18 07, 2019

No Parking Vehicles to Roam the Streets

2019-07-18T09:37:44+03:00Jul 18, 2019|17 Comments

In a bid to stop people from parking illegally the MOI have launched new “No Parking Vehicles” to drive around areas and ticket illegal parkers. The vehicles have cameras located on the outside to capture the license plate of violators automatically without having to leave the car making it really convenient.

Not sure how I feel about this, I think I preferred the previous method of removing license plates and towing cars since those were instant punishments that caused a lot of headache to the violators. I don’t think this new system will be as effective since violators will only know they got fined way after the incident.

In any case, not being pessimistic or anything but based on the history of MOI ideas, this won’t last long anyway before things go back to normal.

Thanks Meshari

9 07, 2019

“Disaster Car” Detailing Project

2019-07-09T11:49:09+03:00Jul 9, 2019|14 Comments

So this is a funny story that recently happened that made me appreciate car detailing a lot more than I already did.

One of the guys in my WhatsApp group has an old 1995 Acura Integra which he’s turned into a track car. He’s upgraded the engine and brakes on it, stripped out the interior to reduce weight and he has a ton of fun with it on the race track. Since the end of last year though he’s had the car parked in a dirt lot outside another friends place gathering dust. Not that it was in good condition before he parked it, half the car was covered in ducktape while the rest of the car really needed a paint job.

Last week the guy whose house the car is parked outside of took the picture above and shared it on our whatsapp group. Right away we started teasing the car’s owner with jokes about how he should scrap the car and other silly stuff. As a joke I suggested he should get the car detailed which he replied to saying he was waiting for a sponsor. Within seconds one of the guys captured a screenshot of the conversation and sent it to another friend of ours who owns Al Falah Car Wash. Al Falah have a detailing service called Showshine which I’ve posted about on the blog before and after seeing the screenshot of the conversation, they responded with “bring it on” in full confidence not really knowing how bad the condition of the car was.

A week later they got to see the car in person after it was dropped off to them and I wish I was there to see their faces. They knew it was going to be a challenge, but they didn’t think the car was in this bad of a condition. They started posting pictures on their instagram account and started calling it the “Disaster Car Detail”.

One of my friends even joked that he would give them a trophy if they can get it just decent looking. I dropped by to take some before pictures of the car and when I saw it in person I thought it was a hopeless case. The car had no shine whatsoever, the paint was completely flat and patchy, it was truly a disaster car.

Over the next two days, Showshine worked hard on the car, they started off with a regular wash before moving it into their detailing department to start the difficult process. Finally, when they were done and pictures of the car started leaking into our group we couldn’t believe it. The car looked new and shiny! When I passed by and saw the car in person I couldn’t believe it was the same one. They did such an incredible job detailing the car and somehow managed to bring the color and shine back to life.

My friend who joked that he would give them a 🏆 also kept his word.

For the past couple of weeks, I had been thinking about giving my Datsun 240z which I recently purchased a paint job. But now after seeing what they could do with a disaster car, I’ve actually decided to get the car detailed instead. If they could bring back so much color and shine to my friend’s car, then it should be fairly easy with mine which is in so much better shape.

Thank you Al Falah for going along with this. If you want to get your car detailed their prices start from KD30 (depends on the size of the car). Al Falah are my favorite car wash and they’re on instagram @showshinealfalah.

30 06, 2019

Serv – Car Storage Facility

2019-06-30T08:30:28+03:00Jun 30, 2019|7 Comments

Not sure why there is a sudden influx in car storage facilities in Kuwait, but it doesn’t really matter since the more facilities like this the more competitive their prices will have to be. Last week I posted about a new car storage facility called Curated, and now this is another brand new facility called Serv.

Serv is also located in Kuwait City, specifically in the basement of the multistory lot behind Behbehani Complex, in the block across the street from Arraya Tower. I dropped by last week to check it out and it was actually pretty cool. If The Vault is the gold standard for these facilities in Kuwait, Serv comes pretty close to offering nearly all of their services.

Other than the usual offerings like air-conditioned parking, 24h security, and power sockets all around to connect battery trickle chargers to, Serv also has a dedicated parking area for bikes, private garages of different sizes in case you don’t want to park next to other cars or need car privacy, and probably most importantly, Serv is also fully insured so in case something happens to your car it’s covered by their insurance. To top it off their parking lot also looks pretty cool design-wise and so the cars parked there also end up looking good.

When it comes to pricing it’s closer to Curated than it is to The Vault. At the time of publishing the prices at Serv are as follows:

Normal Parking
1 Month: KD95
3 Months: KD255
6 Months: KD450
12 Months: KD780

Boxes (Private Garages)
12 Months: KD1,380 and up depedning on box size

Bikes Parking
1 Month: KD40
3 Months: KD111
6 Months: KD210
12 Months: KD360

If you’re looking for a car storage facility for your car and are interested in Serv then check them out on Instagram @serv.kw.

