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Nostalgia at the New Backburner Cafe

Backburner the coffeeshop quietly opened a new location last week in the old-school neighborhood of Souq Altujjar (the old traders market) across from the Grand Mosque and Seif Palace.

What’s very interesting about this location is they have a nostalgia room on their second floor. The room has shelves filled with a variety of old items from our childhood, some from the 80s, some much older. They have a Hungry Bunny section, a small Showbiz section, Sakhr (MSX), Ifta7 Ya Simsim and more items all from our past and all on display.

I actually sold them one of my very clean and copies of the 1955 Violet Dickson book “The Wild Flowers of Kuwait and Bahrain”. It’s a very rare book so if you’ve wanted to check it out, this is your chance.

If you want to check it out they open daily from 7AM to 10:30PM, and they’re located next to the Seif Palace roundabout in Block 4 of Souq Altujjar, the same block that has Starbucks. Google Maps

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My sister Nora and I did a televised Hungry Bunny commercial with radio legend, Linda Lou. It was recorded in Al-Nazaer Studios back in 1995.

My sister provided the Arabic voiceover for the Arabic version of the commercial and Linda was in charge of the English version.

I only had one line to say in both versions (I was six at the time)

We ‘re not sure though who to contact to get a copy of it. Al-Nazaer shut down over a decade ago.

I’d really appreciate it if you can help me find it, Mark since you’re into archives.


Had tons of 3D View masters in my collection- Holland, France, Etats Uni, Oman, Switzerland, Disney Land and even Bahrain for crying out loud. Sadly, Kuwait was missing from my collection. I tried to look very hard for one of Kuwait’s but without any luck so I am glad you shared this. As far as I can remember only UTC had a whole section dedicated to these 3D View masters.
I presume the Backburner also carries a copy of Nat Geo’s cover story on Kuwait from back in 1953 or 1954.

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