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The IMPROVengers Comedy Night is Back for 2024

The Staged in Kuwait IMPROV comedy night is starting again and will be taking place on Thursday, January 25th.

This is my favorite local comedy show and if you’ve never been to one of their shows, you definitely should.

Tickets start at KD 10 and the good seats tend to sell out quickly. If you’re looking for something fun and different to do then check them out. Link


Salmiya Garbage Update 2023

This is just a quick update on my 9 year long ordeal with the garbage dump behind my house. Next year will mark the 10 year anniversary of my first post on the issue. It’s basically the same crap over and over.

9 years ago there weren’t enough bins, since then more towers have come up and Barayih Salem was built and so the area is more popular than its ever been. As you can imagine that means more waste and more garbage.

Even though the garbage dump is my view every morning as I grab my coffee and sit down on my computer to post about Kuwait, it only really starts to bother me when the weather gets nicer and I start taking out my classic cars. The cars don’t have AC and so I need to have the windows open but as I drive by this garbage dump on my way home, I have to put up with the horrendous smell.

So I decided to send a WhatsApp to the 139 Baladia number to complain. There were originally 5 bins with garbage overflowing. First day they came and cleaned up the overflowed garbage.

Next day it was the same issue so I sent them another message. They came back but they ended up removing one of the bins bringing it down to a total of 4.

Next day the garbage problem was worse because now we were down a bin. So I sent them a WhatsApp again and they removed 3 bins and left just 1.

I swear I’m not exaggerating, I have this all documented with photos and text messages. As you can imagine I sent a complaint again. So I wake up next day and we have no bins at all, just a pile of garbage all pilled up on the ground.

It’s both funny and sad at the same time. I sent them another complaint today, not sure what they might do since they’ve already taken all the bins. I’ll let you guys know tomorrow!

Funny Sports

Jahra Football Club Fans

This is the most random thing ever, I can’t tell if they’re trolling or not. YouTube



This isn’t photoshopped, took the photo this morning on the way to work. I wonder if it smells like a BigMac?

Fashion Funny

694KD for a T-Shirt?

The Italian fashion brand Loro Piana opened up at The Avenues a few weeks ago and last week a friend sent me a TikTok video showing a white t-shirt they were selling for 694KD. I thought it might have been fake because no way a plain white t-shirt (or any t-shirt) could possible be 694KD. Turns out it’s real!

Luckily for us, Loro Piana have a local website with all their items and their prices available to check out. I went through it and found the items which seemed hilariously overpriced and decided to share them.

The Gift of Kings� T-Shirt – 694.0 KWD
The Gift of Kings� Polo – 803.0 KWD
Kilya Bomber Jacket – 7,114.0 KWD
Harlan Coat – 9,967.0 KWD
Leasure Trouser – 615.0 KWD
Owen-Belt – 655.0 KWD
Baby Changing Bag – 728.0 KWD
Twelve Blanket – 970.0 KWD
My Doggie Pillow – 1,172.0 KWD

Funny Television

Fabio the Cat wasn’t Real

A few days ago a news clipping circulated on social media about an Italian woman who lost her cat and is offering a reward of €120,000 to whomever finds it. The article seemed fishy since the lady mentions that she had read a lot of good stuff about animal rights in Kuwait so that should have been a big clue. Well turns out the whole thing was not real and it was actually a marketing stunt for the hilarious Instagrammer @instasayood.

Sayood is joining SHASHA TV and will be launching a new animated show called ‘Fabio’ which like his previous animations will be dealing with local issues. The trailer is out now and you can check it out below. It’s in Arabic so if you were thinking about learning the language, now you have an incentive to do so.


Guy Apologizes with a Billboard

Yesterday a cute billboard popped up with an apology printed on it and the initial F and H. The billboard translates to the following:

I’m really sorry,
I hope you can forgive me…


Not sure what the guy did but looks like he must have messed up badly and she’s probably blocked his number so he had to get the message to her another way.

The billboard was later taken down after an MP complained about it for being inappropriate.

Update: According to Shrimpy it was a teaser for an upcoming new item. That makes the whole situation with politicians getting upset with the billboard hilarious and sad at the same time.

Funny Sports

Padel has taken over Kuwait

Pretty much every football field in Kuwait is being turned into a Padel court.

