This isn’t photoshopped, took the photo this morning on the way to work. I wonder if it smells like a BigMac?

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They forgot the apostrophe on ” i’m ” and ” lovin’ ” so “im lovin it” 🙄 as opposed to “i’m lovin’ it”

They still stuck to the full lowercase though.

It seems like they have a cheesy slogan imitation ad campaign. There is another billboard in Kaifan with the slogan (JUST “SMELL” IT) 🤣..

I personally don’t like their current ads, they’re not original and I think they can do better

However, that smell (Magnolia), smells incredible. I use it, and I’m on my second bottle now

Nothing new. Many local companies copy US based companies with colors, fonts, logos, slogans, etc. China also notorious for doing the same thing. It all comes down to no creativity.

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