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Restoring the Kuwait Towers Windows

If you’ve ever been to the Kuwait Towers you probably noticed the dirty windows and wondered why they weren’t being cleaned. Well turns out they were being cleaned but the glass itself had discolored and oxidized over the years making them look dirtier than they actually were.

The Kuwait Towers are located right by the sea so they’re exposed to the salty sea air that has corrosive effects on a variety of the materials used in the towers including concrete, metal and glass. Back in June I posted about how the blue discs covering the towers were getting restored, well last week I found out that the glass is now also getting restored.

A company called RITEC was contracted for the restoration which involves a 5 stage process. The first stages relate to the actual restoration of the glass where various chemicals and abrasives are used to remove the oxidation from the glass. Once the oxidation is removed, the glass is polished and revived to its original state making it look brand new. The final stages involve protecting the glass with a nonstick clear shield that not only will prevent the salt from adhering to the glass again, but also dust. In fact, the windows will require 70% less cleaning and will no longer need any soap or chemicals to get cleaned, just water.

This restoration process is currently ongoing as of this post and they’ve already nearly completed restoring the glass at the observation deck and are in process of restoring the glass around the restaurants.

The next time you visit the towers you should see a night and day difference. You’ll finally be able to see out of the windows clearly as well as take nicer shots of the city skyline.


The Gulf Road is Finally Getting a Bicycle Path

The Gulf Road is one of my favorite places in Kuwait but the lack of a bike path is very frustrating. I ride my bicycle on the walkway close to the water but the path isn’t wide enough for both bicycles and people when it’s busy and even when it’s empty the pathway is fairly rough to ride on using a road bike. Because the only other alternative is riding on the road with the cars ,I put up with the issues because I don’t really have another choice.

But looks like we’re finally going to get a dedicated bicycle path.

SSH, the architecture and engineering consultant firm have just taken over the waterfront project. SSH are the same people behind such projects as the Sheikh Jaber Al Ahmad Cultural Centre (JACC) and the Sheikh Abdullah Al Salem Cultural Centre (ASCC) so I’m very excited about this.

The 9.7-kilometre-long waterfront project will stretch from the Yacht Club in Salmiya all the way to the Kuwait Towers and offer essential amenities for visitors, over 60 commercial and investment opportunities for local businesses, various sports activities, swimming areas, a bicycle path, a jogging path, and a recreational area for children.

The project timeline is 1 year.

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What a 4,500KD a Night Hotel Room Looks Like

Back in February, I got a tour of a 2,000KD-a-night hotel room but a friend told me there was a more luxurious 4,500KD-a-night room at the St.Regis. So I got in touch with them and after a bit of back and forth getting all the approvals, yesterday I finally got a tour of their 4,500KD-a-night Amiri Suite.

The 400sqm suite was designed to be a luxurious home away from home for royalty, diplomats, and celebrities. The suite can’t be booked online only by phone. It has a beautiful view of JACC and a lot of features including:

  • Master Bedroom
  • Barber Area
  • Meeting Room
  • Video Conference Room
  • Large Dining Area
  • Massage Room
  • Fitness Area
  • Sauna and Steam Room

Unless someone proves me wrong, I believe this has to be the most expensive hotel room in Kuwait. If you want to see some nicer photos of the room, they a few on the @stregiskuwait website. Link


Hyatt Centric Hotel 1954

A new 1950s themed hotel is opening up in Khiran:

The Kuwaiti people have a nostalgic view of the 1950s and the associated era of timeless cinematic classics. 1954 hotel provides a glimpse into this era by bringing back common elements from this period and linking them to more current trends. The drive-in cinema and food truck park both promote a more casual environment with direct links to the 1950s. The hotel provides architectural references in both form and detailing, while still being a modern example of hospitality.

No opening date was shared but the mall the hotel is connected to is expected to open in May. More info and renders here.

Thanks lovelykuwait & ChaoticTranquility


Cool Cabin Getaway in Wafra, Kuwait

This cabin which looks like it’s located in a remote area of Montana is actually in Wafra. The retro-looking A-frame building has 3 bedrooms with a second smaller cabin next door that has another extra bedroom. There is also an outdoor temperature-controlled pool, a small pond, and lots of greenery and hills around the 10,000 sqm property.

One night at the A-frame costs 150KD while a weekend is 500KD. It holds up to 8 people, so find enough friends and that’s around 60KD per person for a weekend getaway in Kuwait. @a_framekw

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Pret A Manger Food Donations

If you’re a fan of Pret you’re probably aware that in the UK, any unsold food is always donated through the Pret Foundation.

So this got me thinking, what about Kuwait? Last week I reached out to Pret to find out and it turns out that in Kuwait it’s no different.

Locally, Pret A Manger has partnered up with the local non-profit organization re:food to try and make a difference. Every day any unsold food is donated by Pret to re:food who then take it and pass it along to the people who need it the most.

It’s a win-win for everybody and so I hope more places start doing this.


Redeveloping Souq Mubarakiya with Trams

Since Souq Mubarakiya is under renovation due to the fire earlier this year, an architect asked the question, what if we redeveloped it with trams? Using the artificial intelligence program Midjourney, he was able to generate a few images which I think look great.

Souq Mubarakiya might be too small to need a tram but it could work if it started in the old village under construction across from Seef Palace and then continued through the market and back down to the Kuwait National Museum and library. Check out more photos @architect_abdulahad


SVN Beach Resort Opening Soon

SVN (pronounced seven) is the name of the new beach resort that took over the old Cornich Club location on the Gulf Road. It’s a collaboration between BNK and Inspire Fitness and they’re now getting ready to open soon. They have an exclusive opening event this coming Thursday and the resort itself will open up early next year.

So far from the little I’ve seen, it looks really cool, definitely trendier than anything else around right now. @svn_kw

Correction: I was informed that Inspire are just managing the fitness area of SVN and aren’t partners.


So Many Tourist Overlanders!

Is it me or is Kuwait getting a lot of Overlanding tourists this year? Back in September, I posted about Petra, the German lady traveling around the world in her huge MAN KAT 8×8 but I keep spotting other visiting overlanders parked on the Gulf Road or mall parking lots. Yesterday one tourist overlander posted a photo showing three other overlanders parked near him. It seems they all use the app iOverlander which has a list of safe to camp spots in Kuwait and around the world which is how they all end up parked in the same spots.

Speaking of places to park, all the Gulf Road parking lots are starting to look like RV campgrounds with lots of motorhomes (not overlanders) parked each taking up multiple parking spots. We clearly don’t seem to have any regulation against this and you know what that means, eventually they’ll just ban motorhomes so they don’t have to deal with it.

Anyway back to the subject, currently, there are at least 4 overlanders passing through Kuwait, @aufaufunddavon_, @the_travely, @busleven and @defendter_. It’s really interesting checking their accounts and watching what they do while they’re in Kuwait. They all seem to really love it here, @busleven for example have spent the most time in Kuwait than any other place they’ve been to so far because of how much they’re liking it. So check out their accounts, they usually all have great photos as well.


Tinder Dates Gone Wrong

@datingkw is a TikTok account where the owner shares her Kuwait Tinder date stories. The account reminded me of some of the previous ones I’ve shared before like Single in the Shires and I Date Kuwait, both of which are no longer active.

There are currently a few stories up, hopefully, she keeps adding more since they’re pretty entertaining. Check out her account here.