22 01, 2019

Kuwait Motor Town Trailer

2019-01-22T20:09:36+03:00Jan 22, 2019|11 Comments

A few hours ago Kuwait Motor Town uploaded a coming soon trailer highlighting the various activities that will be available at the race track. I’m super excited since it looks like it’s finally happening. Check out the trailer above or on [YouTube]

5 12, 2018

Some 80s-90s Nostalgia

2018-12-05T12:34:09+03:00Dec 5, 2018|8 Comments

I came across the Instagram account @zmn_gmil that had some videos of Kuwait from the 80s and 90s which I hadn’t seen before. I went through the account and picked out a few videos I thought were worth sharing. One is embedded above, the rest are below.

The scene with the girl and her arm down the meat grinder (below) is probably why I never stuffed my hand inside one. All those old government-sponsored awareness videos I watched as a kid on KTV really stuck with me, even until today. It’s sad people don’t have that nowadays. I’ve seen so many parents, for example, let their kids hang out of the car’s sunroof, I’m sure if they knew how dangerous that could be they wouldn’t do it anymore. Anyway, check out the rest of the videos below.


3 12, 2018

Rain of ’97

2018-12-03T11:51:12+03:00Dec 3, 2018|8 Comments

If you don’t read the title you could easily think this video was shot just a couple of weeks back (skip to 2:24). [YouTube]

10 11, 2018

Drone Footage of Flooded Highway

2018-11-10T18:37:46+03:00Nov 10, 2018|9 Comments

A friend sent me the drone footage above of the Fahaheel Expressway flooded in Mangaf. The highway is completely submerged underwater and looks like a river. It’s supposed to rain worse tonight… [YouTube]

Thanks XBS

23 10, 2018

Watch Fajer Eat

2018-10-23T13:29:16+03:00Oct 23, 2018|32 Comments

Not sure if you know this or not, but like watching people play video games is a huge thing, watching people eat is also a pretty huge, at least in Asia. The actual term for it is mukbang which is a combination of the Korean words for eating and broadcasting.

The first time I came across a video of someone eating was back in 2012 when I posted about Emmy who was sent a box filled with sweets and snacks from Kuwait to try. Nowadays though the videos I tend to watch don’t have any talking, they’re usually just of someone sitting in front of their phones and broadcasting themselves eating something. The only sound you’ll hear come from any crunching or slurping that’s taking place. An example is the video above which has 24 million views and is just of a guy eating some crispy fried chicken.

I’ve always found this fascinating so when a friend of mine called Fajer started doing something similar here in Kuwait I got super excited. I’ve known Fajer for years, she’s always been a big foodie and I always love going out to eat with her. Recently she started gaining popularity with her food eating videos. At first, she started posting them on her personal instagram account, but then she got invited by the popular local food account @q8food to do live broadcasts of herself eating there. That’s when she really started blowing up and now even has her own account @fajereats.

I honestly think its a brilliant idea and I’m not only saying that because she’s a friend. With every girl in Kuwait left and right trying to be a fashionista, I love how Fajer is having fun by just being herself in front of the camera, stuffing down a 5 patty burger because she feels like it.

So if you’re into mukbang or curious to check it out, she does a live broadcast a few times a week on @q8food and you can also check out some videos on her own account @fajereats.