Test Driving the New INEOS Grenadier

This is not a Land Rover Defender. It might look like one in the photos but thats because the INEOS billionaire owner decided to build a replacement for his old Defender after Land Rover stopped making them. The Defender wasn’t a very practical car and it was known to have a lot of shortcomings. The Grenadier is the spiritual successor of the original Defender but with all the problems fixed.

I’ve been interested in this car ever since it launched so I was super excited to drive it. I had the car for 24 hours so I got to spend a lot of time with it and here is what I liked and disliked.

The Good
The exterior has a timeless look so it won’t get old. The interior is filled with buttons which I love and there are even buttons on the roof. The AC worked great and I drove it during the hottest parts of the day. There were both USB-A and USB-C ports, wireless CarPlay, reverse sensors and camera, and every other essential but basic tech. The car was very comfortable on rough roads and the engine easily picked up speed on the highways.

The Bad
The car I drove had the glass sunroof option which meant I had the sun in my face all day. The AC although strong had 4 only blower steps, 4 was too powerful, 3 wasn’t powerful enough and I couldn’t set it in between. The AC knob also didn’t have a nice feel or click to it which is weird considering all the other 600 buttons felt great. There is no dash cluster in front of you which is fine because your speed and other info is displayed on the left of the center screen. But that pushes CarPlay too far right and the reverse camera also all the way right. It was annoying in use. Finally, the biggest issue I have with the car is the cost. The car starts at 21,900 while the model I drove is 26.5. That’s a lot of money but I guess everything is expensive nowadays.

Would I buy the car? Yes totally, if it was cheaper. I’m the perfect customer for this car so I feel this car was made for me. I love the look; I like that it has only the essential tech and I love the story on why this car exists. It’s a perfect go anywhere do anything 4X4.

There is no INEOS showroom yet since the car officially launches in Kuwait at the end of the year. The dealer is Al Babtain and you can check out the car or get more info by calling 67677715.

50s to 90s Automotive

The Old Rolls Royce Taxi was Found in Saudi!

There’s an old story from back in the 70s about a man who wasn’t dressed well walking into the Rolls Royce dealer in Kuwait to check out the cars. The man asked the salesman how much the car cost and the salesman replied that he wouldn’t be able to afford it. The man left the dealership upset but came up with an idea for payback. A few days later he went to the dealership again and purchased the Rolls Royce. He then registered it as a taxi cab and had it painted orange with a white stripe.

The man then put the taxi into service and was regularly picking up passengers and he even used to park it in front of the dealership just to mess with them even more. Eventually the dealership reached out to the man apologizing to him and offered to buy back the car from him and give him a more expensive one in return.

The man accepted and he handed the orange Rolls Royce to the dealership and got a new one in return. The orange Rolls was thought to have been repainted back to its original color and then resold, but, the car was recently found at a scrapyard in Khafji, Saudi Arabia, complete in its original orange paint and still had the original red license plates!

That’s pretty insane! You can check out the video by Bin Zuayd on YouTube embeded above or visit his Instagram account @khalid_eisaa to watch it there.

Automotive Sports

When an F1 Car Raced Down the Gulf Road

Formula One picked up in popularity over the past few years because of the Netflix documentary “Drive to Survive” so a lot of new (and some old) F1 fans in Kuwait will find this tidbit interesting.

Back in 2014, Red Bull brought their junior driver Carlos Sainz along with their F1 car to Kuwait and then had him race up and down the Gulf Road. I managed to get some photos as well as a video from that day which you can check out here.

If you’re an F1 fan then you know that Carlos Sainz is now Ferraris main driver and so you might be kicking yourself for not meeting him back when he came to Kuwait as just a young Red Bull junior racing team driver.


Procedure After Losing a License Plate

This might come in handy one day, a reader recently lost one of his license plates and decided to share the process of getting a new one in case it happens to anyone else. Here are the steps he had to take:

  1. Go to the police station and get a police complaint

  2. Go to your traffic department and get an application typed by the typing center there (tell them you need to get a new license plate). You will need your civil ID copy, a copy of the car registration, and the original copy of the police complaint from the first step

  3. You’ll need to purchase a stamp, the amount depends on the type of license plate you have

  4. You need to go to the department head and get his signature and stamp. He will also ask you to write your name, number and sign the paper.