25 06, 2019

Curated – Car Storage Facility

2019-06-25T08:13:22+03:00Jun 25, 2019|6 Comments

Not sure what’s with the latest car storage trend in Kuwait but right now I’m aware of four of them and three just popped up recently. A car storage facility is basically a managed parking lot for people who don’t have a place to park their nice cars but don’t want to park them in random public parking lots. Different facilities offer different services like trickle charging for your battery, air conditioning, 24h security and more.

Last year I posted about a car storage facility called The Vault which was aimed towards the high-end market, but recently a more affordable place opened up called Curated. Curated is located in Kuwait City behind Al-Awqaaf Center, in the multistory lot next to Centerpoint. The lowest basement level is closed off from the rest of the parking and only members are allowed to use it. Their prices are as follows:

Monthly = KD65
6 Months = KD360
1 Year = KD660

Currently its the most affordable managed car storage facility I’m aware of but there are two more I need to visit, SERV which I think is priced similarly, and Cartel which is described as a luxury car hotel so most definitely more expensive.

If you’re interested in Curated, they’re on instagram @curatedkwt

16 06, 2019

My Second Datsun 240z

2019-06-16T09:11:33+03:00Jun 16, 2019|35 Comments

Back in 2016 I bought a 1973 Datsun 240z. I used to really love that car and fixed it up so I could daily drive it and I was doing so until I decided to buy my first Lotus. I ended up selling the 240Z to a friend of mine so I wouldn’t feel too guilty about spending so much money on the Lotus, and I always regretted it. What’s worse is that he offered to sell it back to me at the end of last year, but I said no because I was in between jobs and that wouldn’t have been the responsible thing to do. By the time I realized my mistake, the car was sold off to another friend of ours who sent it to Bahrain where it’s getting a full restoration job.

I really needed a classic car in my life and I tried to find something interesting locally but couldn’t, so I started looking outside of Kuwait. I eventually ended up finding a beautiful red 1970 Alfa Romeo GTV in Holland and bought it back in April. But that car is still in the process of getting registered for export in and then needs around a month to get to Kuwait. So while waiting for it I kept my eye open for a 240z and a couple of weeks ago I finally found a good one that was located in Sulaibiya. It was blue like my dad’s Datsun in the 70s, and the guy was asking a reasonable price for so I went and checked it out.

At first glance, the car didn’t look like much, and I think that’s what might have scared other buyers off. The seats were ripped, the interior had been fully carpeted by the owner covering up all the original diamond stitched vinyl that covers the interior, and the original engine was swapped out with a 280z engine. But, the dashboard with all the dials and knobs was super clean! It was in much better condition than the one in my older Datsun and it’s actually the most expensive thing to restore in the car. Everything else like the seat covers, interior vinyl trimming, carpets, plastic panels etc.. are readily available and not for much. But a new dashboard without any of the dials and different buttons on it? That would easily cost you a third of the price of the car. The whole dashboard and center console area looked like it was refurbished or swapped out with a new one by one of the previous owners, so I quickly realized this was the car to get. Even the fact that the engine was off a 280z was a good thing for me because it meant I could install air conditioning and more engine parts were available for it.

So now I’m a proud owner of a 1972 blue Datsun 240z. I spent the weekend ordering a whole bunch of parts for it and I already scheduled an appointment with my mechanic to start work on it. By the time I’m done it should hopefully look similar to the 240z pictured above which was featured on Petrolicious. I’m super excited!

9 06, 2019

Causeway Bridge Exits Closed

2019-06-09T08:53:56+03:00Jun 9, 2019|6 Comments

I got into a kinda awkward situation this weekend. I was in Avenues with a friend and after we left I decided I’d show them the new causeway bridge because they hadn’t been on it yet and wanted to see it. I wasn’t gonna drive the whole bridge, just up till the first island, u-turn and come back. I looked at my fuel gauge and it was less than half full but more than enough for the short trip.

Well I nearly got screwed because it turned out the two island exits on the bridge had been closed off. Once you get on the bridge you can now no longer exit and turn back but instead, you now have to drive all the way to the other side (a 20~ minute drive). To make matters worse, once I got to the other side, instead of taking the correct exit that sends me back over the bridge towards Shuwaikh again, I accidentally took the exit towards Bubyan Island which wasted even more fuel.

There are no fuel stations on the other side!

Anyway, luckily I did make it back down without running out of fuel but someone else might not have been as lucky. So in case you’re planning to do the drive over the causeway bridge, make sure you have a full tank of gas.

2 06, 2019

Car Meet in the 80s

2019-06-02T08:29:53+03:00Jun 2, 2019|3 Comments

Got this video forwarded to me yesterday. Looks like it was taken sometime in the 80s on Plajaat street in Salmiya. Wish it was a bit longer.