Salmiya Garbage Update 2023

This is just a quick update on my 9 year long ordeal with the garbage dump behind my house. Next year will mark the 10 year anniversary of my first post on the issue. It’s basically the same crap over and over.

9 years ago there weren’t enough bins, since then more towers have come up and Barayih Salem was built and so the area is more popular than its ever been. As you can imagine that means more waste and more garbage.

Even though the garbage dump is my view every morning as I grab my coffee and sit down on my computer to post about Kuwait, it only really starts to bother me when the weather gets nicer and I start taking out my classic cars. The cars don’t have AC and so I need to have the windows open but as I drive by this garbage dump on my way home, I have to put up with the horrendous smell.

So I decided to send a WhatsApp to the 139 Baladia number to complain. There were originally 5 bins with garbage overflowing. First day they came and cleaned up the overflowed garbage.

Next day it was the same issue so I sent them another message. They came back but they ended up removing one of the bins bringing it down to a total of 4.

Next day the garbage problem was worse because now we were down a bin. So I sent them a WhatsApp again and they removed 3 bins and left just 1.

I swear I’m not exaggerating, I have this all documented with photos and text messages. As you can imagine I sent a complaint again. So I wake up next day and we have no bins at all, just a pile of garbage all pilled up on the ground.

It’s both funny and sad at the same time. I sent them another complaint today, not sure what they might do since they’ve already taken all the bins. I’ll let you guys know tomorrow!

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HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAH This is so far the hilarious post to come from this platform. but on a serious note, good roads and good cleaning system needs to implement

It seems that they’re punishing you for complaining Mark. They’re like: you sent another complaint wining? Hmmm.. We know, we’ll just remove another bin, see how ya like it! Lol

Good morning Mark, the problem will be solved soon hopefully this week for good, just contact me please so you can pass me the location. Thanks

What about all the roads wet because of people washing their cars endlessly with the hose rather than the old fashioned bucket 🙂

Classic Kuwait. No more bins = no more waste. Same logic is used to say “No more expats = no more traffic or unnecessary burden on the Kuwaiti government”.

You should order the photos horizontally and let the reader decide what happened.
Left to right – right to left ?
Please keep updating this, as many would be interested to know what happens next….this is more exciting than Stranger Things…

Yeah, the municpality never come and clean up the waste which is lying outside the dustbin. Also, in places where there are restaurants, cooking oil is being poured into the dustbin which leaks to the surrounds and create a sludge. I tried to complain to 139 and they are directing me to an app Baladiya and whose interface is completely in Arabic.
Also, Mark, please put up a post for damaged roads too. It has become unbearable to travel on the roads in Salmiya Block 10. I have complained several times to MPW but to no avail 🙁

1 of the richest countries per capita in the world & this is how it looks everywhere. Disgraceful really disgraceful. Dont know who has the waste management contract but they should be replaced.

LOL !!! They’re usually actually quite attentive and helpful. I’m sure someone got lost in the translation or there was a communication failure. Our next door neighbor had an issue with cars speeding in front of his house, so he calls the MOI (I think) and asks for a speed bump to be installed. We are neighbors but he is on another street adjacent to our house. So they installed a speed bump on our street by mistake. He calls and complains again .. and again .. and again. Now, our street has 4 speed bumps over 50 meters.

two things but just waiting to see if things settle over new few days, the first is we got our bins back but the second is I found out how they work and what the different colors mean. will post an update next week.

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