  5. After getting your paper signed you will have to go to one of the computer counters. They will enter your details and then call you and ask you to take photocopies of two papers and go to the license plates room. Make sure you don’t have any fines before giving them your papers or else they’ll give them back to you and ask you to go pay your fines first

  6. The license plates person will give you a small sheet of paper with details attached to the photocopies you gave them

  7. Take the paper and then head to the Assima traffic department in Shuwaikh and head to the license plate factory there which is on the ride side of the main building (Google Maps)

  8. Give the paper to the guy at the reception and he will ask you to get a signature from the manager. When you get that signature give the paper back to him

  9. He will ask you to wait and 5-10 minutes later you’ll have your new license plate

Thanks Uzair

Automotive Events

KMT Formula Series this Weekend!

Kuwait will be hosting the “Formula 4 UAE” and “Formula Regional Middle East” Championship this weekend for the first time ever. Both these events are governed by FIA, the same sporting federation that governs “Formula One”.

This is the second time that Kuwait Motor Town is hosting an international event this season and because this is a FIA event, it’s pretty big. The way the organizers are handling things behind the scenes is extremely professional and they’re being very strict. I just left the media briefing and safety is being prioritized above everything else with every decision being made, even with simple things like track access for the media which for this event is only being given to media who’ve participated in previous KMT events.

You can watch these races at the track!

These races are open to spectators to come and watch and there will be various activities happening at the track for all ages ranging from food trucks to bouncy castles. This event should be fun to watch.

The ticket price is KD2 for the day or if you want to attend all 4 days including testing and qualifying its KD5. The full detailed schedule is available on the KMT website but here are the race start times:

Friday, January 27
2:30 pm – F4 UAE (Race 1)
3:45 pm – FRME (Race 1)

Saturday, January 28
9:40 am- F4 UAE (Race 2)
10:30 am – FRMEC (Race 2)
2:25 pm – F4 UAE (Race 3)
3:20 pm – FRMEC (Race 3)

For tickets or more information, visit @kmtkw or

Tickets can also be purchased at the gate if they aren’t sold out.


What the New Traffic Cameras Can Catch

The MOI has started the process of replacing the old traffic cameras with the new ones all around Kuwait. Below is a list of most of the violations these new cameras will be able to capture.

The strangest violation for me is the fact they will now fine you for using your phone while stopped at a red light. EVERYONE gets on their phone at red lights, so not sure how that’s going to work.

Anyway, here is the list of violations the new cameras can capture:

  • Driving above the speed limit
  • Using the phone while driving
  • Using the phone at traffic lights
  • Driving without the seatbelt on
  • Running red lights
  • Changing lanes without using the indicator
  • Stopping in the yellow box at intersections
  • Driving on the wrong side of the road
  • Taking illegal u-turns, right or left turns
  • Not driving in the designated heavy vehicle lane

MOI Installing New Smarter Speed Cameras

Yesterday the Ministry of Interior announced they would be installing new smarter speed cameras around Kuwait. The new cameras are pretty high-tech and can detect things like illegal turns, cars blocking pedestrian walkways, people using their phones while driving, and even spotting if you have a seatbelt on or not.

One of the things I hate the most is driving behind someone going super slow on the fast lane because they’re texting or taking a selfie so I hope they install a ton of these new cameras all around Kuwait.


New Police Cars, Hot or Not?

The cops have started getting their new cars with the updated livery and I’ve already seen a few on the streets and I think they look pretty hot. They’re much nicer than the current cars and I love the new metallic blue they’re using.

But, a lot of people seem to dislike the new livery, no idea why though.

Automotive Events

The 12H HANKOOK KUWAIT Race Has Started!

The 12H HANKOOK KUWAIT race started at 12 PM today and will last till midnight. This is the first-ever international circuit racing event to be held in Kuwait so you probably don’t want to miss this important moment.

It’s a 12-hour endurance race which is why it’s going on till midnight, but the benefit of that is you can come by anytime during the day to chill in the grandstands and watch the race. It’s open to the public and tickets are 3KD. There are also food and coffee trucks as well as a kid’s area.

If you’ve never been to the Kuwait Motor Town race track, here is the location on Google Maps.


No More Potholes!

Although Winter Wonderland is gonna cause traffic chaos in Salmiya, one of the benefits of having them in the neighborhood is that they’ve started fixing all the roads around the area. There are now zero potholes or any broken roads from my apartment to the Gulf Road because they’ve been paving all the roads during the evening. Thank you Winter Wonderland!