Comic by @hb.comics


Maz Jobrani on Kuwait

This is a short comedy bit on Kuwait by the comedian Maz Jobrani who is part of the “Axis of Evil” comedy group. The clip is from 2020 and Maz was in Kuwait in 2019 so it’s not new, but I only heard it recently. The bit starts at around the minute mark and is about how he was censored when he came to Kuwait. Really funny.

Thanks Ola366

Automotive Funny

So about my “amazing” post office experience

The other day I posted about my amazing post office experience when the tires I had ordered for my car were ready to pick up a day after arriving in Kuwait. My experience was extremely smooth and the process of picking up my tires from the post office took less than 10 minutes. Well, turns out things weren’t as perfect as they seemed.

Over the weekend I went to get the tires installed on my car when I noticed the size label on one of the tires was incorrect. Instead of 17″ tires for the front of my Lotus, I had 20″ ones. I was really upset since it meant I had to spend a few more days lugging around tires in my trunk until I could get a hold of customer support in the UK and figure this mess out. Yesterday, I finally got a hold of them and they told me to just email them photos of the incorrect tires as proof which wasn’t an issue. But while taking photos of the shipping label on the tires I noticed someone else’s name. That’s when it hit me, the UK company didn’t send me the wrong tires, the post office just handed me someone else’s tires.

Luckily because Kuwait is so tiny, I knew the person on the shipping label and I knew he had gone to the post office the day after me to pick up his tires as well. So I just called him up and told him I had his tires and that he hopefully had mine. He had ordered 8 and so didn’t notice 2 of the tires were actually mine. So we swapped tires and it all worked out in the end. But yeah, the post office basically gave me someone else’s package by mistake 🤷🏼

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Q8 Comedy Club

Last week while visiting AAB World in Symphony Mall, I passed by a place called the Q8 Comedy Club. I hadn’t noticed it before so I quickly checked Instagram to see if I could find out more about it and I ended up at their Instagram account. Turns out they were holding comedy shows at this location and the next one was scheduled for December 6th so I booked two tickets so I could check it out.

I ended up going last night and I left pretty impressed. The show was a combination of improv and standup, with the majority of it being improv. The host was Ahmad Alshammari from Shenoya3ni and was extremely funny, but so were the rest of the comedians, everyone was pretty great especially when you consider that fact we don’t even have a comedy scene in Kuwait.

The show started 7:30PM and finished around 9PM. The place was packed and although the audience weren’t the participating type, the comedians still managed to work with what they had and do really well. My Arabic isn’t that great and I was cracking up with my friend through the whole thing. Strangely, the tickets were free, probably because they’re trying to promote the comedy club and get people to come to a show which is a new idea here.

Checking their instagram account they haven’t announced their next show yet so if you want to go to the next one, follow them on Instagram to find out about it once it’s announced. @q8comedy1


What happens on Eqaila Beach stays on Eqaila Beach

No idea what’s been happening there but the new rules for Eqaila Beach follow the usual let’s just ban everything mentality instead of trying to solve the problem. Here are the new rules:

  • No entry for girls without their families

  • No entry for guys without their families

  • When requested, please share your marriage certificate

All the media posts I’ve seen have been sharing the exact same photo above which leads me to believe no one has actually gone themselves to verify if this is true or not. The top two rules seem like they’ve been there for a while with just the third one recently added. If any Eqaila Beachgoers could share some light in the comments on what’s been happening there, that would be appreciated!

Funny News

You can’t use the digital driving license!

Last week I posted about how you can now add your driving license to the Kuwait Mobile ID app as part of Kuwait’s move to digitization. Well according to the MOI you can’t use a digital driving license!

I guess the different departments didn’t coordinate together or something because although you can use the digital form of your CiviL ID as a form of identification, if you try using the digital driving license without having the physical license with you then you’ll get fined. Hilarious. Source

Note: If you prefer a horribly written English source, click here.

Update: Last night the MOI backtracked and released a statement saying that the digital license is now considered an official document. You can check that post here.



This is too funny.

via @MohammadRSharaf #also_make_sure_you_try_his_shawarma


The Island of Fulaka

This short clip is from an episode of WWF Tuesday Night Titans that aired back in May of 1985. The wrestler in the clip goes by the ring name The Duke of Dorchester and brags to a young Vince McMahon that he was a huge star on the island of Fulaka.

People thought he made the island up but I’m actually impressed the Duke who’s real name is Pete Doherty even know about Failaka back then considering the Internet didn’t exist.

Thanks Doc