Self Checkout at Super Markets

Have you guys noticed that most if not all the self check out machines disappeared from Coops? At least the ones I visit no longer have them. I’m guessing either no one was using them or people were pretending to use them but then shoplift their items.

On the bright side, the self checkout machines at Sultan Center no longer require you to sign up to their rewards program. It’s made a huge difference for me because I can pop in and out very quickly without having to wait in any cashier line.

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I did that once 🙂 though it was early in the morning and the coop was empty.
Now the machine is used to stack shopping bags on.

Self checkout is stupid without making it easy, like with a smart cart or RFID price tags. But to have me scan and rescan and look for the bar code and deal with unreadable code etc, is not something I care to do. So its HOOMAN FTW!

Nope, I will not stop being lazy, ever! But it’s more than laziness, it is also about speed, it actually takes me longer to self checkout when I did it in Sultan. You probably buy fewer items than a typical family of 4-6 with an overflowing shopping cart. Those with big shopping do not find self checkout convenient. Also, why am I working for the shop? Nope. Never. Make it convenient and smart or f*ck off.

I enjoy the human interaction of smiling at and saying thank you to the cashier, maybe a small talk line or two�.have a good day
Self serve vs. human interaction (even after a short wait)?
No competition
Unless you are a self absorbed narcissist or have no sympathy for the working class

I interact with people all day, I just want to get my milk and get out, I don�t need to interact with the cashier, it has nothing to do with being a narcissist or having no sympathy for the working class. That�s like saying you need friends if you prefer waiting in line over self check out.

“Self-checkout” implies doing something yourself. In a place where its normal for a grown man to have a near-slave carry his bags for him, why on earth did they think the machines would work?

I think it will be easy to flick/ shop lift stuff in a self check in set up. If its a big trolley of stuff, how does the supermarket make sure people are doing it the right way? How do they do it in the western countries?

They don’t. The self checkout machine requires you to place your item on a weight calculating machine (where you would bag your groceries). Usually if the item you scanned doesn’t match the weight of the item you placed in the bagging section, it wont accept it. So it cross matches the items scanned using the Barcode, to the actual weight of the item when placed onto the bagging area next to the machine. That’s how it knows if the product is correct and if you have scanned each and every product you are buying. Obviously, you can get around that by not scanning and bagging the item, but that’s just theft from there on out.

The self checkouts I tried in Kuwait (Sultan & Lulu) didn�t have a Bagging Area like the ones in Europe, which makes the process easy as sometimes an item doesn�t register when placed in the Bagging Area.

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