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A visit to the tire graveyard

Yesterday after my visit to MRC I decided to pass by the tire graveyard which was located around 5 minutes down the road from them. The road that takes you to the tire graveyard is unpaved and unmarked but with the help of Google Maps I didn’t have any trouble finding it. Once there I was awestruck with the amount of tires that were piled up on top of each other, literally millions and millions of them.

To get a better look at the tires I first had to climb a tall wall of tires but once I got to the top the sight was spectacular. I know it’s not a good thing because these tires are an environmental disaster but still you can’t deny it’s a scene like no other.

I didn’t know if I was allowed to be there of if I was allowed to take pictures so I quickly snapped a few shots and got out. I really need to go back since it’s full of photo opportunities. On the bright side I did end up with a cool desktop wallpaper (pictured above) so that was worth it. If you want to use the picture above as a wallpaper as well you can download the higher resolution version from [Here]

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Wow! There is a crisis (tire burning), you visit the recycling plant then swing around and visit this tire graveyard (incredible photos); I wonder how many government officials have done that? I think you should be mayor of Salmiya.

No security check points or anything. If you look at the first picture on top, right at the very end I saw some yellow baladiya trucks but not sure what they were doing. Where I was, around 200 meters away there was some kind of factory, maybe where they recycle the tires?

I love the middle photo. Can you post a high resolution link to that? While you are at it post them all 🙂 Do you have a Flickr account?

if those tires were in Japan or USA ..they will still gonna benefit from them..they would use them for a new invention ..instead of polluting the environment !!!!!

I say we turn it into art, What if all the tires are tied togeather and stacked up to Form Mt. Q8 over time sand will pile aginst it and it will become the first mountain in Kuwait.

If someone will give me 4.678 Million KD I will do it and call it art like the guy who put pink around the islands in the pacific.

Hey Mark! Great photo! I was just wondering if I may use your photo for the background image of my website?

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