‘best times’ of this country. So many things you talk about that arent there anymore or in disrepair. The country could be amasing, they have fantastic beaches and weather. Why dont they do more to beautify this country. There is so much wealth? Shame. I would love to go to a drive in movie, wish they would reinstate this. :-(

  10. tjcfilms says:

    Nice shots Mark. I miss going to the drive in. Saw ET and Return Of The Living Dead at a drive in.

  11. BuYousif2010 says:

    Ah i still remember going there as it was yesterday. Specially when i saw the vent hoses on the ground :) i loved going there with my family. I hope that the KNCC re-open the place,,,

  12. Matt says:

    Hi Mark,
    loved the pictures.Would love to go and see it for myself, please could someone tell me where i find this place?

  13. Chris says:

    Wow.. Memories!

  14. Abbass says:

    It was an amazing place, I really doubt they’ll re-open it for one simple reason… they have no control on where to put bachelors and families those sick minded extremists!! Kuwait once was amazing… every night I actually say to myself… maybe tomorrow will be a better day :'(
    Unfortunately now everyone wants more money, the majlis is stuck in reverse and all they think about is how to seperate men from women.

  15. Moody says:

    Now i know what my parents used to talk about! tho am still surprised that it seemed no one ever touched it since it got closed down!

  16. Eddie says:

    Hey every one, well it was suppose to be demolished 3 years ago , since they wanted to build the mall of Kuwait by Tamdeen real estate how ever they had some issues the with GOV and the BOT system in Kuwait.

  17. YM965 says:

    I wish they would re-open a drive in cinema, it would be so cool to just drive in, park, and watch.

  18. NjQ8 says:

    I miss that place… beautiful memories with my family! <3

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