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694KD for a T-Shirt?

The Italian fashion brand Loro Piana opened up at The Avenues a few weeks ago and last week a friend sent me a TikTok video showing a white t-shirt they were selling for 694KD. I thought it might have been fake because no way a plain white t-shirt (or any t-shirt) could possible be 694KD. Turns out it’s real!

Luckily for us, Loro Piana have a local website with all their items and their prices available to check out. I went through it and found the items which seemed hilariously overpriced and decided to share them.

The Gift of Kings� T-Shirt – 694.0 KWD
The Gift of Kings� Polo – 803.0 KWD
Kilya Bomber Jacket – 7,114.0 KWD
Harlan Coat – 9,967.0 KWD
Leasure Trouser – 615.0 KWD
Owen-Belt – 655.0 KWD
Baby Changing Bag – 728.0 KWD
Twelve Blanket – 970.0 KWD
My Doggie Pillow – 1,172.0 KWD

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Brands like LP are the definition of stealth wealth, and for that reason alone they’re likely to fail miserably in this region where everyone proudly flashes their gaudy shit.

That’s rubbish. I know lots of people who wears non flashy stuff and actually are millionaires in this region! Its the simpletons who won’t be buying this stuff but there is a good market for this sort of product for the classy wealthy.

I passed by the store and was amazed at the number of customers who actually bought. The thing is their products are quality stuff you do not easily find. I would say better than LV but the price is not for the working class joe.

Usually, When i pay 700 kd for a T shirt that cant possibly cost more than 50 Kd to produce, i like to say the name of the man whose pockets i line. Say it with me Bernard Arnault. Yes, Bernard Arnault.

Bernard Arnault is my daddy.

Bernard Arnault is my daddy


People talking about quality,most of the garments are made in Bangladesh or India and later get exported to European countries and they change the made in tags and and then get re-export these happen for so called super expensive clothes like the t-shirt, where as Zara or Massimo they continue getting it directly from these countries.

Akshwaly you are very wrong, but in way you are right about the general idea. First of all, the Italian fashion houses do make their clothes in Italy, but here’s the catch, its not Mario and Isabella who are making your clothes, its Xin, Jun and Ging who fly in on a 8 week visa. There are hundreds of thousands of Chinese temporary workers doing the manufacturing for the Italian fashion houses. They are mostly from a little unknown town called Wuhan. Yes that Wuhan, and that’s why Italy had a big covid wave early on.

Good thing that your “PS5 with games and accessories” doubles up as your wardrobe! Got a good deal there lad!

What I meant was that there are better things in life worth your money and your time. WTF will you do with a plain T-shirt? Wear it once and never again?

WTF will you do with a plain T-shirt? Well..

While shopping at Loro Piana in search of the white t-shirt you unexpectedly cross paths with an old friend. As you two chit chat about the good old days your friend reveals that he had built a thriving business empire over the years. Soon you find yourself being offered a high paying job to head one of his companies marking the beginning of an unforeseen and exciting new chapter in your life.

Fast forward a few years and not only have you thrived in his new role, but you also become very rich thanks to your relentless dedication and contributions to the company’s success. Your friendship evolved into a prosperous partnership and all because you just wanted to get that white t-shirt.

Hello chatGPT, I need to write a response to someone who sees no value in buying an overpriced shirt from a luxury brand store.

Am I right?

yeah I didn’t get that, I read they shut down a place I think it was a supermarket because they were selling expensive back to school stuff? didn’t make sense.

694 KD is an insane sum for a shirt unless it�s easy money you are making or are into money laundering and/or want to burn some money. The purists would go even further to argue it is haram to charge 694 KD for a shirt ?
I reckon they just went with the principle of replacing the USD price sticker with a KD one and that was the end of it.

I don’t think money laundering works that way. If you wanted to money launder you wouldn’t buy a 694KD t-shirt. the whole point of money laundering is to turn your illegally acquired cash into clean cash and to do that you need to show the money coming in through a clean source.

In the show breaking bad for example he opens up a car wash and uses that to clean money. If 5 people come in to wash a car at $10 a car that’s $50 income. But in the books he would say 100 people came that day to wash a car so that’s $950 of his dirty money he turned into clean money.

I pity those people who buy these things. It should be written on their forehead that they are wearing a 700kwd
Thats somebodies salary. Somebody;s savings , school fees, medical etc etc . And here i spend it on a T shirt. Crazy world.

Why would you pity someone successful? It sounds more like you resent them. People are free to spend as much as they want on a tshirt or a Pok�mon card or a painting, it�s not up to you to decide for them.

So success is measured by Money Spend or money in the bank account ?
Didnt see many successfull ones getting saved during 2020-2022
So if i buy a 700kd tshirt from Mark which cost from Mark only KWD 50/-
i should consider myself successful or an idiot. Mark is surely sucessful.

For someone who has made their own wealth, financial accomplishment is indeed a true and accurate measurement of success, there are no two ways about it. However, the often unstated nuance, is that many people assume the wealth is inherited. In which case it’s like a lottery. Would you give a lottery winner any special respect? Would you be judgey (even as a brief initial reaction, then reaffirm an internal religious affirmation that god decides wealth), would you be envious or resentful? Folks will feel differently about a self made millionaire, than a lottery winner.

And here’s the other thing that reinforces this in people’s mind’s, for the most part the self made millionaire or billionaire, even if they live a life of ultra luxury, will be mindful of costs and waste and value, this is true with the exception of those who got rich with ill-gotten gains.

Wise Owl 👌

The independently wealthy and old money also have a great sense of VFM (value for money). The simple rule of thumb from them is never own or buy into something (a product especially) which will set you back more than 10% of what you are currently making. Again, for bespoke services it gets a wee bit complicated than picking up things off a rack. Quite how you assign a value to a wet shave from a gentleman’s barber or spa services is hard to pin down.
I am a nobody but even I know better than to be taken up by a designer label or country of origin alone. If a product is well made and I enjoy the fabric and the comfort level both in terms of quality and price points I bag it. To cut a long story short I don’t mind paying a little bit more for a service or a consumable (book, food, drink) than for say, a garment.

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