Cool Cabin Getaway in Wafra, Kuwait

This cabin which looks like it’s located in a remote area of Montana is actually in Wafra. The retro-looking A-frame building has 3 bedrooms with a second smaller cabin next door that has another extra bedroom. There is also an outdoor temperature-controlled pool, a small pond, and lots of greenery and hills around the 10,000 sqm property.

One night at the A-frame costs 150KD while a weekend is 500KD. It holds up to 8 people, so find enough friends and that’s around 60KD per person for a weekend getaway in Kuwait. @a_framekw

12 replies on “Cool Cabin Getaway in Wafra, Kuwait”

Maybe you should rename it and place a link to it somewhere on your page…Some of us had started to use it as a good “go to list” even beyond the lock downs

Mark … maybe we should meet up in Montana someday and compare the two locations? hahaha I’m betting Montana > Wafra any ol day.

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