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So about my “amazing” post office experience

The other day I posted about my amazing post office experience when the tires I had ordered for my car were ready to pick up a day after arriving in Kuwait. My experience was extremely smooth and the process of picking up my tires from the post office took less than 10 minutes. Well, turns out things weren’t as perfect as they seemed.

Over the weekend I went to get the tires installed on my car when I noticed the size label on one of the tires was incorrect. Instead of 17″ tires for the front of my Lotus, I had 20″ ones. I was really upset since it meant I had to spend a few more days lugging around tires in my trunk until I could get a hold of customer support in the UK and figure this mess out. Yesterday, I finally got a hold of them and they told me to just email them photos of the incorrect tires as proof which wasn’t an issue. But while taking photos of the shipping label on the tires I noticed someone else’s name. That’s when it hit me, the UK company didn’t send me the wrong tires, the post office just handed me someone else’s tires.

Luckily because Kuwait is so tiny, I knew the person on the shipping label and I knew he had gone to the post office the day after me to pick up his tires as well. So I just called him up and told him I had his tires and that he hopefully had mine. He had ordered 8 and so didn’t notice 2 of the tires were actually mine. So we swapped tires and it all worked out in the end. But yeah, the post office basically gave me someone else’s package by mistake 🤷🏼

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If it was me I’d be super upset as well but reading this I actually laughed at your situation 😂 Sorry bro but not being rude, it’s just the state of the mess!

Imagine you driving around with 2 sets of different tires 🥴

So I basically graduated in September 2020 and had asked the university to send my degree through local postal service from UK to Kuwait. UK people confirmed it was sent to Kuwait.
A year later I still haven’t gotten the actual degree delivered. (Although i asked university to issue another one and asked an agency to send it through DHL later)

But like come on? A year later I never got the call.

That is so unfortunate. I am currently waiting for my degree since it is currently at customs apparently. However I’m going to get a duplicate delivered to a friend of mine in UK and from there he will send it via DHL. Kuwait postal services are nothing but a laughing stock and a joke.

It doesn’t matter… your story was all about speed of service, and we can chalk up this error to an overexcited staffer who wanted to serve you as fast as possible!

It’s also strange you didn’t notice the difference between 17 inch and 20 :p but I guess you were star struck by how smooth the process was. If it’s too good to be true then it ain’t :p

Ordered an iPhone (1st gen) from eBay back in late August, it arrived in Kuwait (Safat Post Office) around September… I never received it, unfortunately. I’ve gone to the post office a couple times but sadly to no avail. Tracking info used to show up on MOC’s website but after almost 3 months it no longer shows up. Rip to me, ig.

Most likely someone just stole it since there is hardly any security for postal items. Have heard quite a few stories where people found it their items were stolen and not returned.

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